swasan ff (ts) – Part 3


precap:swasan marriage consumption


in swasan room
they were sleeping cuddling with each other.sanskar woke up first,rememebered their confession,a small smile is seen in his lips.he pecked swara’s forehead,making her sleep to disturb.she slowly opened her eyes and sanskar.
swa:good morning!
san:u too.waise how abt some romance?(smirk)
swa:not at all mr.maheshwary,we have to get ready for office moreover im dealing wid this project wid papa,so i have to be on time.
san:atleast a kiss.
swa:sanskar have some shame and we r getting late for office,first u freshen up or else i will go.,if i go it will take long time.
san:hey bhagwan!kitne unromantic wife dediye aap ne,always work,work,work
swara:dramebaaz,now shut up and go.
both freshend and got down

dining table
asusal malkin saab(ragini)is ordering all.r having bf,swasan reached little late
swara:good morning everyone
ragini:lo agayi,iss ghar ke bahu,bohot sanskari hain na par 8 bhaje tak so rahi hai.
dadi:really,how ill mannered u r swara and u r behaving like this in ur sasural.
sanskar:before accusing her,look at ur doings dadima if i started now it will become evening.and i want to say sumthing to u all not i ,swara and me together decided that we will become one and we are cancelling our divorce.
all of them shocked and then felt happy except ragini and dadi.
suji;really,u have said good news to us.
swa:and i have another news that i want adarsh bhai to take care of sb constructions in mumbai,so bhai u have to join there tommorow,i have booked urs and bhabi’s ticket.
ragini:and who r u to say that?adarsh bhai will work under me only,papaji make her understand.
dp:beta wo(helplessly)

swa:ragini bhai will go there and work becoz this whole maheswari property is under the name of dp but widout my sign even badepapa cannot transfer his property as im 51% owner of the ppty.now u r just laksh’s wife
all were surprised by the revelation
ragini:papaji is this true?if it is u r finished.
sanskar:oh pls ragini,not again pls dont even try to blackmail us.
ragini went to her room in anger.followed by dadi
swara:bhai,till these things get settled u be there at mumbai,i dont want u and bhabi to be get affected by ragini,and mom i have book tickets for uttara,along wid bhai she will also go there and fulfill her graduation.
adarsh was adamant for not leaving his family,but after several talks he agreed to go to mumbai.

in raglak room
ragini:dadima i lost ,i lost to swara.how can she get happiness wen im suffering .she got her love,family’s love but me.
dadi:shh lado,we will surely think of a way.
ragini:kuch jaldi sochey pls..warna meri halat iss ghar main toh gayi

after a month
in these month several things had happened firstly,ragini’s blackmailing on dp got failed as via sanskar he came to know that kavita is alive,which really made ragini furious.
swasan became close,marriage life for them is complete bliss,laksh came to know tat he is too late to get swara,but he is happy for swara.

on fine day,
after coming from office,swasan asusal gossiping abt random things,wen sujata called swara she went down.here sanskar saw sumthing in swara’s cupbord which made him shock,then surprise angry and finally worried.after sometime swara went to their room
swa:sanskar,tommorrow im not going to office,as i have some work.ok
sanskar:swara r u hiding sumthing from me?
swa:no ..wat will i hide,if i hide also it is for ur benefit only.
sanskar:ohh then wat is this
he shows a pregrency test which is showing +ve.
swa:woo..(not able to speak)
sanskar;u didnt inform me,am i that bad to trust,?
swa:its not like that sanskar.pls let me explain.
sanskar:no not a word,u did nt trust me(shouted loudly)with his voice all gathered in his room.rp,dp,ap,suji,raglak and dadi
ap:wat happened sanskar?y r u shouting on swara?
swara:badima it’s my mistake.
san:so u accept that its ur mistake.
ragini and dadi got happy thinking that swara has done some mistake and tried to instigate him more.while on the otherhand swara keept on crying.
dp:will anyone tell me wat’s the matter?

sanskar explained the matter,all of them were happy,suji and ap were started to distribute sweets.but sanskar keept on scolding.ragini was even more frustated.
ap:shh,sanskar pls stop now atleast care for ur child,see how swara is crying becoz of u.then only realised wat was he doing all the while seeing swara’s tears he felt guilty.
sans:sorry,swara woo i
swar:stop right there,maa,mom only yesterday i got this news i badly wanted to tell u all,but i thought as sanskar’s birthday is coming tommorow,i want to give him a surprise that’s y i have hidden this.
sans:sorry yaar,swara u know na in my anger i say sumthing or other.i promise hereafter i will not scold u.
he keept on asking for forgiveness,while elders left from there.
laksh:swara congragulations!im very happy for u both.and yes dont forgive my bhai that easily
swasan looked at laksh,as they confirmed that laksh had really moved on,and they were happy for him.even ragini shocked on seeing laksh behaviour.
swara:definitely laksh.with that raglak left

raglak room
ragini:laksh,dont u feel sad on seeing swara wid ur bhai?i mean she is ur first love.
laksh:im not like u ragini,yes it hurted in the past but i accepted the fact that she is my bhabi,and she is happy in her life.now i dont have any regrets except of marrying u.soon i will divorce u.
ragini:cant u give a chance for our relationship like sanskar?i promise laksh i will become a good wife and bahu.
laksh:i dont know rather i need time for myself.
sanskar on the other hand pacified his princess and they celebrated the arrival of their child.
after 9 months,they were blessed wid a boy.they named him swayam.raglak got united and their family got complete


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