swasan ff (ts) – Part 2 b

sanskar whule driving back to home saw a lady passing through the shop,for one second he became numb,yes she is kavitha,his first love forwhom he came to take revenge from his own family members. He came into senses when car horn is heard,he thought to follow her.he saw her entering in to a house,he too entered the via window,he himself do know y did he do like that.there he saw kavitha romancing wid his bedt friend arjun.he became devasted then confront them.
sans:kavitha.(loudly)(it broke their trance.both of them got shocked to see him.)

arj:oh common baby,y r u getting scared of him,afterall our need is over i think we should tell him truth now,bechara see jis condition.(smiling wickedly)
san:which truth,and how did kavitha is alive and..
arj:shhh.let me explain u my dear friend,actually from first day of college itself i & kavi love each other but we dont have enough money to settle down ourseleves in life.one fine day i came to know that u love kavi,so i told her to act as loving u and u as a fool believed her,as expected u became her source of income,to be honest we enjoyed ur money.then after finishing studies u came with idea of marriage,i and kavi were happy we thought we would get entire property of urs,but no u said u two will elope and marry,how could i agree to this,then i planned the fake death of kavitha.after that i married her along wid her i gone to usa,as i got job their and we lived happily.few months ago i got transfer,so i came here.i didnt thought seeing u here,well its good in the way as i told u truth as u wont disturb us now.
shocking is some extent he cant imagine his friend and his love to play a such a game beneath is back.feeling shattered he left the place.
at mm,dining hall.
all r having dinner.

dp:swara beta,u sb how come i mean.
swa:(teary eyed)badepapa,wo from childhood itself im hearing taunts like naajayaz bin baap ke ladki and all,so i gone to deppression to come out of it,doctor suggested that i should get more involved in some work or the other,then my maternal uncle who live in mumbai,started to take care of me.at 15yrs to get out of this deppression i started to work ,learnt many things from my uncle,from this opened sb&co,along with my studies looked after the bussiness,my maa also not know abt this.only laksh knew(hesitently)at that time wen u brought marriage propasal,i told him abt this.
those who all r listening to this got teary eyed knowing how much swara has to gone through,even ragini was lil bit sad,but next min she wiped all those feelings.these was all heard by sanskar who was at the door step.
dadi:ha,sahi to kahte hain ab dekhna agar baap ke hath parvarish hota toh,ye apna behen ka pyaar,uski kushiyan toh nehi chiniti,isliye hi ab tumahare ghar nahi basega,jab tak tum humare ladoo ki zindigi se nahi chale jati tab tak,tume tumhare khushiyan nehi miliengi yeh bhagwan ke niyam hain.

laksh:(ANGRILY)dadi,if u forget then let me remind u that it was ur pyari ladoo,who tried to kill her own sister,harmed her mother,lied to all,tried to defame swara’s character in front of all,faked dramas and what not.if u say swara is bad,then i will also say that ur ladoo is the most black heartened women i have ever met.because of her only swara is suffering this much.
rag:hogaya laksh dadima ne teak kaha ye(swara) humareliye baddhuva hain.now also see na how she is trying to snatch u from me,y swara y wat did i do to u?y u r snatching my love.(furiously)

laks:phire ye drama.
dp:laksh stop it.some ppl never change its waste to talk to them.
ap:exactly i dont know wat happened to me that time wen i selected u for my son,u destroyed his life completely,now pls i request u to let swara live in peace.
rag:see dadima,how swara is making my family against me,how she is snatching my husband from me.i m telling u all,she is a bad omen for all family memebers.
rp:not a word ragini,i have tolerated much if u say a word against my daughter swara then u will face the consequences,u know she is real diamond,she is our lucky charm for all of us.
ragini:that’s y she is not getting her love,1st laksh then sanskar,if she is that much good y do ur son is going to divorce her after knowing she also loves him.u know y becoz she is double rated no one can love,she is characterless.
hearing that word sanskar was so furious,before he do sumthing a peron slapped her and its none other than swara.
swara:bas,bohot hogaya if i didnt speak up it doesnt mean i am wrong,u(ragini)i have told u thousand times that i dont love laksh,coming to sanskar its matter between us,whether we get together or not its none of ur concern.instead of spiting venom on me,do sumthing useful becoz hate only leads to destruction and i dont want it,u believe it r not today also i consider u as my sister only,but it doesnt mean i will keep quiet if u do sumthing.sorry badepapa im done.

with this she left without having anything all r worried for except ragini and her dadi.making them furious
pari:bechari she didnt even had her food.
rag:oh bhabi stop ur concern she is not a kid okay,starving for one night doesnt leads to dead.
pari:uu shut up ur blo*dy mouth how can u talk lyk this abt my sister,nevermind u dont know abt anything in ur blind anger then how will u respect a person,its waste of time to talk to u.
ap,suji:u r ri8 pari.

suji:jiji swara bachi ne tu subhse kuch nahi kaya,mujhe bohot chinta horrahi hain.
adarsh:mom do onething give the food,i will take it to swara’s room.
dadi:wow,another love after laksh and sanskar i think it’s adarh turn’s to fall in love with swara ab pari sambhalke rehna.
rag:ha bhabhi,see how bhai is showing concern towards swara,im telling u bhabi now itself cut down all these else u will also suffer like me.(making all frustated including sanskar)
pari:chii ragini u wont feel ashamed of urself for talking abt ur sister.
adar:rehne do pari she wont understand,u (ragini)swara is like my sister,if u harm her in any way u will see worst of me.
laksh:not only bhai’s but all of us.

ragini:wow wat a scene i dont know wat black magic she did all r supporting her,and u chachi u were the one who joined hands wid me to destroy her,u were the one who have opposed the marrige wid ur son becoz she is bengali,now wat happened?
suji:yes,i accept i was the one but i have leant the truth that swara is a gem,noe i want my son to unite wid swara.
dp:stop it bohot hagaya now for pls ragini wind up ur drama and u all go back to ur rooms.all complied soon adarsh was carrying plate to swasan’s room,but san interrupted him.
sans:bhai,dehjiye mein lekhar jata hoon.(pointing towards plate,adarsh gave confused expression)bhai i have listened everything wat happened in the hall.
ada:sanskar u r a intelligent guy,i know u love swara a lot pls dont let ur ego come in between u two.true love comes to a person for one time only pls dont lose it.reconcile wid swara as soon as possible,only u can reduce her pains.think abt wat i have told u and take a good decision.
and adarsh left.
sanskar;(to himself)no thinking i have decided to unite wid swara,after kavitha;s betrayel also i am not feeling sad becoz i love swara now.my true love is swara.now today night i will tell her how much i love her,we will be one in all terms(slighly blushes)

inside room
with the arrival of sanskar ,swara wiped her tears,but sanskar noticed it.he felt sad for her.
sanskar:wo maa sent this food 4 u,she said u didnt had ur food properly.r u crying?
swara:no y will i cry and im not hungry im feeling sleepy good night.
saying this she laid down in the bed.and putted blanket around her.
widout noise lied next to her and took her in his arms for a minute swara was thinking is she dreaming
sanskar:u r not dreaming princess,its real.
swa:wat r u doing here sanskar?(shockingly)

sans:wat r u doing means i guess u r my wife this is my room,so im romancing wid my wife.saying this he pecked her lips.
swa:(widened eyes)but but u said that…
sans:im sorry i was foolish that time,i thought u were here for ur sister,im sorry pls forgive me and i love u.
swara:its ok and iam very happy now.and ha u only said na there is no thanks and no sorry in frienship.(smilingly)
sans:not only in friendship but lin love also.
slowly slowly sanskar one arm is caressing her waist,the other hand is removing her shirt buttons.
swa:sanskar wat r ..
sans:sshhhif u r not comfortable then stop me,i want to make u as mine,will u allow me?
she lowered her gaze
swa:im all urs forever
with this he undid her dress and himself too
they consumatted their marriage.
other side
in raglak room
raglak kept on arguing

precap:swasan moments

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