SwaSan FF: Tere Hi Naam (Episode 9)


Episode 9:
The episode starts with Swara and Sanskaar looking at each other.

“Sanskaar!” Sujata shouts.

Sanskaar turns and Swara looks away.

“I’ll be right back.” Sanskaar says and walks out.

Swara sees him leave and a smile appears on her face, she sits down and flashes of him meeting her, saving her,talking to her and saving her from falling flash in her mind.

She chuckles remembering some incidents and palms her forehead.

“What’s happening to you Swara? What are you feeling?” Swara asks herself with a worried smile.

Scene shifts to Sanskaar, he is walking down and walks up to Sujata.

“Chhore, what I was thinking is that this house needs pooja conducted, can you go pick the pandit Ji up?” Sujata asks.

Sanskaar sighs and shakes his head in a disbelief.

“Maa, forget this Pooja Vooja and lets conduct a party instead.” Sanskaar says.

“What are you saying Chhore? We’re doing something good and you’re changing that into…” Sujata says but Sanskaar interrupts.

“Maa, Party is better than Pooja, I’m going to call the decorators.” Sanskaar says and walks off while taking his phone out before Sujata could say anything.

Sujata shakes her head and walks away.

After a while, Sanskaar is shown walking down while texting someone, he then puts his phone away and sees Swara who was walking from opposite direction. A smile pops up on his face.

Swara sees him and stops, she changes her direction and before she could walk off, Sanskaar holds her hand and pulls her towards him. Swara looks on while Sanskaar smiles.

Swara starts feeling different, her heart beats start increasing.

“S…” Swara utters out gets interrupted.

“Why were you planning to run away from me?” Sanskaar whispers.

Swara looks down and Sanskaar lets go off her as he sees DP, Sanskaar changes his direction and leaves nervously, Swara gets confused, she turns and sees DP approaching while discussing something with RP. Swara giggles and walks away from there before DP and RP caught up to her.

After 2 hours, the arrangements were done, Sanskaar was getting ready in a black Sherwani coat with black Pajama, he brushes his hair and sprays cologne and smiles.

“Swara…” He silently whispers to himself with a smile as he starts thinking.

“Ahem Ahem!” Uttra coughs as she enters with a mischievous smile.

Sanskaar’s thoughts break and he turns.

“Kiske khyaalon mein kho gaye? Come downstairs, everyone are waiting.” Uttra teases as well as tells.

“Shut up and I’m coming!” Sanskaar tells and puts the brush down.

“Hmmm, your Sapno ki Mehbooba is also waiting down for you.” Uttra says and looks away.

Sanskaar glares at her, Uttra laughs and walks out of the room, Sanskaar fixes himself and exits his room.

On the other hand, Swara is ready in a pink and golden Lengha. Swara sees herself in the mirror and smiles.

“What’s happening to you Swara?” Swara asks herself with a confusing smile.

She sighs and then walks out.

After a while, Swara walks down. Uttra, DP, AP, Parineeta, Sujata and RP smile while looking at her. Sanskaar was nowhere to be seen. Adarsh was talking to the guests, Swara stands besides Uttra and glances around.

“Kisko dhoond rahi hai aapki aankhein?” Uttra in a teasing manner asks.

Swara immediately looks at her and nods no. Uttra smiles.

“He’s there.” Uttra says and points at the stairs.

Swara turns and sees Sanskaar walking down, a song starts playing. All look there.

Sanskaar slowly walks up to Swara.

“Ankhoon Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Saaason Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Hootoon Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Kehta Hai Dil Dewwana” Sanskaar mouths and dances and forwards his hands, Swara smiles and places her hand in his, he takes her in the middle.

“Hoo Jo Dil Mein Chupi Hai Mere
Jo Dil Mein Chupi Hai Tere
Dhadkan Mein Woh Chahat Likh De
Kehta Hai Dil Deewaana” Swara mouths as shyly as Sanskaar twirls her.

Background Dancers start joining.

“Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Razz-E-Dil Kholna
Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Aage Kuch To Bolna
Teri Palkon Ka Jhuk Jana” Swara and Sanskaar both do some moves and dance.

“Tera Chup Chup Ke Sharmana” Sanskaar mouths and walks behind her while dancing.

“Bin Bole Keh Jata Hai
Tera Anjana Afsana” He holds her shoulder and moves his head in the beats to her sides each time.

Swara smiles.

“Tere Baaton Mein Hai Jadoo
Karta Hai Mujhe Bekaabo” Swara turns to him.

“Kya Haal Jiya Ka Abb Hai Mere
Jane Na Jaane Na Tu” She shyly walks from there.

“Ankhoon Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Raaton Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Pal Pal Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Kehta Hai Dil Dewwana” Sanskaar dances while mouthing and looking at Swara.

The family understand the hint.

“Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Razz-E-Dil Kholna
Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Aage Kuch To Bolna” Sanskaar dances with the boys in the back.

Swara is talking with Uttra and stops as Sanskaar pops up there.

“Tu Saamne Jab Mere Aaai
Meri Nazron Pe Chai” He mouths, Swara shyly looks down.

“Tere Roop Rang Jo Dekha
To Ud Gai Mein Hawaai” He holds her hand and twirls her.

“Tere Ishq Pe Kiya Bharosa
Naa Dena Mujhko Dhokaa” Swara mouths while going around him, Sanskaar’s smile weakens.

“Tere Oor Kheechi Chali Aai
Mein To Khud Ko Kitna Roka” Swara hugs him from behind, he smiles but the family miss to see it as there was a circle around them and the boys and girls were blocking the view.

“Har Geet Pe Mohabbat Likhde” She breaks the hug and he brings her in front of him.

“Amber Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Manzar Pe Mohabbat Likhde
Kehta Hai Dil Dewwana” He twirls her.

“Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Razz-E-Dil Kholna
Dholiyaa Dholnaa
Aage Kuch To Bolna” Both SwaSan dance with the boys and girls in the back.

The boys and girls start bringing the guests in to dance, the guests smile and dance, Sujata, RP, Uttra and AP were brought in too.

DP refuses.

“Ankhoon Pe
Saaason Pe” All dance and while taking the good opportunity, Sanskaar runs with Swara from there.

“Hootoon Pe
Baaaton Pe
Raaton Pe
Pal Pal Mein” The others continue dancing whereas Sanskaar has brought Swara to a corner.

Both look at each other. Swara could feel her heart beat fast. Sanskaar slowly moves forward whereas Swara moves back, soon she hits the wall that was behind her, Sanskaar moves closer and their chests meet, Sanskaar slowly slides his hand through Swara’s waist which makes her feel his touch and she shivers, Sanskaar pulls her closer, she keeps her hands on his chest and stares into his eyes, Sanskaar leans closer and places his lips on her lips, Swara closes her eyes and so does Sanskaar, both started kissing each other sync in sync with passion, Swara keeps her hands on the back of his neck.

Both break the kiss, Swara hugs him and he hugs her back.

Just then Sanskaar’s phone buzzes, he breaks the hug and takes his phone out, he gets a text message and opens it.

“Come meet me in the PS.” Sanskaar reads in his mind.

He immediately puts his phone away and looks at Swara who’s giving him a faint smile. He gives a weak smile.

“I have some work, I’ll be back.” Sanskaar says.

Swara shakes her head positively, Sanskaar gives her a smile and leaves.

She blushes to herself remembering her first kiss, just then she feels her phone buzz and looks at it. She makes a confused face as she gets a text from an Unknown number.

She opens it.

“Come to the police station, now. If you want to know the truth.” Swara reads in her mind and confusingly looks on.

After a while, Swara reaches the police station, she sees the same inspector that arrested Ranveer.

“You’re also here to meet him?” The inspector sighs.

Swara gets confused.

Inspector: Constable, go take this madam to where you took that Sir, 314.

The constable nods and walks forward, Swara confusingly follows him. The Constable points and then leaves.

Swara confusingly looks there, she then moves from the wall in front of her and gets shocked to see Ranveer. Someone is talking to him but his back is faced towards Swara.

“No! You listen! How dare you! Ladki meri hai and ayaashi tu kar raha hai uske saath?! You betrayed me!” Ranveer shouts at the someone.

Swara is stunned hearing his words, Swara hopes it’s not who she thinks it is.

“Enough is enough Sanskaar! How many lies will you spill out of your mouth?! I know what you’ve been doing behind my back, it’s not two it’s three, remember!” Ranveer angrily says.

Swara gasps in shock as her eyes moist.

“Listen Ranveer, I…” Sanskaar utters but Ranveer interrupts.

“I what?! Bhai Bhai na raha! You teamed up with that Swara and exposed me! You’re meant to be with me…” Ranveer says.

Sanskaar sighs and turns while closing his eyes in frustration, Swara sees him and hides behind the wall with tears rolling down her eyes.

“Who hit Swara on the head?” Sanskaar finally asks while turning around.

“I did.” A new voice is heard.

Sanskaar and Ranveer look to the side, Swara breathes and peeks out. That persons face is covered due to the lighting, he comes more forward and up to Sanskaar and is revealed to be Lakshya.

Swara silently cries and turns back leaning against the wall.

“Why did you hit her?” Sanskaar asks.

“Because she made a video!” Lakshya says while keeping his hand in his pockets laid back.


While Swara was making a Video, Lakshya was walking past, he noticed and slowly pics the broken rod of the stair case and hits Swara on the head. Ranveer comes out and Lakshya hands him Swara’s phone.

End of Flashback.

“If she made a video they why did you have to hit her?” Sanskaar asks sounding angry.

“Oh wow, for that girl you’re getting angry on your brother? What did you think that I won’t receive those images of you and her?” Ranveer asks Sanskaar.


Uttra showed Lakshya the pictures, Lakshya asked her to send it to him and he sent them to Ranveer.

End of Flashback.

“Listen Ranveer! I didn’t know…” Sanskaar says but gets interrupted by Lakshya.

“The plan was perfect but he made the gadbad.” Lakshya says while signalling Ranveer.

Ranveer understands and starts acting.

“Exactly! The plan was full proof, I kill her family then you go to the place by following her and pretend you don’t know them and I come and you run away with her and bring her to Kolkata for me!” Ranveer reveals which shocks Swara.

Sanskaar gets confused.

“It was our bet right, who can win the famous singer Swara Gadodia’s heart and Ranveer was going to win it but you did!” Lakshya says which shocks Sanskaar and confuses him.

Swara cries and runs from there.

“When did this happen and what bet?! Listen, I never knew this was Swara that you were after! You never told me!” Sanskaar makes clear.

“You teamed up with her to expose me, you kept all my secrets so why not this time? Huh? Is it because you fell in love with my girl?!” Ranveer angrily asks.

“Yes, I have.” Sanskaar says.

Ranveer gets angry while Lakshya looks on.

“Yes, I love Ms Swara Gadodia and I don’t care about you anymore!” Sanskaar angrily says and leaves from there.

Ranveer angrily hits the bar.

“Don’t worry, he may love her but she will hate him.” Lakshya smirks.

Ranveer looks at him.

An evil tune plays.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Swara ka accident ?
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