SwaSan FF: Tere Hi Naam (Episode 7)


Episode 7:
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The episode begins with Swara in Sanskaar’s arms and both are having an eye-lock.

Uttra happens to be standing at the door and smiles as she takes pictures.

“Say cheese!” She says while pointing her camera at her.

Both of them come to their senses and look at her, she takes a picture with a smile. Swara and Sanskaar realise their position and look on. Sanskaar makes Swara stand and both look at Uttra who was looking at her phone.

“Aye haye, Itna romance?” Uttra teasingly says as she looks at the photos.

“Uttu, if you show those pictures to anyone then I won’t leave you!” Sanskaar warns.

Uttra sticks her tongue out and runs out, Sanskaar then follows her and Swara walks out of the bathroom.

Swara looks outside the room and sees Sanskaar chasing Uttra, a small smile appears on her face and she closes the door.

While chasing Uttra, Sanskaar sees DP and stops, Uttra manages to go inside her room. Sanskaar walks away from there before DP catches him.

The sun rises and Maheshwari Mansion is shown. Swara is shown walking in a blue anarkali suit with the stole pinned on her shoulder.

Sanskaar, on the other hand is walking down in jeans with white shirt and black blazer.

Both stop in front of each other.

“Have you seen Uttra?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara shakes her head negatively.

“I swear if those photos reach Bade Papa then everything would come to the end.” Sanskaar worriedly says.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Uttra won’t do anything like that.” Swara assures with a faint smile.

Sanskaar looks at her.

In Ranveer’s room, Ranveer is shown sleeping, just then he gets messages continuously and gets disturbed. He angrily picks his phone from the side and slowly opens his tired eyes.

“Who messaged me at this time?!” He irritatedly says and opens the messages.

Just then he sees something and widens his eyes in shock, he shockingly sits up and stares at the photos of Swara and Sanskaar that someone had sent him.

“Nahi! This can’t happen! Sanskaar can’t take my Swara away from me! I won’t let this happen!” Ranveer angrily says and puts his phone to the side.

The name of the person who sent him those pictures is shown and it says ‘Saviour’

Ranveer gets out of bed and glances at his phone that had turned off. He then looks on angrily.

“I need to do something super fast.” Ranveer says in his mind and looks on.

Scene shifts to the Hall, Swara is sitting down on the sofa while Sanskaar brings out an orange juice for himself and Swara.

He gives Swara the glass.

“Thank you.” Swara says as she takes it.

“No sorry or thank you in friendship!” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks at him and he takes sips from the juice, just then Aditya walks down with Lakshya and the servant, Ramu walks down with bags of groceries.

“Lucky, where’s everyone else?” Sanskaar asks.

“Maa, Chachi and Bhabhi are gone to the Mandir. Papa, Bhaiyya and Chachu are gone office. Ranveer and Uttra are sleeping.” Lakshya tells as he walks up to Sanskaar with Aditya in his arms.

Sanskaar nods okay.

“Chachu chachu!” Aditya says as he looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar looks at him.

Aditya signals him to come forward, Sanskaar does so and Aditya pecks his cheeks.

A smile appears on Sanskaar, Lakshya and Swara’s face.

“You’re so cute Chachu… so I will call you Cute wale Chachu.” Aditya cutely says.

Lakshya and Sanskaar chuckle while Swara smiles while looking at Adi.

“He made me the Rockstar wale Chachu.” Lakshya smiles.

“What about me?” Ranveer’s voice is heard.

Aditya and Lakshya turn while Swara and Sanskaar look to the side.

“Ummm…” Aditya thinks.

“Champ, you forgot about me?” Ranveer asks while faking to be upset.

“Nahi toh… you’re Amazing wale Chachu.” Aditya says.

Ranveer, Lakshya and Swara smile while Sanskaar gives a faint smile. Ranveer opens his arms, Aditya runs and hugs him, he hugs him back.

“Hey… aaj ghar mein sannata kyun hai?” Ranveer asks as he breaks the hug.

“Everyone are gone out, that’s why.” Aditya says and turns whilst facing Lakshya, Sanskaar and Swara.

Ranveer looks at SwaSan who were sitting next to each other on the sofa, he gives a fake smile where he has hidden his jealousy and anger behind.

“Rockstar wale Chachu, take me to the park like you promised.” Aditya says as he looks at Lakshya.

“Haa, in a bit.” Lakshya says.

“Nahi! Abhi!!” Aditya insists.

“Bachcha hai, listen varna baad mein bahot pithai hogi.” Ranveer jokingly says.

Lakshya nods and agrees, Aditya smiles, both get ready and Uttra decides to join them, they then exit the house.

“The house is empty and this is the opportunity.” Ranveer says in his mind as he looks at SwaSan who were looking at each other.

“Who wants tea?” Ranveer asks as he rubs his hands together.

Swara and Sanskaar look at him.

“I’ll take green tea and get a cup of coffee for Swara.” Sanskaar says and then looks at Swara.

She smiles at him. Ranveer looks at them.

“He’s saying that as if he knows her well, but now I will get Swara and you won’t be able to do anything Sanskaar.” Ranveer says in his mind with a smirk.

“Sure.” Ranveer says and heads towards the kitchen.

Swara and Sanskaar look at each other and give each other a faint smile.

After a while, Ranveer comes out with a tray with three cups, he hands Sanskaar’s green tea to him and Swara’s coffee to her.

He sits down opposite SwaSan with his cup and smirks while seeing them drink it.

“Now my plan will be successful.” Ranveer says in his mind with a bright devilish smirk.

After finishing his green tea, Sanskaar fees a little dizzy.

“Excuse me.” Sanskaar says and stands as Swara finishes her cup of coffee.

It was revealed that Ranveer had put a sleeping pill in Sanskaar’s green tea and drugged Swara’s coffee.

Soon Sanskaar falls back as he faints, Swara looks on, Ranveer stands up but feels drowsy.

“Behosh hogaya!” Ranveer laughs and seems like he’s out of his sense.

Swara sees him and gets surprised.

Ranveer laughs randomly while pointing at Sanskaar.

Swara looks on.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Ranveer ki chaal uspe hi bhari par gayi ??
[Shivam Goswami/ Ranveer Maheshwari – Naman Shaw] – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
{Haven’t Proof read… sorry for any mistakes ?}
Who is that MM sadasya that supports Ranveer?

If Ranveer drugged Swara’s coffee then why is he getting the side affects?

Any guesses of what will happen next?
How was the 7th Episode?

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