SwaSan FF: Tere Hi Naam (Episode 6)


Episode 6:
The episode starts with Swara coming out in the dress he gifted her and he gets mesmerised.

A small smile appears on Sanskaar’s face as Swara slowly approaches him. Uttra sees this and a small smile appears on her face, Swara gives a fake smile to Sanskaar.

“Ahem Ahem!!” Uttra fakes a cough loud.

Sanskaar comes in reality and looks at Uttra as well as Swara.

“Chalein?” Uttra asks while trying to control her smile.

Sanskaar gives her the glares, Swara confusingly looks at Sanskaar and Uttra.

“Chalo…” Sanskaar says as he opens his arm and points at the exit.

Swara and Uttra walk forward, just then Uttra gets a call and she looks at the phone.

“Uh… Bahi, Swara, you two go to the car, I’ll come.” Uttra says and walks to the side while attending the call.

Sanskaar then looks at Swara who was looking at Uttra leave.

“What happened? Shall we?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara gives a faint smile and nods, they leave the hospital and wait in the car.

Uttra is shown in a side.

“Why did you call?! Don’t call me again!” Uttra worriedly yet angrily says and disconnects the call.

She then fakes a smile and walks out. She sees Swara in the front seat with Sanskaar and a smile appears on her face, she then opens the back door and sits inside.

“Chalo.” Uttra says.

“Who’s going to shut the door?” Sanskaar asks.

“Chill, kar rahi hoon.” Uttra says and closes the door.

Sanskaar then drives off.

After a while, in Maheshwari Mansion, Ranveer/Shivam is shown sitting on the sofa and playing on his phone while Sujata and AP are standing near the stairs waiting for SwaSanUtt to come.

“Where are they Jiji? Laks, are you sure they said they’re coming today?” Sujata asks as she turns to Lakshya who is shown sitting on the opposite sofa to Ranveer.

“Haa Chachi, I called Bhai and he said Swara got discharged and will come soon but make sure you all act as if you know her from ages and that she’s Sanskaar’s best-friend.” Lakshya explains as he stands up.

AP and Sujata nod okay, DP then walks down the stairs from one side while RP walks down from the other side.

“Are they here?” DP asks.

AP nods no with a faint smile.

Just then Uttra and Swara walk inside with Sanskaar behind them. Swara gives a faint and worrying smile as she sees everyone.

They smile at her, Ranveer stands up and fakes a smile.

“Swara, how are you feeling? Come inside.” AP says.

Swara nods and walks down slowly followed by Sanskaar.

“What would you like to eat?” Sujata kindly asks with a fake smile.

Swara then reaches down, Sujata and AP take her on the Sofa Ranveer was sitting on and make her sit there, Ranveer moves out of the way. Sanskaar looks at Ranveer whereas Ranveer gives a fake smile while looking at Swara.

“Hey Swara, where did you find this dumbo?” Ranveer jokes as he points at Sanskaar.

Swara looks at Sanskaar with a faint smile, Sanskaar looks at Ranveer. Ranveer laughs and looks at Sanskaar.

“Bas bas, Masti mazak baad mein, let Swara rest.” Sujata says.

“Uttra, take Swara to a room.” AP instructs.

Uttra nods yes and walks forward, Swara stands up and walks away with Uttra.

Sanskaar was about to go when Sujata stops him.

“Where are you going Chore?” Sujata asks.

“Maa, I’m going to my room.” Sanskaar says and walks upstairs.

Ranveer sees Sanskaar walking upstairs and sees him leave.

“Why was he looking at he like that?” Ranveer asks himself in his head.

Ranveer sees Sujata and AP talking, he then goes upstairs. Lakshya is shown talking to DP and RP.

After a while, Ranveer manages to catch Sanskaar’s pace, he follows him and gets confused.

“His room is on the left, why did he take a right and what is he doing here?” Ranveer says in his mind.

Sanskaar senses someone following him and stops, Ranveer also stops, he looks around and then hides behind the pilar.

Sanskaar turns and doesn’t find anyone, he then turns back around and starts walking. Ranveer sees him walking.

“What’s going on in his mind?” Ranveer says in his mind as he looks in that direction.

Sanskaar enters a room and Ranveer looks on.

“Why has he entered my room?!” Ranveer says to himself confusingly.

Ranveer walks forward, he then peeks through the door and sees Sanskaar searching.

“So my suspicion was right, he has started suspecting me and it was him who ran away with MY Swara!” Ranveer angrily says in his mind.

Ranveer turns and a smirk appears on his face.

“Search as much as you want Sanskaar because you won’t find anything.” Ranveer says on his head with a proud smirk.

Ranveer hears footsteps and acts as if he’s coming in, he sees Sanskaar and acts confused while Sanskaar gets surprised.

“Sanskaar? What are you doing here?” Ranveer confusingly asks.

“Uh…” Sanskaar struggles and thinks of something.

“I was here to search for my watch that I dropped yesterday. I can’t find it.” Sanskaar lies.

Ranveer looks at him.

“Why would it be here?” Ranveer asks.

“Because I came here yesterday night.” Sanskaar tells.

“Did you? I don’t remember.” Ranveer acts.

“You were asleep, I heard some noises so I came to check.” Sanskaar tells and looks at Ranveer.

“Ohh, that… I was watching a video and I don’t know how I fell asleep.” Ranveer sighs with a fake smile.

Sanskaar also gives him the fake smile and walks away.

Ranveer gives a faint smirk and walks inside his room, Sanskaar stops and sees Ranveer gone.

“Kuch toh hai that he’s hiding, what if Swara was telling the truth?” Sanskaar says in his mind.

Sanskaar brushes his thoughts and walks away.

On the other hand, Swara is shown sitting on her bed thinking. Just then she hears a knock on the door, Swara looks up and finds Sanskaar standing at the door smiling at her.

“May I come in?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara shakes her head and Sanskaar enters.

“So how are you feeling Madam?” Sanskaar asks Swara.

“A little better.” Swara says as she looks at Sanskaar.

“That’s good.” Sanskaar says and sits on the end as she’s on the other end leaning on the bed-board.

There’s a silence between them, Swara looks down while Sanskaar is also looking away. Both are struggling to say something.

“I hope you’re finding everything comfortable?” Sanskaar asks after breaking the silence and looks at her.

She gives a faint smile and looks at him.

“Everything’s alright.” Swara says with a faint smile.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Sanskaar asks innocently.

“No thank you.” Swara says and looks away.

Sanskaar then stands up.

“If you need something then don’t hesitate to tell me Haa?” Sanskaar says.

Swara shakes her head.

“Don’t only shake your head, pakka na ki you’ll tell me?” Sanskaar asks.

She looks at him and nods okay. He smiles and turns to leave but stops.

“Always keep smiling, you look cute like that.” Sanskaar says and leaves.

Swara looks on and sees him leaving, she then thinks about what he had said just now.

Later, in the evening, Swara is shown walking out of her room, Ranveer comes there as he notices Swara.

“How are you feeling Swara?” Ranveer asks from behind her.

She turns to him and gives him a faint smile.

“Better.” Swara says.

“That’s good… do you need anything?” Ranveer asks with a fake smile and kind tone.

“Do you know where Uttra is?” Swara asks.

Ranveer looks around and says “She must be somewhere here.” And looks back at Swara.

“Ranveer!” Sujata is heard shouting.

Ranveer makes a face.

“Wrong time!” He angrily says in his mind.

He then fakes a smile as Swara looks at him.

“Hi, I’m Ranveer.” Ranveer introduces as he forwards his hand.

Swara faints a smile and shakes his hand.

“You already know me.” She says.

Ranveer smiles.

“Of course.” Ranveer says.

Sanskaar is standing in the opposite direction and is looking at Swara and Ranveer shake hands. Ranveer gives a smirk as he looks at Swara shaking his hands.

“This is great, now no one can stop Swara from being mine.” Ranveer says in his mind as he looks at Swara lustfully.

“I will not let Ranveer near Swara until I be sure but why don’t I find his intentions right?!” Sanskaar says in his mind.

Swara then frees her hand from the shake.

“Ranveer!” Sujata shouts again.

Ranveer sighs.

“I’ll be back.” Ranveer says and walks away, Swara turns to the side and sees Sanskaar.

Sanskaar, without saying anything or smiling at her leaves from there, Swara looks on confusingly.

In the hall, AP is shown doing Aarti, Adarsh and Parineeta are shown standing on top of the stairs with their 5 year old son.

“You should’ve told us that you’re coming today.” AP happily says.

Adarsh smiles.

“Maa, we wanted to give you a surprise.” Parineeta says.

“Haa Daadi, we wanted to give you all a surprise.” The five year old cute Aditya says.

All smile at his cuteness.

“Champ, how have you been?” Ranveer asks Aditya.

Sanskaar walks there and sees Parineeta, Aditya and Adarsh.

“I’ve been cool Chachu, what about you?” Aditya asks.

“Amazing as always.” Ranveer smiles.

AP finishes the Aarti and lets them come down, Adarsh and Parineeta take blessings of RP, DP, AP and Sujata. Adarsh then hugs Uttra, Lakshya, Ranveer and Sanskaar.

“How have you been Bhai?” Sanskaar asks Adarsh.

“Alright and you?” Adarsh says.

“Good.” Sanskaar says with a fake smile.

Just then Swara walks out, Parineeta and Adarsh get confused seeing her.

“Who is that?” Aditya asks Ranveer.

Ranveer turns to the direction that Aditya’s pointing at and sees Swara. A smile appears on Ranveer’s face.

“Adi, she’s Swara, Sanskaar Chachu’s friend.” Uttra tells with a smile.

Swara gives a smile to Aditya and he looks at her confusingly.

“I seen her somewhere.” Aditya says as he starts thinking.

Parineeta and Adarsh give a faint smile to Swara.

“Okay everybody, take rest and we will talk tomorrow.” DP says.

All nod including Swara and go to their perspective rooms.

Swara enters her room, she was about to shut her door when she hears noises from the bathroom and stops.

Swara thinks she had misheard and was about to close the door when she hears noises again. Swara leaves the door and turns to the bathroom door.

“What type of noises are they?” Swara asks herself worriedly.

She slowly approaches the bathroom and pushes the door open.

“K…Kaun hai?!” Swara worriedly yet confidently asks.

She gets no response and slowly walks inside, she hears the noise again and jumps.

“K…kaun hai?!” She asks again while looking around and gulps in fear.

She doesn’t find anyone and walks a little forward, just then the water from the pipes explodes out and hits Swara’s face. She screams with her eyes closed but later stops as she realises its water.

Sanskaar, who was walking past hears her scream and worriedly enters the room, he doesn’t see her in the room and sees her bathroom door open.

Swara slowly opens her eyes and sees the water from the pipes leaking and hitting her and releases a breath of relief and just as Sanskaar entered.

“Bad manners Paani! You scared me!” Swara sighs and turns.

She was about to spill due to the water on the floor when Sanskaar comes forward and holds her on time by the waist.

She looks at him and both stare into each other’s eyes.

A song starts playing in the background.

“Tere siwa main sochu toh kya..
Tu hi bataa” Both are looking into each other’s eyes as they are getting drenched under water.

“Tu na mille toh maangu main kya..” Swara realises and removes her eyes, Sanskaar also comes to senses and makes her stand.

“Meri tu hi duaaa… Tu hi duaa..” Swara walks forward while looking down but slips again and accidentally nudges Sanskaar and lands in his arms again.

This time she holds his shirt tightly while he manages to hold her.

“Tujh mein laga hai mera mann, mera mann
Tera hi nasha hai dhadkan dhadkan (x2)” They look at each other, getting drenched under water.

The song ends as they continue to have their eye-lock.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Ranveer ka plan. . .

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