SwaSan FF: Tere Hi Naam (Episode 5)


Episode 5:
The episode starts with Sanskaar walking down from the terrace. He walks doen the corridor and gets shocked seeing Swara lying unconscious in blood if pool.

“Swara!!” Sanskaar shouts as he runs up to her.

Heading Sanskaar shout, Lakshya, Ranveer/Shivam, Sujata and Uttra walk out. They get shocked seeing Swara expect Ranveer/Shivam.

“What happened to her?” A concerned Lakshya asks.

“Help me… we need to take her to the hospital ASAP!” Sanskaar shouts and he picks Swara up.

“I’ll get the car out.” Lakshya says and rushes downstairs.

Sanskaar then carries Swara out in his arms, Sujata and Uttra follow. Uttra goes with them while Sujata stays and tells AP and DP. AP and DP are surprised.

Ranveer/Shivam walks inside his room and then takes Swara’s phone out.

He smirks while looking at it.

“If she hadn’t recorded me then that wouldn’t have happened!” Ranveer/Shivam says and then throws it on the wall with all his strength.

The screen cracks and the battery falls out, he sees the battery and picks it up. A smirk appears on his face.

“Tata!” He evilly says as he picks her phone up and walks towards the window.

“Ram… Ram Satya!” He evilly says and throws it out from the window as far as he can.

Then an evil tune plays.

On the other hand in the hospital, Swara is rushed inside the stretcher and into the Operation Theatre.

“Bhai… what happened to her?” Uttra worriedly asks.

“I don’t know Uttu, I was just walking down and then I saw her unconscious on the floor.” Sanskaar worriedly says.

“Where did the blood come from?” Lakshya asks.

“I don’t know.” Sanskaar says.

Then after half an hour, the doctor comes out, Sanskaar, who was sitting in the chairs stands up and walks up to the doctor.

“Is she okay now?” Sanskaar asks the doctor who had disappointment on his face.

“She had lost a lot of blood but we have transfused blood on her and she’s out of danger.” The doctor says.

Sanskaar, Uttra and Lakshya sigh a breath of relief.

“But…” the doctor says.

The trio look at him.

“But she has unfortunately lost her memory due to the severe injury on her head, you can meet her after she’s shifted in to the ward.” The doctor says and leaves.

Sanskaar, Lakshya and Uttra look on.

After a while, Swara is shown lying down on the hospital bed with the oxygen mask and a bandage across her head. Sanskaar walks in and with the sound of the door open, she slowly opens her eyes.

Then Uttra and Lakshya walk inside, a faint smile appears on Sanskaars face.

“Thank god she’s alright, if something happened to her then I wouldn’t have forgave myself because I promised her father to protect her.” Sanskaar says in his mind and walks up to her.

Swara confusingly looks at them.

“Swara, how are you feeling now?” Sanskaar asks as he fakes a smile.

Swara takes the oxygen mask off from her nose and mouth.

“Who…who are you?” Swara faintly asks as she tries opening her eyes as wide as she can.

“Swara? You forgot me?” Sanskaar acts upset and sits on the stool besides her.

She gives him the confused look, Lakshya and Uttra look at each other.

“It’s me, your childhood friend Sanskaar…” Sanskaar lies.

Swara gets confused and looks at Uttra and Lakshya. Uttra fakes a smile.

“H..Haa, we were going on a road trip when you had an accident… I think you forgot your memory.” Uttra also lies as she comes forth.

“But… how can I believe you?” Swara asks as she touches her head trying to remember.

Uttra takes her phone out and shows her the selfies she took with her.

“Look.” Uttra shows.

Swara looks at the pictures and looks on as each time Uttra swipes her screen. Then she stops at a picture where Sanskaar and Lakshya were in the background.

“See, you can trust us, we’re your friends.” Uttra says.

Swara looks around and tries remembering.

“Don’t put pressure on you mind and relax…” Sanskaar says as he touches her head.

She looks at him.

“Uttu, take care of her, I’ll just go and meet the doctor.” Sanskaar says.

Uttra nods okay, Sanskaar goes out with Lakshya.

“What was that?” Lakshya asks.

“If we didn’t lie then she would’ve refused to come with us, I promised her dad that I won’t let anything happen to her. If we make her remember and put pressure on her mind then it can be dangerous for her.” Sanskaar says as he stops and turns to Lakshya.

“Absolutely right.” The Doctor says from behind.

Lakshya and Sanskaar look at him.

“We can discharge her tomorrow and make sure you don’t force memories in her, this can have a bad impact on her brain but gradually make her remember with stuff that happened before…” The doctor explains.

Sanskaar and Lakshya nod okay and the doctor leaves.

“I’ll inform the family.” Lakshya says.

Sanskaar shakes his head positively and Lakshya goes to the side.

Sanskaar then starts thinking.

“Swara was found unconscious outside Ranveer’s room, is she telling the truth? Is he that person who killed her family? I know how to find out if he’s the one or not.” Sanskaar says in his mind and looks on.

Sanskaar then walks back inside the room and sees Uttra and Swara talking and smiling, a smile appears on Sanskaars face.

“Hmm, are you two b*t*hing about me and Lucky again?” Sanskaar asks as he approaches them.

“Nahi toh, I was telling her about how we met her… we met her through you as you two were childhood friends and then we started talking about girly stuff.” Uttra says with a smile.

“Ohh, I know it must be hard for you to believe us but we will give you time to adjust, so take your time.” Sanskaar smiles.

Swara gives a faint smile.

“Bhai… she needs to give you time, she already knows me… hai na?” Uttra says and looks at Swara.

Swara shakes her head positively with a smile.

“Is my name Swara?” Swara asks as she looks at Uttra and Sanskaar.

“Haa baba, your name is Swara.” Uttra says.

Swara looks at Sanskaar and he shakes his head positively, Swara gives a faint smile.

“Hey Bhagwan!! I forgot to call Maa and tell her you’re alright.” Uttra says as she palms her head.

“Don’t worry, Lucky already phoned the family.” Sanskaar says.

“Thank god.” Uttra sighs as she touches her chest with a smile.

“Uttu… you and Lucky go home, I’ll stay tonight and bring her tomorrow.” Sanskaar says as he looks at Swara.

She looks at him and widens her innocent eyes.

“Nahi Bhai… you’re going home and I’m staying with her.” Uttra says.

Swara then looks at Uttra.

“Bat ko samajh Uttu… let me stay.” Sanskaar says as he acts desperate.

“N…Nahi, I want Uttra to stay with me.” Swara says.

“Sun liya? Now you and Lucky Bhaiyya can leave.” Uttra exclaims and sticks her tongue out at him.

“Don’t do this to me Swara.” Sanskaar acts hurt as he looks at Swara.

Swara looks on.

“Dil tooth jayega.” Sanskaar acts sad as he touches his heart.

Swara and Uttra look at each other.

They hear Sanskaar laughing and then look at him, he stops laughing as Uttra glares at him and Swara gives a serious look.

“Achcha Baba… you stay, give me a call when you need me and keep your phone on!” Sanskaar explains.

Uttra sticks her tongue out annoyedly and crosses her arms. Sanskaar smiles and walks out.

He meets up with Lakshya.

“Chal mere bhai, lets go home.” Sanskaar says as he keeps his hand on Lakshyas shoulder.

“Why? Is Uttra staying?” Lakshya asks.

Sanskaar shakes his head, then Lakshya and Sanskaar start walking away.

In the hospital room, Swara and Uttra talk.

“Uttra… is your brother actually like that? Nautankibaaz?” Swara asks as she looks at Uttra.

“Haa… he should be working in a dramebaaz company, I’m sure they’ll hire him.” Uttra says.

“I wonder how I became his friend.” Swara says as she starts thinking.

“We all were surprised too, we thought sarehue Gulab Jaman ko Meetha Rasgullah kaha se Milla.” Uttra says as she sounds surprised.

Swara chuckles and Uttra smile.

“Vaise kuch toh khasiyat hui hogi tere Bhai me… otherwise why would I befriend him?” Swara says.

Uttra then chuckles.

“Khasiyat toh Kya you wouldn’t find anything interesting in him.” Uttra says.

“If he said in his childhood friend then there must be something in him… when I remember, I’ll tell you.” Swara says.

Uttra smiles and nods okay.

“It’s late now, take rest… we will talk in the morning.” Uttra says and stands up.

Swara nods with a smile. Uttra then walks up to the couch.

“Was I really his friend? I can’t remember but I don’t know why I find his and their words genuine… I even forgot who I am myself. I feel like Uttra and her brother are telling the truth and I trust Uttra.” Swara thinks in her mind.

She then closes her eyes and falls asleep.

In MM, Sanskaar is shown walking past the corridor, he then stops by Ranveer/Shivams room as he hears noises, he opens the door and sees the lights off and Ranveer/Shivam sleeping on the bed.

Sanskaar looks around and sees a video playing on Shivam/Ranveers phone, he walks up to him and then takes the phone off his hands and turns the video off and his phone off. Sanskaar then places his phone on the table and exits the room while closing it.

Shivam/Ranveer opens his eyes and looks at the door, he then sits up.

“Come out!” Shivam/Ranveer says.

The bathroom door opens and a person in black shoes steps out.

“Don’t come meet me alone, let that Swara come home and then we will see… and thank you for saving me… and is the news of her losing her memory true.” Shivam/Ranveer says as well as tells.

That person shakes his head positively and then slyly exists Shivam/Ranveer room.

Shivam/Ranveer then smirks.

“Swara lost her memory, now the games going to get interesting.” Ran/Shiv smirks and looks on.

*Evil tune plays.

Then the sun rises and it shifts to the hospital. The doctor is checking Swara, Sanskaar then walks inside with a bag and Uttra looks at him.

“Great, she’s feeling much better and is ready to be discharged today… just make sure she has no pressure.” The doctor says.

“Ji Doctor.” Uttra and Sanskaar say at the same time.

“Good.” The doctor smiles.

“I’ll get the discharge papers ready.” The doctor says and walks out.

Swara sits up and Uttra helps her, Sanskaar then walks up with the bag and puts it on Swaras Lap.

“Here’s your clothes, now get ready soon.” Sanskaar says and looks at Swara.

She looks at him. They look at each other.

“I’ll go sign the discharge letter.” Sanskaar said and walked away.

Swara looks at the bag and pulls out a box, she then opens the box and a smile appears on her face as she sees the dress.

After a while, Sanskaar signs the papers and hands it to the nurse.

“You can take her home now.” The nurse says and leaves.

Sanskaar smiles and turns, he sees Swara walking out and gets mesmerised to see her in a beautiful blue dress he brought her with leggings and the stole pinned on her shoulder.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Swara Enters MM
Any guesses on who that someone is that’s supporting Shiv/Ran?

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