SwaSan FF: Tere Hi Naam (Episode 4)

Episode 4:
Swaragini finished *pout.
I already miss it . . . I didn’t get to watch the last part so I watched it today and I nearly cried . . . Miss the couples . . .
The episode starts with Sanskaar and Swara getting shocked seeing that person.

“Ranveer?” Sujata asks to make sure she knows who he was.

“Yes Chachi Maa, it’s me… Ranveer.” That person says and is revealed to be Ranveer.

RP and DP’s younger brother, KP’s son who is no longer in this world along with his wife.

Swara gets confused and stands up along with the others.

“Ranveer? It’s Shivam isn’t it?” Swara thinks up herself.

That person is revealed to look like Shivam (Naman Shaw)

He walks down and touches DP and RPs feet to take blessing and he hugs AP and Sujata. He looks at Swara, Sanskaar and Lakshya and smiles at them.

After a while, Ranveer is in his room, Swara and Sanskaar are shown on the terrace thinking..

“Who’s Ranveer?” Swara asks.

“My cousin… he went abroad to study for 6 years and we are seeing him today but he looks like that guy.” Sanskaar says.

“He doesn’t look like, he is Shivam.” Swara says.

“How do you know?” Sanskaar asks.

“Because the way he was looking at me was the way Shivam first looked at me.” Swara says.

“Yes but this doesn’t mean it’s him.” Sanskaar says.

“Yeah, it is him and I’m one hundred percent sure.” Swara determinately says.

“Proof?” Sanskaar asks

“I will give it to you.” Swara says and walks away.

After a while, when Swara was walking past, she hears Ranveer talking on the phone.

“Haa, I’m telling the truth, that girl is here herself.” Ranveer says.

Swara looks on, she takes her phone out and starts recording.

“No one should know! Shivam is my pet name and Ranveer is my real name and the day this spreads, samjho you’re dead!” Shivam warns as he disconnects the call.

Swara presses the record button and stops recording it, just then a iron rod hits her hard on the head, Ranveer, who is Shivam hears the noise of Swara collapsing and goes out to check, he gets shocked to see Swara and then the person. The person picks her phone up and switches it off.

An evil tune says.

“What did you do?!” Ranveer/Shivam shockingly asks.

A unconscious Swara is shown lying on the floor with blood coming out from her head.

Episode Ends

Precap: Swara rushed to the hospital, Sanskaar grows Suspicion on Ranveer/Shivam as Swara was found unconscious outside his room…
[Shivam Goswami – Naman Shaw]

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