SwaSan FF: Tere Hi Naam (Episode 3)


Episode 3:
The episode starts with Sanskaar and Swara walking.

“Are you sure your family won’t mind?” Swara asks.

“They won’t.” Sanskaar fakes a smile.

Swara then looks down and continues walking, they reach Maheshwari Mansion and Sanskaar enters with Swara. Swara hesitates at first but Sanskaar grabs her hand and takes her inside.

The lights are off and Sanskaar gets a little relief. He walks downstairs quietly and opens a guest room.

“Here, this is your room.” Sanskaar says and brings Swara inside.

“But what about your family? I mean…” Swara says but stops as Sanskaar interrupts.

“I said na, they won’t mind.” Sanskaar says.

Swara nods okay, Sanskaar turns to leave.

“Thank you for the ice cream. It helped.” Swara says.

Sanskaar smiles.

“Haa, okay okay… now got to sleep.” Sanskaar says and walks out.

Swara shakes her head and walks towards the bed.

After a while Sanskaar is shown sleeping, someone enters his room.
That someone hardly his Sanskaar with a stick. Sanskaar feels the pain and wakes up with a jerk.

He gets shocked to see that person.

“Bade Papa?” Sanskaar asks.

That person is revealed to be DP.

“What made you think that I wouldn’t know?!” DP shouts.

The lights turn on, Sujata, Uttra, RP, AP and Lakshya are shown running inside.

“A…about what?” Sanskaar fearfully asks.

“About you bringing that girl in!” DP says and hits him again on the arm.

“Aaahhh!” Sanskaar screams.

“Nahi! Please Bade Papa!” Sanskaar begs but DP continues hitting him.

“With who’s permission did you bring that girl?! Did you take my permission?!” DP angrily shouts and hits him again.

“Papa…” Lakshya says and comes forward but DP hits him.

Lakshya gets shocked and moves back while touching his arms.

“Nahi Bade Papa… please.” Sanskaar begs.

The lights turn on and Sanskaar wakes up with a jerk. He sweats and breathes heavy. He looks around and sees Lakshya standing at the door.

“Why are you shouting? Kya hua?” Lakshya asks.

Sanskaar nods no and lies back.

“It was a dream.” Sanskaar says.

“It was a dream.” Sanskaar happily repeats and breaths normally.

“But hua Kya? Aise chilla Rahe the jaise Papa came and hit you.” Lakshya says and falls back on to the bed.

Sanskaar nods yes and Lakshya looks on.

“Ohh… what did you do that he directly came in your dream and hit you?” Lakshya asks.

“Saari neend hi kharab kar Di.. I sneaked a girl inside the house, she’s in the guest room…” Sanskaar reveals.

“What?!” Lakshya shockingly asks as he sits up.

“Haa.” Sanskaar worriedly tells.

Sanskaar then starts narrating the whole scenario. Lakshya looks on shocked.

“Mat Mari Gayi thi meri… I hate life right now.” Sanskaar sadly and worriedly says.

“Why do I feel like the dream is going to come true.” Lakshya says.

Sanskaar glares at Lakshya.

“Are you here to scare me or comfort me?!” Sanskaar upsettingly asks.

Lakshya shrugs and lies back down.

“Chalo, I’ll sleep with you tonight and just leave it on me.” Lakshya says and closes the lights.

Sanskaar makes a worrying face and closes his eyes.

*funny tune plays.

Morning, the sun rises and the birds are heard tweeting. Swara wakes up and stretches. She realises she’s in Sanskaar’s house and looks on. On the other hand Sanskaar is shown sleeping, the sun rays fall on Lakshya’s face and he gets disturbed. He opens his eyes and sits up.

“Sanskaar!!!!” Lakshya shouts.

Sanskaar wakes up and sits with a jerk.

“Kya hua! I didn’t do anything!” Sanskaar hurriedly says and realises nothing happens.

Lakshya laughs and Sanskaar glares at him.

“What was that?!” Sanskaar asks.

“Have you forgot about that girl?” Lakshya asks.

Sanskaar remembers Swara and gets out of bed hurriedly. Lakshya follows.

Sanskaar is shown running down the stairs, Sujata sees him.

“Sanskaar? Chore when did you come back?” Sujata asks.

Sanskaar rushes past her, Sujata looks at Lakshya.

“Raat ko hi.” Lakshya fakes a smile and runs too.

“Hein? Kamaal hai? What has happened to these two? Is there a marathon going on?” Sujata confusingly asks.

“Sujata!” We hear RP shouting.

“Coming!” Sujata shouts back and walks away.

Sanskaar reaches the room and knocks on the door. Swara hears the knock and worries.

“It’s me…” Sanskaar says.

Swara gets a relief and gets out of bed, Lakshya also reaches there. Swara opens the door and Lakshya’s jaws drop seeing her.

“Swara Gadodia?” Lakshya asks.

Swara looks at Lakshya and then Sanskaar.

“My brother.” Sanskaar introduces.

“Hi.” Swara says.

“Hiii.” Lakshya says and is lost in her.

“Now it’s time to let my family know your here.” Sanskaar says.

Swara nods okay. Sanskaar then walks with Swara and Lakshya to the main hall.

“Bade Papa!” Sanskaar shouts and breaks Lakshya’s thoughts.

“Why you calling him?!” Lakshya shockingly asks.

“Bade Papa!” Sanskaar shouts again.

Just then DP walks down, AP, Sujata, Uttra and RP come out too. DP gets confused seeing Swara. Sanskaar gulps seeing DP.

“Sanskaar, when did you come back?” DP asks.

“K…Kal ra..aaat ko.” Sanskaar manages to say as his heart beats increase due to fear.

“Hmm…” DP says as he raises one of his eyebrows.

DP then sees Swara.

“Who is she?” DP asks.

“S…sss…Swara.” Sanskaar says and breathes.

“Basically…” Lakshya says and starts narrating the story.

All get shocked and surprised. Sanskaar nods yes each time Lakshya tells.

Lakshya finishes and DP looks at Swara. She has her head down.

“I understand the pain of that girl, she can stay in this house until the culprit is caught.” DP decides and walks towards the dining table.

Sanskaar sighs and touches his heart. He could hear his heart beats.

“Your family is so generous.” Swara says.

Sanskaar plasters a smile on his face and turns around.

“Come for Breakfast.” DP says.

“Come” Lakshya says and Swara nods okay.

Sanskaar and Lakshya head towards the table and Swara follows them.

Swara, Lakshya and Sanskaar sit down. Swara sits in the middle of Sanskaar and Lakshya. DP orders to start and they start eating.

“I’m back!!” A voice is heard.

Swara is surprised and her hands tremble.

All turn including Swara. Swara and Sanskaar get shocked while the others get confused. Lakshya smiles.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Guess Karo ?
[Shivam Goswami – Naman Shaw]

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