SwaSan FF: Tere Hi Naam (Episode 2)


Episode 2:
The episode starts with Shivam looking inside the bathroom.

He sees the window open.

“I think she ran away, go find her!” Shivam shouts.

The men run. Swara is shown running on the roads with Sanskaar. She is looking back while running.

“Stop keep on looking back!” Sanskaar says while skating on his rolling skaters.

He can’t manage to catch her pace. He stops a little.

“Come here…” Sanskaar says and makes Swara stand on his both of his door and he starts moving/skating while she holds his shirt.

Swara worriedly looks at him and then feels less worried. Sanskaar is concentrating on the road. After a while they reach the train station and the train starts moving. Sanskaar increases his speed and Swara feels scared so she hugs him. He manages to catch the train and makes Swara enter and enters himself.

Sanskaar sighs and sits down. Swara also sits opposite him near the entrance. Tears roll down Swara’s eyes. Ragini, Sharmishta and Shekhar flash in her mind. She silently cries while remembering their death.

Sanskaar sees her crying and feels bad. He then starts thinking.

“What happened? Will you crying make everything normal?” Sanskaar says.

Swara moves back and places her head on the wall behind her. She is looking outside with tears rolling down her cheek. Sanskaar looks down.

After a while, Swara opens her eyes and sees that it’s morning. Sanskaar is shown sleeping on the floor next to her.

Swara then hears the announcement.

“We have reached Kolkata… passengers, please take your luggage.” The woman announces.

Sanskaar gets disturbed and opens his eyes. He realises Swara is with him.

“Reached Kolkata?” Sanskaar asks and stretches.

Swara nods yes and stands up. Sanskaar also stands up. Both come out of the train and start walking out from the station.

Sanskaar sees RP and turns shockingly.

“What is he doing here?” Sanskaar says to himself.

Swara gets confused.

“What happened?” Swara asks.

“My Dad is here…” Sanskaar says.

“Oh… but I have to go to my Didas house from here anyways.” Swara says.

“Dida? Where does she live? And my Dad isn’t here to pick me up… he thinks I’m coming tomorrow.” Sanskaar says.

“He’s gone.” Swara says.

Sanskaar turns and sees RP gone and releases a breath of relief. He takes out a fag and starts smoking. Swara looks on.

“What?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara nods nothing.

“I can’t stop, I’m addicted to it and it would be very hard for me to stop.” Sanskaar explains and starts walking.

Swara walks behind him. Sanskaar stops a Taxi and sits inside it. Swara sits inside too and looks outside. Sanskaar throws the fag out after using it.

“I think she’s still upset over her family’s death… well if Sanskaar doesn’t help then what’s the point of me being with her…” Sanskaar thinks in his head.

Swara wipes her tears and seems lost in thoughts.

“Where are we going?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara doesn’t respond as she doesn’t hear.

“Bhai, go to Kaali Bari…” Sanskaar says.

“Where?” The driver confusingly says.

Sanskaar explains and the driver understands.

“Oh, Saab, you should’ve said it earlier.” The driver says and smiles.

Swara was too busy lost in her own world. Her eyes moist each time she remembers the incident.

“I turned into a orphan in one day… I lost my everything.” Swara says in her mind and tears roll down her cheeks.

The car stops at a place, Sanskaar gets out and opens Swara’s side of the door. Swara doesn’t come out, Sanskaar pulls her out and she just walks without realising.

Just then Sanskaar makes her enter a place and the music catches her attention. She looks around and sees the place decorated and men sitting down on each table and some woman’s in the other side. But her frown is still there.

A woman is on the stage and starts dancing.

Swara looks at Sanskaar and he lets go of her hand.

“This is where I come when my mood is off, I’m sure it will help you too.” Sanskaar says while looking up at the stage.

Swara walks out and Sanskaar sees her, he then goes after her. Swara sits on the bench outside and stares at the moon.

“Why God? Why me? Am I that bad that you stole my happiness away from me?” Swara cries.

Sanskaar hears and sits near her.

“You’re still Lucky enough to have another chance to live your life fully on this world.” Sanskaar says and looks at her.

She looks at him with teary eyes.

“Why have you brought me here?” Swara asks sounding sad.

Sanskaar looks away.

“I told you… I don’t like tears so wipe them.” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks away and ignores his words.

A sad soundtrack plays.

“Ice cream?” Sanskaar asks

Swara wipes her tears and nods no.

“Okay, you have 2 minutes to cry your heart out so you could feel better.” Sanskaar says and stands.

He glances at Swara and then walks away. Tears make their way up Swara’s eyes and she bursts out crying.

“Ragini… Maa… Baba.” Swara cries and breaks down fully.

After 2 minutes, Sanskaar comes back with a tub of Ice cream. He sees Swara sitting silently and staring into space. He sits besides her and then turns to her.

“Life is so strange… you never realise when you lose everything but not yourself.” Swara says and then looks at him.

He doesn’t understand and forwards her then ice cream tub.

“Life gives another chance to everyone right?” Swara asks while looking at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar nods yes.

“Then why didn’t it give chance to Maa, Baba and Ragini?” Swara asks as her eyes moist.

She looks away and controls her tears from coming down.

“Have this ice cream, you will feel better.” Sanskaar says as he puts it in her lap.

A tune plays.

“Don’t want it.” Swara says.

“You have to have if, I heard Ice cream helps soothe pain.” Sanskaar says and opens the lid.

“But can’t overtake pain.” Swara says while staring into space.

“I wasted my money, eat it to save that money, please. I would’ve ate it but I hate ice cream.” Sanskaar says and makes a face while looking at Ice cream.

Swara turns to him.

“How can you hate ice cream?” Swara asks.

“I don’t know, I just hate it.” Sanskaar says.

Swara then looks at the ice cream pot on her lap and picks the spoon up.

“Ragini loved Vanilla Ice cream.” Swara says with a faint smile and takes a bite.

Sanskaar looks at her.

“You know, my favourite flavour is butterscotch but Ragini used to force me to have Vanilla each time we had ice cream. She used to chase me around the house until I had 1 bite.” Swara chuckles with tears in her eyes and takes another bite.

Sanskaar faint smiles.

Swara takes bites as she talks about Ragini, Shekhar and Sharmishta.

The ice cream finishes and Swara stops as she couldn’t get access to more ice cream. She turns to Sanskaar and finds him asleep.

“He’s asleep?” Swara says to her self.

Swara then stands up and throws the pot in the bin and stands in front of Sanskaar.

“How should I wake him?” Swara asks herself and then looks at him.

Swara leans forward and shakes his shoulder, Sanskaar doesn’t respond. Swara shakes him again and Sanskaar opens his eyes.

“What happened? Finished?” Sanskaar asks as he yawns.

Swara looks at him, he stands and Swara moves a little back. He opens his eyes fully.

“What happened? Aise Kya Dekh Rahi Ho?” Sanskaar asks.

“Nothing.” Swara says and turns.

“Anyways, where are you going? Do you have the address or not?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara realises and then looks at her hand, the address was written on her hand and is faded due to the ice cream pot as it was too cold and the water reached her hand.

“Oh no, the address is faded.” Swara pouts.

“What? How did it fade?” Sanskaar asks.

“Because of the Ice cream.” Swara says and turns to him.

Sanskaar looks on.

“Indirectly blaming me?” Sanskaar asks and crosses his arms.

Swara looks down and nods no, but few seconds later nods yes.

“Now what?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara shrugs and then looks up, Sanskaar then starts thinking.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Sanskaar to secretly bring Swara to Maheshwari Mansion.

Shivam Goswami – Naman Shaw
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