SwaSan FF: Tere Hi Naam (Episode 1)


Episode 1:
The episode opens up with a girl running on the roads in a green Saree and draped like a servant would have it draped and is hiding her face while running.

“I need to get out from here soon…” The girl says to herself.

She continues running and reaches a place, she sees the place decorated and runs inside, a man sees her.

“I think she is the one…” The man thinks and approaches her.

She looks at him.

“Sir… please help some people are…” The girl says but gets interrupted.

“Some people are chasing you right?” He says.

The girl nods yes.

“Come with me.” The man says and grabs her hand.

The girl goes with him.

After a while, a boy is shown running on his skates, he reaches the same place and then inside, he manages to control his skates before clashing into something.

“Waiter! Couldn’t you see and walk? Now go get me a cold drink!” The boy says and sits down.

The same man walks up to him.

“Beta, who are you?” The man asks.

The boy turns and is revealed to be Sanskaar.

“Sorry Uncle, actually I came to take rest but I’ll leave in a bit.” Sanskaar says.

“Oh okay… but beta, I need your help.” The man says.

“What type of help?” Sanskaar asks .

“Sir… your cold drink.” The waiter says and puts it down.

Sanskaar takes it and starts drinking it and the waiter leaves.

“You have to help a girl run away.” The man says.

Sanskaar is shocked and chokes on the drink.

“What? Make her run? You don’t know my Bade Papa, if he finds out then I’m gone.” Sanskaar says and puts the glass down.

“Beta, please… she ran away on my trust and if I don’t help her reach Kolkata then…” The man sadly says and bows his head.

Sanskaar stands up.

“Kolkata? Even I’m going there today…” Sanskaar says.

The man looks at him. Sanskaar picks the glass up and starts drinking.

“Anyways… who is she?” Sanskaar says and takes a sip.

“Famous Singer, Swara Gadodia.” The man whispers.

Sanskaar drops the glass out of shock and looks at that man.

“Actress Ragini Gadodia’s sister? Film director Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter? Doctor Sharmishta Gadodia’s daughter?” Sanskaar shockingly asks.

The man nods yes. Sanskaar gulps.

“Did you find me to sacrifice? No, I don’t want to die yet… I haven’t seen the world completely.” Sanskaar says worriedly and turns to go.

“But she needs to get out from here… please help her.” The man requests and folds his hand.

“But she has so much security… if they find me with her then they’re going to think I was running away with her…” Sanskaar says.

“Please, I believe that you will be able to make her reach Kolkata safely.” A new voice is heard.

“How can you trust me easily? I don’t even know you all and you all don’t know me…” Sanskaar says and turns.

He gets shocked seeing Shekhar.

“Please take my daughter…” Shekhar requests and folds his hands.

Sanskaar looks at Shekhar and then sighs and palms his forehead.

“Why did I have to come here? Why did my wheels stop here? I was gone mad to choose this place! If I didn’t come here then I wouldn’t have been stuck in this problem…” Sanskaar says to himself but Shekhar and the man hear.

He then looks at them and they look at him.

“For the first time I’m seeing a father helping her daughter run away but why?” Sanskaar says and asks seeming confused.

Shekhar then takes Sanskaar inside a room. The man locks it and Sanskaar looks on as he sees Swara sitting on the bed with tears in her eyes.

“You must know her, she’s my daughter… Swara.” Shekhar says and sits besides Swara on the bed.

“Naa, she’s Queen Elizabeth isn’t she?” Sanskaar thinks in his head.

“I lost my wife and my daughter… but I can’t lose another daughter.” Shekhar says while in tears.

Sanskaar looks at them.

“We were a happy family, but our happiness got jinxed…” Shekhar tells while controlling his tears.

Sanskaar looks at Swara who bursts out crying.

Shekhar starts telling.

Shekhar, Sharmishta were happy with a small family with their two daughters, Swara and Ragini. They never felt like they were missing anything. One day, Ragini went to shooting and took Swara with her as Swara had a day off.

Just then a man entered the studio and stopped everything. He went towards Ragini.

“I gave you two days to think about it but you… you keep on rejecting but this time I’m not listening to anything you say…!” The man says angrily.

Swara walks up to him and stands in front of Ragini.

“How dare you talk to my sister in that tone?! Who the hell are you?!” Swara angrily says.

“Swara… just leave it and let’s leave.” Ragini says.

Swara was glaring at that man and turns, so does Ragini. But the man holds Ragini’s hand. Ragini turns and so does Swara.

“How dare you hold Ragini’s hand? Leave her hand!” Swara says.

Ragini tries jerking it but the man smiles evilly while looking at Swara.

“Now I don’t need you!” The man says to Ragini.

The man then looks at Swara from feet to head and lustfully. Swara feels disgusted.

“You can’t eye my sister, I will file a complaint against you! You watch!” Ragini says and jerks her hand.

She grabs her phone but the man shoots her three times.

Swara is shocked and covers her mouth with her hand.

“Ragini!!!” Swara shouts and her eyes start to moist.

“Swara… r…run!” Ragini says and breathes her last.

Swara gets shocked and looks at the man, the man looks at her lustfully. Swara then runs from there and the man gets his men to catch her and bring her to him.

Swara reaches home and sees Sharmishta.

“Maa… Maa Ragini…” Swara cries.

Shekhar comes inside the house and sees Swara crying.

“What happened?” Shekhar asks.

“Baba…” Swara says and hugs Shekhar.

“Baba Ragini…” Swara cries.

“What happened to Ragini?” Shekhar worriedly asks.

“She’s dead.” A voice is heard.

Swara and Shekhar look on.

Sharmishta falls on the floor and the man was behind her. He shows the knife with blood.

Shekhar and Swara get shocked.

“Maa!!” Swara shouts and cries.

“Sharmishta!” Shekhar shouts.

“There’s no point in shouting! They’re dead… she was being rude to me… she told me to get out when I asked her for your daughters hand and you know I don’t like rude people…” The man says sounding innocent and sits on the table.

Swara cries.

“Namastay Uncle.” The man says and folds his hand.

Shekhar gives him the disgusted look.

“I liked your daughter Ragini… she wasn’t agreeing and I gave her two days, still she said no and I don’t like the people who say no to me. So I killed her because now I want your other daughter… Swa…Raa.” The man says and smirks.

Shekhar angrily looks at him.

“Oh, by the way my name is Shivam… Shivam Goswami…” The man introduces.

“You will never get my daughter! What made you think that I will give my daughter to a dog like you?” Shekhar insults.

Shivam gets angry. Shekhar holds Swara’s hand.

“Listen Sasur Ji… I’m being nice here and it doesn’t mean that you can cross your limits!” Shivam angrily says.

He signals his men to move forward. Shekhar looks behind and doesn’t see anyone, he takes advantage of that and runs away with Swara out of the door.

Both Shekhar and Swara run out of the gate and down the roads. Shivam gets his men and starts following them.

Shekhar stops and looks at Swara.

“Go to that house and I’ll divert their attention and meet me at Meera’s house!” Shekhar says and runs before Swara could say anything.

Swara then runs inside the house before Shivam could see her. She changes into a green saree and runs out.

End of Flashback.

“By god… so much happened in a day…” Sanskaar says sounding shocked.

He looks at Shekhar who stands up.

“Sorry, Shivam will kill me and I can’t risk my life.” Sanskaar says and turns.

“Please help me.” Swara says and stands.

Sanskaar stops as he hears her voice. He then turns and sees her looking at him with tears in her eyes. He looks down.

“Okay fine… I’m ready to help because I don’t like seeing tears.” Sanskaar says.

Shekhar and Swara smile. Just then they hear a knock on the door.
Shekhar and Swara get shocked.

“Open the door!” Shivam shouts.

Sanskaar, Swara and Shekhar look on.

The man worriedly walks near the door.

“There, my death came so quick.” Sanskaar worriedly says.

He then grabs Swara’s hand and goes to the other door that leads to the bathroom. The man opens the door and Shivam pushes him. Swara peeks while Sanskaar looks for a way.

“Where is she?!” Shivam angrily shouts.

“You will never reach her!” Shekhar says and laughs.

Shivam gets angry and shoots Shekhar. Swara was about to shout when Sanskaar keeps his hand over her mouth. Swara silently cries.

“Will you get us killed too?” Sanskaar whispers.

“Search the room!” Shivam made orders.

The men start searching, one of the man opens the bathroom door. He gets shocked.

“Bhai!” The man shouts.

Shivam comes there and looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap: Episode 2 ?
Shivam Goswami – Naman Shaw
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