swasan ff: story of my revenge (episode 2)


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sanskar was sitting in the canteen alone.. his friends go for a movie .. he was checking his mobile.

‘ excuse me ‘
a sweet voice he raised his head and mesmerized by the beauty of the girl who was standing infront of him..

‘ hello can you help me’
her voice give back his senses..

sanskar: ofcourse .. how can i help you gorgeous?

girl: can you tell me where is principal’s room?

sanskar : 3 rd floor first room..

girl : thank you..

sanskar: hey.. are you new here? which batch?

girl: ya.. computer science..

sanskar: what is your name?

girl: swara.. swara gadodia.. ok i’m leaving bye..

sanskar was totally lost in her.. her beautiful eyes disturbed him..

sanskar’s pov

swara.. swara gadodia.. sweet name.. her eyes it is killing me.. i don’t see such a beautiful and sparkling eyes for any girls .. her face is just like a baby.. her long silky hair .. her beautiful figure .. her melodious voice all attracting me more towards her.. i saw many girls and dated many.. but she is so different unique and like a dream girl.. what is happening to me.. i had crush for many girls.. but now my mind filled with her thoughts.. only her.. she has something special in her.. you are disturbing me miss swara gadodia..

swara’s pov

I saw him.. i meet him.. the person whom i hate from the bottom of my heart.. my enemy.. because of him i lost my family’s happiness.. he spoiled our beautiful family.. i will destroy you sanskar maheswari.. your count down begins..


so this was my second chapter.. sorry this was a small update.. i will try to update long. . sorry for mistakes.. and sorry for no raglak scenes.. i will add in next update.. they are also important characters in my story.. thank you for reading..

Credit to: Niha

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