swasan ff: story of my revenge (episode 1)


hello guys this is the first episode of my ff. please read and pardon me for the mistakes..

A famous college in mumbai.. few students are sitting and chatting.. a girl enter wearing a blue dress up to her knees.. all looked her..

rahul: hey look guys a hot chik.. she is too hot yaar..

amit: sanky look yaar she is very beautiful..
( sanskar maheswari : a rich spoilt brat and a big flirt and most handsome guy in college)
sanskar: waw she is so hot.. let me go and talk with her..

rahul: talk?? flirting renamed as talking? he laughed.. sanskar give him an angry look and approach the girl..

sanskar: hey what is your name sweetie..

girl: ragini..

sanskar: waw superb name .. you are very beautiful ha..
( sanskar used to flirt with her . she became uncomfortable )
ragini: can i go ?

sanskar: come on yaar let us have an ice cream come with me ..

ragini: no .. please leave me i have class.
( ragini was about to cry. a boy watches this and comes near them . . he is laksh)

laksh: sanskar leave her na. . she will cry now if you won’t leave her..

sanskar: lucky dude come on.. i don’t say anything badly to her ..

laksh: ragini go to your class..
( ragini looked laksh with relief and run to her class)

sanskar: lucky what is this yaar?

laksh: sanskar neena is searching you in canteen..

sanskar: omg.. i forgot.. i offered a treat for her.. come let us go( they go to canteen)

(scene shifts to a royal home in kolkata. a girl was sitting in her bed.. her eyes was teary.. she was in a deep thought.. she is swara.. her mobile started ringing)

swara(on phone) : hello bhai..
person: hai doll.. are you ready to join college?

swara: yes bhai.. but my motive is only him Mr. sanskar maheswari..

person: yes swara he is our target.. we will destroy him at any cost..

swara: ya.. we will..

person: ok doll.. take rest and come soon..

swara: ok bhai.. bye..

swara(monologue) so Mr.sanskar maheswari.. i’m coming to your world.. to destroy you.. i will teach you what a girl means.. a girl is not a toy to play with. i will teach you that.. so this is the time for my revenge.. my revenge begins…..


this is a swasan raglak ff pls read it

Credit to: Niha

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  1. Very nice and thanks for swasan

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