A swasan ff – still thinking of name – Prologue

Guys i am starting an ff on swasan after their “love” marriage on their married life and the prologue is below

(Sw for swara and sa for sanskaar)
Marriage night:
Sa:i love you swara
Sw:i love you too sanskaar
*they consummated their marriage*

After a few months:
Swara and sanskaar were sleeping in each other’s embrace when swara felt thirsty and without disturbing sanskaar’s sleep went to the kitchen to drink water
As she entered the kitchen she saw someone’s shadow
Sw:kaun hai?(whose there?)
Before she knew it she felt a tight grip on her mouth she tried to scream but couldn’t after a lot of fight she bit the person’s hand and shouted “SANSKAAAAAAR!”

so how was it?
Should i continue?
Please suggest a name for this ff as i can’t think of anything bye take care ???

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  1. mou(swasan lover)


  2. Nice prologue
    Continue soon. …

  3. Rosey

    V nice

  4. Nice continue

  5. nice..continue soon..

  6. KrsytleS

    supebb Dr … waiting for next part

  7. Nice continue . For name u may keep Love – heart to heart connection, feeling of love.

  8. Nice plz continue ❤️

  9. Zeestum2

    Ok thank you so much guys i’ll post the first part tomorrow love you all ???

  10. Mahavir

    awesome dear and love marriage is my choice for the title.

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