Swasan ff -SS Episode 5

today epi starts with ragini angrily glaring dadi and parish
laksh:sanskar im sorry bhai im misunderstood u that day im sorry for speaking ill abt ur mom.the situations are like that we believed adarsh bhai
following laksh one after the one asked forgiveness from swasan.
shekhar:swara beta im sorry,i mistrusted u so much,i assure u beta in future i will not do this type of mistake again.pls forgive me for the last time.
swara:excuse me who are u?do i know u.as far as i remember i dont have a father.he died on that day when my mom died

ragini- [angry] swara how are you talking to baba. he is your baba for god sake. behave yourself.
swara- [same anger] he is not my father. neither he was, nor is and never will i consider him one in future.what did u just said mr.gadodia,u want forgiveness from me na,ok i will forgive u and accept u also,but in return give my mom back,give me the sleepless night that i had where i cried seeing my mom dead.
everyone were feeling guitlier
shekhar:beta how can i,i cant change the past but i can change the future,
swara:no u dont have to do that shekharji becoz u are no one to me even if i die(sanskar glared her angrily)i wont let u see me last tym.
ragini:how can u hate us this much swara,we are ur family pls forgive.doing mistakes is human nature right,even u did mistakes earlier but ur family forgave u isin’t.when u hurted sanskar,by blaming him for my kidnapping he forgaved u and accepted u back.when he can forgave u y cant u forgive us.come back to us.afterall we r ur family.
sanskar:ragini!!this shows how selfish u r?so much happened still u think from ur point of u.u are such(interpreted by swara)

swara:enough all of u i have hearing this trash for long time,sanskar im tired lets go to home.we shouldnt think abt strangers
saying this she and sanskar left.

@ baadi
swasan are having their lunch none of them spoke to eachother,sanskar break the ice
san:swara i can understand what is going through u right now,but shona theres in on point in thinking abt wat ragini had said.
without a second swara hugged sanskar and began to cry badly.
swara(cryingly):im sorry sanskar i have hurted u very much in the past,i blamed u for the thing which u didnt do.really i dont deserve u but its ur goodness that u forgaved me and accepted me.

sanskar(a little anger):i didnt accepted u swara,but it was me who snatched ur first love,maligned ur character and harmed u in every possible way for the sake of my so called revenge.if i had never entered in ur life,u would,…
swara:stop it,stop talking abt the past sanskar.u didnt do anything but it was our destiny that u should come in to life.without u i cant even known how would my life be.u filled my life with colours of ur love.dont u dare to say something like that.
sanskar:exactly the same i was telling u,those are past leave it.and u know how ragini is then also u took her words seriously,

sanskar:madam in friendship and love there is no sorry and thank u.waise those people spoiled my time i was there to spend time with u but…no problem this also became an good for me.
saying this he carried her in his arms to her room and got intimate.

next day
@ hospital
ragini and the whole mm and gadodia’s got shocked when they get to know that she cant conceive again,while pari was happy.ragini and others thought it is the punishment given by god for their deeds
leap of 2 months

a lot change in this 2 months ramta got to know abt raginis miscarriage and the things happened at hospital.first they were angry on mm for the blame they put on swara,but then revealed that truth came out.in these 2 months all of their mm and gadodias were asking forgiveness from swasan..

one day
@ swasan house(baadi)
swasan and others were in the hall.thats when gadodia and mm entered
sanskar and others got up when they saw their so called family.
sanskar:what r u doing here?papa pls tell them to get out of here.

dp:rp sujata we are sorry for the things that happened in past.cant we forget all this and lead a happy life.talk to sanskar make him understand.pls
rp:bhaisa u r my elder,i will always follow ur orders just like a laxman.but now i want to be a good father,like u who stand behind ur children in every step of their life irrespective of wht they do.im sorry bhaisa this decision im leaving on sanskar,whatever decision he takes it will be final.
every one were looking at rp in shock,everyone knows how rp loved his brother like a god but still he refused him due to his son.
sanskar:i said na my decision is final,u got it none of us are interested in getting back to u.

laksh:bhai once more think abt it.we are ur family,we accept that we did mistake but forgive us for the last tym.
ragini:ha swara,pls forgive us.without swara ,ragini is incomplete.

swara:swaragini was broken the day u did shrath for me,the day my mom died.from that day u r no one to me.if sanskar accepted u also,u will be my devarani only u cannot be my sister we cant be together,and i never gonna trust u.never.
shekhar:(looking around)swara,where is ayush?i want to see him.i will take him with me.mishti is not there but im there na i will give him fathers love
swara:dont u dare shekhar gadodia,and yes ayush is not here.i have sent him in the place where ur shadow also dont reach him.he is fine,good and most importantly happy with his parents.
everyone shocked except san,ramta as they knew earlier.
shekhar:wat r u saying,im his father he is my son.he will live with me only.its my right.

swara:i knew it u are going to say this.look wat type of father u r haan,u didnt cared abt ayush all these months suddenly after coming to know the truth u want ayush,u remembered that he is ur son.but mr.gadodia till im there i will not let ur shadow to fall on my brother
dadi- ae chori hold your tongue. u canโ€™t say anything to my son. and ayush, i will not let you take him. we will see in the court who wins.
shekhar- maa keep quite. i am talking naa. we came here to apologise not to fight and i already told you not to speak in between. so better donโ€™t interfere.
dadi- i am taking your side and you are saying me only.
shekhar- whatever you have done is enough for me. i donโ€™t want more from you.
dadi become more angry and felt highly insulted. she kept quite seeing swara with venom filled eyes.

swara:court,ok lets meet in court.before that only i will send ur pyari daughter to jail. is it ok for u all
every one were once again shocked

dadi:jj.a.a.i…l.wat did my laado did?y u will send her jail
swara:(cunningly)relax mrs.gadodia u know last time ur poti had talked abt my past,my mistakes then i thought it will be great if i make u all remember what and all she did.u all know na,she tried to kill me twice,maligned my character and so on.i have the cd of her confession with me.if i gave it to police,minimum 5ys of jail punishment will be there for her.
ragini:u cant do like that,u r my sister.pls for the sake of maa leave it.
swara:dont u dare to take my maas name with ur blo*dy mouth,she is only my maa got it.and ya if u dont want to go to jail then ask ur father to sign on these papers.
she gave papers to shekhar
swar:dont get confused these are not property papers but the custody papers of ayush that shekhar gadodia has no right on ayush singhania.sign it mr.gadodia if u want ur laddo to be safe.

everyone was looking at swara disbelievingly. they have always seen swara who mended relations, cleared misunderstanding but this swara was the one who was someone they have not imagined.
laksh:swara,have u gone mad?how can u do this to ragini.ragini did all this in past,even u forgived her.
sanskar:but court only needs proof laksh.whether in past or present,murder attempt is a murder attempt.
ap:sanskar how can u support swara in this,she is doing wrong beta stop her.sujta atleast u stop her.
suji:swara beta im with u go ahead.and jiji apne apne hi hota hai.

ap looked at sujata shockingly
swara:i dont have time,pls sign it faster or else…sanskar dial police station number.
dadi looked at swara horrified
dadi:shekhar wat r u doing?sign faster or else this swara will do watever she told.
without any option left shekhar signed the papers


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