Swasan ff -SS Episode 4

Swasan and others turn and see ragini there

Seeing that dadi went up to her and tried to cup her face
Dadi:ladoo what r u doing here?U should take rest now.get inside
But ragini jerked her hands
Ragini:y dadima y did u do like that?Y u made laksh to go to jail,u know that inspector was beating him very badly,how can u do this with Laksh knowing that how much I love him?
Dadi: ladoo I did this all for u only,u will never be happy with that swara and her family.when adarsh kicked u all out of mm,no one was having a single penny and I don’t wanted my granddaughter to live her entire life in poverty.thats y I did this.i know I had done wrong with Laksh but trust me laddo it’s for ur good only.and ha abt swasan I don’t care about them today all saw true colours of swara.i did right with these people.(cryingly)u know ragini because of this swara only u lost ur child.she didn’t treated u instead she treated other patients

Now ragini was seeing swara without any emotions.this was seen by her.
Swara:I have told you already that as a doctor I can choose the case which came to me,u are nobody to talk abt me like this.understand.y o am even talking to you,huhh.. Sanskar come let’s go to my cabin here people only know to do dramas and play blame game.
Laksh:swara see I know we did wrong with u and sanskar but what is the mistake of my baby in this?U should have treated ragini swara,not because of being her sister but for humanity.
Swara: hogaya tumhara laksh pls try to be mature,I didn’t do anything deliberately in real priya is my best friend and I can’t leave my best friend when she needs me most.
Ap:then wat abt ragini,she is ur sister haiin na.i still don’t understand y u did this
Dadi: still u can’t understand ap she did this as she is jealous of my ladoo, because she wanted to give heir to mm first but my ladoo crashed all her dreams.
Sanskar:is it but I don’t think so,wat were u saying that swara jealous of ragini then u r completely wrong.its always ragini who is jealous with swara from the start.for u ur information swara and my family has nothing to do with maheshwaris.i and my family has changed our sir names to singhania.understood we have no relation with you all.I don’t understand why the hell are you blaming my wife,it’s not swara who pushed ur ladoo and she will not think of it also.

Everyone realised that they were blaming swara unnecessarily and guilty for their past doings except dadi and parish.while ragini was thinking about her lost children

So guys this my second last chapter I will update last chapter as soon as possible

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