Swasan ff -SS Episode 3

Suji ram and uttara packed their bags,are ready to leave just then swasan arrived there fully exhausted.
Swara:mom dad r u going anywhere?
Suji:ha swara, actually we are going to our village it has been few months that we didn’t visited so I ,ur dad and uttara are going.
Sanskar:wat mom if u would have said this before I and swara will also took leave and came with u.
Swara:ha mom.
Suji:it’s ok.next time we all will go.ok(my dumb son and dil,can’t even enjoy themselves here I making plans so that they can enjoy,but they huhh…)

After this sujata RP and uttara left the place.
After some time
At swasan room
Swara: sanskar u freshen up, until then I will make dinner.
When she was abt to leave, sanskar held her hand and pulled her, with that she landed on his lap.seeing this he smirked
Swara:(breathing heavily)wat r u doing, leave me sanskar.
Sanskar (tightly holding her):hmm wat yàar u r spoiling my mood also.how unromantic u r.

Swara:but I’m hungry sanskar.
Sanskar:ok let’s do one thing, today we will have our dinner outside ok.but after that u should spend time with me.it had been months that we had spent quality time together.
Swara:as u say majesty (with wink)
Both burst into laughter

When they are leaving ,they saw raglak and dadi.they also saw them.
Dadi(seeing swasan):be careful ladoo,ur carrying another life in u.Not all will get happiness of becoming mother.u too see na,u and that swara married on same day but u going to be maa but she..Well leave abt that.instead of poking her nose in to others matter if she had did her job,now she would also be happy like u.her mother..
Swara(angrily):stop just stop not a word more than this Mrs.parvati gadodia,else u will see worst of me.Who the hell are u to speak abt me or my mother ha.
Ragini:swara lower ur voice,u r talking to our dadi

Swara:she might be ur dadi but not mine.if u want me to speak with respect tell this dadi of urs to keep quiet and mind her own business.
Ragini:swara how can u speak like that?Even after knowing sanskar s deeds u supported him , stayed by his side u r wrong swara,as a sister I’m saying u pls come with us.
Hearing it sanskar got sad and it was noticed by swara.
Swara(holding sanskar hand tightly): sister like seriously,then let me remind u that u did my shrath that day.U r no-one to me u better understand.now my life and world is sanskar only.do u get that?.

When ragini was going to say something swasan left the place.
After that swasan had dinner in their favourite restaurant and went home.
At swasan room
Sanskar was lying on bed when swara entered there remembering their past,her mother,her good days with her family lastly dadis words blaming her not become a mother.
Sanskar saw her and understood wat is she thinking.to divert her he began to romance with her
Sanskar hugged her and took her in his arms.swara was startled by that.
Swara: sanskar.
But he didn’t allowed her to say anything.and continued.
Lights off

Next day
At gadodia House
When ragini was climbing stairs she slipped and fell down.dadi and laksh who saw this took her to hospital.

Swara and sanskar were in swaras cabin and having lunch,by talking to each other.nurse came there and informed her abt two emergency cases.swasan went out to see them and they got shocked to see ragini there.meanwhile mm along with dadi who saw swara as the doctor got shocked.
At that time another doctor came there as there r two emergency cases.
Swara(to the another doctor):priya,u pls attend this patient I’m going to another patient she’s in more danger now.and also she is my patient from the start.
Sanskar and others who were hearing this got shocked
The other doctor obliged and went to treat ragini.
Sanskar and others were waiting outside, since the wards were next to each other.

After 2hrs
The doctor came towards mm and said
Laksh: doctor how is ragini and my baby?
Dr: Mr.maheshwari,I’m really sorry but we couldn’t save ur child.mrs.maheshawai had miscarriage.
Hearing this laksh fell down with a thud.all were sad, hearing it except pari.they were trying to console each other.sanskar too felt bad.
After that swara came out from other ward
Patient’s husband: Dr how is my wife and..My child?
Swara:relax Mr.raj ur wife and ur child are both fine.they r out of danger.But u have to take care of ur wife she really needs rest now
pH:thank u so much Dr(with happy tears)yes I will take care of her.

Patient s mom:may u live long,may u get all happiness in ur life.u saved my daughter s as well as her child.may god bless you beta.(by placing hand on her head)
Sanskar who saw this was proudly looking at swara,but mm who saw this especially laksh and dadi got angry.

Dadi:wah chori wah.u took wonderful revenge from us.as u can’t become mother u destroyed my ladoos happiness.
Swara:wat r u speaking?
Laksh:don’t act swara u know before itself if u had treated ragini then my child would not have died.thats y u took other case.how can u? Ragini is ur sister but wat u did?
Swara understood that ragini had a miscarriage.
Swara: first of all I’m not anyone’s sister,then the patient whom I treated is my best friend.as a doctor it’s my choice to whom I should treat ok.if ur wife had miscarriage then it’s entirely ur problem.so don’t even try to blame me

This reply made dadi furious.
Dadi:I knew it.from starting itself u were jealous of my ladoo.thats y u tried to snatch her rights,first her husband then being dil of mm then her child from her.i told ragini from starting itself that don’t trust u, don’t make sumi to marry shekar but she didn’t listened to me.but I was very clever I have made everything alright by making u and sanskar as cheater.(unknowingly she blurted out all truth)
Whole mm was looking shocked whereas Paris was scared, while swasan were looking each other with tears, unknown happiness that truth is revealed
When dadi realised it she saw shocked faces of all.

Behind them a thud sound is heard when they saw ragini was standing there with tears with the support of wall.

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