Swasan ff -SS Episode 2

So after the gadodia family left, last rites of sumi was done by sanskar

Swarsan were thinking something that’s when suji and RP entered along with uttara
Suji:chora mujhe maaf karde,it’s all becoz of me if I didn’t falled in adarshs trap then jiji, bhaisa and raglak wouldn’t have misunderstood u.
Swara:pls mom don’t ask sorry from us,u r our elders and u didn’t do anything na.The fault is of those who didn’t trust us,even after knowing abt us.
Sanskar:swara is right mom.and I have decided something, from now onwards we should not have any relation between those gadodia’s and maheshwari’s.i will find a new job and we will settle down in our life.i know it’s going to be. Tough but we should make a new start.
All agreed with sanskar.
Swara: sanskar I want to tell u something,(little hesitant) actually my maasi had some properties which is on my maa name.It also consists of a company,which is now at loss.if u r comfortable u can take over that campany.since I am heir of Bose family it is entirely under my name.what u think abt it
Sanskar:swara y were u hesitant in asking me.I will work there only ok.we will create our small world for us mom dad uttara u and me that’s it.i don’t want any thing other than this.
Uttara:and we will be happy also Bhai.i have also decided I will also go to work.
Swasan:no uttara,u won’t do that.
Uttara:y Bhai? Even I also want to help you.
Swara:I understand ur feelings uttara but we would be happier if u finish ur graduation first and then if u wish u can try for job.ok?
Uttara:ok bhabi.

Swara: I also wanted to tell u all that I wanna work.
Sanskar was abt to say something
Swara:sanskar I trust u and I know u willake everything back to normal,but I wanna work so that I can distract myself from my maasi death.so pls.
Suji:in this I’m with swara.
Ramutt:we too
Sanskar was not convinced but still he knows swara needs a change, from past few days he has seen her so broken then her maa death has broken her completely.If by work she can get some peace means y not.
Sanskar:ok swara u can join office with me.
Swara:but how can I?I mean I studied different stream and… Actually I got job in nearby hospital.
Sanskar:what hospital??
Swara:as I have studied mbbs,I have got a job at nearby hospital.
Everyone were shocked
Uttara:bhabi that means u r doctor.omg!!But y didn’t u told abt this before itself.
Swara: situations were not favourable that time so.
After this all went to their respective rooms and slept.
A leap of 3 months
In this 3 months everything got changed.here sanskar was immersed in his business,worked hard as a result he got huge profits .he named his campany as s&s.same way here swara is working as a gynaecologist in a hospital.uttara just now completed her graduation.and now suji and ram has started selecting groom for her.everythings in their life is going smooth.still raglak and shekhar didn’t came to the truth,but swasan were least bothered abt this.
The routine duty of swara was to wake up at 5 in the morning and to do all the house hold works and then hospital and back to house and sleep.same goes with sanskar he too had no time for his love.they both have worked hard to get success in their life
One fine day
Asusual sanskar ram and uttara were having
breakfast ,swara and sujata were serving them.dadi came to their house with a sweet box
Dadi:arrey sujata yeh loo muh metta karlo.i have a good news.my ladoo is going to be mother.
Hearing this sujata and all were genuinely got happy.
Suji:toh congrats kakisa
Dadi:hmm..The first heir of maheshwaris is growing in my ladoos womb.I know being a elder bahu of maheshwaris it should be swara to give an heir but donno what destiny had stored for her.after 1 and half year of her marriage also she is unable to conceive,don’t know wat problem she has.(tauntingly)
Swara who had heard that stood shocked,tears were running down her cheeks.sanskar was not able to see her like this.even before he could react.
Suji: kakisa u r getting older day by day,arrey it’s only one year to their married life.let them enjoy their life first.child are bless of God,wen time comes he will bless us.
Dadi(got angered ):I know u r speaking these words to satisfy urself,one day u will regret for making swara as ur bahu.
Sanskar:speak carefully Mrs.parvati gadodia u r speaking abt my wife in my house.waise u don’t even stand in front of us.u don’t have any standard,can I make u remember ur deeds which u did in past.so get out.and never ever dare to step inside my house.
Dadi felt insulted and left .

Swara was trying to act as normal
Swara:mom I have kept lunch in hotbox u and papa have it on time.uttara u were going for library na come I will drop u.
Sanskar:swara today let uttara take ur scooty.i will drop u in my car.
Everyone knows only sanskar can handle swara now.soon they left
While leaving they saw laksh who was giving angry glare.(raglak live in mm only,but as ragini is pregnant she and laksh came there.they know now sanskar is a successful business man and swara is a gynaecologist)but sanskar gave it a damn and this angered him more.
While driving
Sanskar:u know na Jaan I hate tears in ur eyes.whatever she said don’t take it by heart u also know she just hates u that’s y she said all these things.
Swara:hmm I know sanskar it’s just I am not able to give u happiness.from past few months I have totally engrossed myself in work I didn’t have u time,even though u didn’t camplained I know u always wanted to spend time with me.im sorry.
Sanskar:pagal hagey kya?It’s not only u but me also equally gave importance to work.ok
Don’t be upset, smile now pls
Swara smiled a bit.
At Bose residency
Sujata and ram were remembering dadis talk and were quite sad.because they know in past few months their children were totally engrossed in work and took least care abt their personal life.
Suji: ji I think we should do something in this matter.i cannot let anyone to make my children sad.
Ram:u r saying right,but wat can we do?U know na last time when we came up with idea to send them for vacation how they reacted.They clearly denied.now wat
Suji:(idea strikes in her mind)ji we can’t send them but we can go to vacation (ram shocked)we I mean u,me and uttara will go to our village for someday.so that swasan will be alone and can enjoy.wat u say abt this?
Ram:I didn’t know that u have this much brain sujata, seriously u don’t look like what you are
Sujata glared him angrily
Ram:wen will we leave?
Sujata: today itself.
Sujata:yes I have already packed ours and uttara back we will leave by evening after swara comes.

Precap: another allegations against swasan.but what is that? Guess karo

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