Swasan ff -SS Episode 1

Hi guys, today I’m here with a one shot.
The story goes on after raglak did sharth for swasan
Dadi:AA ladoo Jamai raja ki leker,shekar u also come today is good day see naa,my children are back to my House.
Shekar helplessly looked towards shomi and went to GM along with raglak.
Shomi and others were heavily disturbed by the happenings.swara saw the two persons who were life to her her mother and her love.they were completely broken at least for them she should be strong.

Inside Bose house

Swara:(seeing her maa)maa, don’t worry maa everything will be alright we will surely win Baba after coming to know the truth he will surely come.we will once again live as a happy family.
Shomi:swara let me be alone for sometime.pls.(without any emotions)
Swara thought it would be better if she give her some space.soon she left towards her room to check on sanskar.

In swasan room
Sanskar was sitting like a lifeless body, seeing his condition tears are running in swaras eyes

Swara:sanskar sambhalo aapne aapko!Don’t loose hope sanskar,truth will definitely come out one day or other.bas we have to keep patience.
Sanskar:how can I swara? Didn’t u see how badima whom I consider more than my mother accused me,my own brother lucky didn’t had trust on me,my own family believed me that I can do anything for money,how could they??Am i that bad that everybody consider me a betrayer??
Swara:ssshh, sanskar be calm,u didn’t cheated anyone

Now everybody are under the influence of adarsh bhaiya,soon truth will come out our family will once again join together.for now u should sleep(when he protested)look u r so tired.pls for sometime sleep.
She made him sleep on her lap,after a while she also sleepy thinking abt their miseries.

Next morning
Swara wakes up first and saw her husband sleeping peacefully in her lap and pecked his forehead.with this sanskar wakes up and saw his position.
Sanskar:oh shit!I have slept like whole night,u should have woken up me swara because of me u couldn’t sleep properly.
Swara:it’s ok sanskar,I’m alright.now let me go and help maa in kitchen,she must have woken up by now.

Soon swara went towards kitchen but shomi was not there,so she went towards her room and wat she saw made her to go crazy
Her maa was lying down on the floor lifelessly.within panic she shouted sanskar s name
Swara: sanskar! Sanskar!

With these shouts sanskar came and shocked to see the scenario.he slowly went near shomi and checked her pulses.And then realised that she is no more.seeing sanskar expression swara came to know that her mother is no more.she felt someone stabbed her at heart,tears were continuously running down her cheeks.sanskar was trying his best to console her but can’t able to do it.he too knows wat her mother matters to swara,he even considered shomi as his own mother only but now she is no more.
Hearing those cries shekar along with raglak,dadi and other neighbours came there and got shocked to see the scene before them.
Some neighbours informed police and they arrived.then only they got to know that shomi died out of heart attack.

Last rites of shomis body was taking place.when shekar and ragini cryingly came towards shomis dead body
Swara:stop right there Mr.gadodia or else u will see the worst of me.
Seeing this everyone were shocked.
Ragini:how can u talk to papa like that swara?? Remember he is our papa.give him respect

Swara:?I will talk to like this only.who the hell are u to stop me haan??U and ur family get out of this right now.warna accha nahi hoga
This angered shekar and his family
Shekhar:swara stop ur nonsense and let me see shomi for last time.i have that right as she is my wife
Swara:wife!!Like seriously then let me remember u that u have divorced her long ago.now she is only my maa.she doesn’t means anything to u or ur daughter.got it.
Dadi:maa margayi hai par choreography ki badameezi ko toh dekhiye, jaise maa vaise beti
Sanskar:one word abt swara and her maa,I would forget that u r elder to me.pls leave my house.

Bearing so much of insults, gadodia family left the place

Precap:new life,new destiny

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