swasan ff: sparkle of love epi6

Swara and sanskar served the dish to everyone making all to praise sanskar for the food as his soul mate swara gave the whole credit of food to everyone.

Swara smiles seeing all enjoying the food just then her gaze falls on laksh who was gazing sanskar angrily and as usual our sanskar unaware of his anger was busy in serving everyone happily seeing everyone enjoying food as usual searching his happiness in others

Swara :laksh sir pls eat na afterall its your favourite dish and sanskar made it for you after your demand (smirking)

Laksh : of course swa… I mean Mrs sanskar (starts eating)

Swara :how is the sir?

Laksh :it’s good Mrs sanskar

Swara :yes sir I know it afterall sanskar cooks very well

Laksh :yes Mrs sanskar but salt is less

Swara : oh you felt that but others Β didn’t felt I think . Am I right sir? (looking towards dp)

Dp:yes she is saying correct laksh (happily eating his food)

Swara (sees laksh who is seeing her angrily) :it’s OK if you felt that then he will take care for next time (sees sanskar) am I right?

Sanskar hesitantly nodes yes and everyone eats their food silentlyΒ 

After some time someone drags swara in a room and closes the door

Swara:what the hell laksh?

Laksh :exactly swara what the he’ll? I didn’t knew the girl I was going to marry but thanks to the god I didn’t marry is soo much cheap. First you were with me, now you are with sanskar

Just then “thud” swara slaps him angrily listening to the words he is using for her

Swara :laksh a person like you can’t understand these things and yes thanks to the god he didn’t made us married instead I married sanskar who is far better person than you

Laksh :swara me and him are having no comparison and you are comparing me with him. I am maheswari’s heir and he is (says with disguist) don’t know who’s dirty blood is he?

Swara :toh who are you laksh? You are maheswaris blood and still what type of person you are? Who left a girl in mandap to disgrace her respect

Laksh : oh pls swara

Swara :just shut up laksh (starts to go)

Laksh : before leaving swara just listen I will not leave sanskar and if you will not stop interfering then consequences will be not good

Swara turns and smiles to him and says ” you are such a coward laksh who just attacks from behind but(serious) if you tried to harm sanskar you will always find me standing in front of him

Swara leaves from there leaving laksh frustrated

Laksh (hits his hand on wall) :damn swara you are not doing right. The consequences are not going to be good

Sanskar who was doing his work sees swara who is angry and is continously murmuring curses

Sanskar :what happened to madam ji? Before sometime she was alright (leaves his works and follows her to their room)

Swara comes into the room and bangs the door creating a loud sound

Swara :how dare he thinks to harm sanskar? Does he thinks I am dead and will let anything happen to him? Duffer, idiot and specially monkey

Sanskar who came following her gasps listening to the sound when she bangs the door then listens her curses

Sanskar :what happen to madam ji? Why she is soo angry? Should I ask her but if she gets angry? No no I should not ask her but it will be not right

Swara stops her cursing session and turns witnessing sanskar standing at door confused lost in something

Swara :sanskar

Sanskar :yes madam ji(gulps)

Swara :why are you standing at door?

Sanskar :woh woh madam ji

Swara ( irritated) :what

Sanskar :say clearly

Swara :say clearly. Don’t create these riddles

Sanskar :wohwhyareyouangry(closes his eyes and says in one breath,)

Swara :what what say clearly and property (smiles seeing him)

Sanskar :woh why are you angry? Did I did something(again closes his eyes)

Swara smiles listening to him and after that starts laughing

Sanskar :what happen madam ji? (confused)

Swara :nothing sanskar oh god you are soo cute(comes to him laughing and pulls his cheeks) no I am not angry. I was just irritated

Sanskar:oh i thought what happened to you.you just be happy like this because I don’t like your angry face

Swara immediately stops laughing and looks in his eyes which were looking at her intensely with some emotions making her lost

Sanskar:madam ji what happened (seeing her who is lost)

Swara(coming into sense):no.. Nothing sanskar and what’s this madam ji.i have such a beautiful name swara call me by name

Sanskar(hesitant): madam ji but

Swara(stubbornly): i don’t know anything call me by my name or else don’t talk to me(turns her face and looks towards him by her corner of eyes who is hesitant)(monologue:i am sorry sanskar but you left no option)

Sanskar looks towards her who had turned her head.he sighs and looks towards her nervously, starts playing with his fingers.again looks towards her and sighs


Swara(turns immediately with happiness): yes sanskar what you said?

Sanskar:swara(swara gets happy) ji

Swara;nothing could be done with you chalo atleast it will work for now (looks towards him helplessy who is just looking at her innocently)but I am not satisfied.you have to do something

Sanskar(scared):what happened mad.. (She glares him)i mean swara ji

Swara:better now you have to be my friend (he starts to say something) no no don’t you dare to deny because you didn’t do the thing which I told.so friends? (Extending hands)

Sanskar:ok friends (shakes hand)

Swara:i am soo happy(hugs him making sanskar shocked and sending shivers down his spine)

Hey guys I wrote it after soo long. Tell me hows it and please tell if I am going slow

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  1. Nice…very gd. Update soon

  2. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Make it sanskar as bold person.

  3. No other issues moon but dear please tryna update on a regular basis…I love this ff so much that I am just unable to hold myself !! Your concept is amazing dear but u give such slow updates:( πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ your ff is such that it forces me to beg for more Please dear Update soon and yes do reply to my comment I love reading your replies if you don’t reply na Moon I feel like You don’t like me being your fan So Take me as your younger sissy and please reply to my comment my Didu and yes update it please please please sooooooooon I wud be eagerly waiting

    – Ur Fan πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    P.S.- Wud be again commenting frm a different ID to maintain my anonymity well I would like to reveal only one thing about myself We’ve talked before also thru pm’s but You don’t know me very well though you may know my username..

    1. Moon

      Hayeee we have talked once. Now you are on a mission to give me shocks day by day???
      Ok i will update soon and yes i would like you to be my sissy
      Thank you for liking it

      1. Yes We have di But that time I had my account which I’ve deactivated now due to personal reasons. I wrongly mistook you to be my friend whose name is Moon but anyways U turned out to be my idol..I just love ur ff’s a lot Di..update soon ! By the way why are your ff’s not being shown on wattpad??? Have you left wattpad??? or deleted your stories???? One more thing i follow you on wattpad also , so I am feeling really sad as your stories are nowhere to be found there di πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  4. nice one.. beautifully written

  5. Awesome epi dear……

  6. Nice……

  7. Damn good

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