swasan ff: sparkle of love epi5

Both swasan were sleeping peacefully with a content smile on their faces showing some sort of satisfaction or we can say satisfaction of to be found by their soulmates

Sanskar who was in swara’s lap sleeping peacefully starts  sweating and turning here and there in sleep suddenly making look like he was seeing a nightmare.

A blur image of a man and woman are shown getting shot just then someone shouts “catch him” and a boy is running.

Sanskar opens his eyes in a jerk with sweat all around his face and gets up immediately finding him in swara’s lap. She was sleeping in sitting position.

Sanskar:oh god madam ji your legs might be painting na.how can you sleep on madam ji’s lap sanskar . you are a mere servant and how can you forgot her status ha

Sanskar looks towards her who was sleeping deeply

Sanskar: madam ji sleep correctly

But there was no response because​our swara was sleeping like kumbhkaran like me(bilkul mujhe pein Gaye Hai???)

Sanskar (nudging her): madam ji

Swara (sleep mode):umm ahh don’t disturb me

Sanskar:I think madam ji is tired that’s why she is not getting up but if she sleeps like this her legs might pain in morning

Sanskar looks towards her for a second and moves towards her.he keeps his hand on back side of her head and other on her waist just then a curve got formed on her lips in sleep as was like she was feeling his touch in sleep but our too much sanskaari sanskar makes her lay on bed comfortably and removes his hands from her.a frown got formed on her face

Sanskar (sees swara face): madam ji is in soo much problem becoz of me(tucks her hair strand behind her ears and swara smiles again) madam ji you should smile like this only.

He leaves from there and sleeps on floor laying mat tgere

Sun rays falls on swara making her disturb in her sleep as she was sleeping at the corner she starts moving here and there to hide her face but unfortunately or we can say forunately she falls down from bed

And we here someone’s shout:aah

Swara who was rolling on bed in sleep falls on sanskar who was sleeping on floor besides her

Swara opens her eyes listening sanskar’s shout by rubbing her eyes cutely

Swara: sanskar what are you doing below me(innocently)

Sanskar: madam ji it was you who had fallen not me(pout).acha now get up fast or else I will get late for my works

Swara: you are soo bad sanskar(sadly)

Sanskar: what happen madam ji?did I said something wrong I am sorry if I hurted you

Swara: you said I am fat that’s why you are saying me to get up fast na.you can’t handle my weight (sadly)

Sanskar;no no madam ji I didn’t meant that really I am(tensed(

Just then he hears a melodious sound making his face lit up with happiness

Swara was laughing:oh god sanskar I am joking and you took it seriously (pulls his cheeks) you are soo cute

Swara starts to get up but gets pulled to him by her mangalsutara who got tangled with his shirt

She falls on him making both of their eyes get locked with each other forgetting everything about them

Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

Both were lost in each other as it was their first proximity feeling each other soo close but got distract hearing some noise from window making both of them feel​ embrassed

Swara walks from there and sanskar rubs his hand on his hair feeling wierd but there was a smile on his face.

Swara comes out getting ready with hairs and sees here and there for sanskar who was not in room.

She comes out and sees sanskar working just then Laksh comes in kitchen and drops a dish knowingly

Laksh: sanskar what you did

Sanskar: sorry sir

Laksh:I don’t know anything I want this dish in breakfast or else you will be fired and your newly wedded wife will be on road with you (arrogantly)

Laksh : no but I want it

Laksh leaves from there and sanskar looks at the dish worriedly and starts cleaning it.swara who was seeing the scenario leaves from there

After some time maheswari family members were sitting on table eating their breakfast just then Laksh shouts

“Sanskar bring that dish”

Sanskar: actually sir(nervously)

Laksh: don’t tell me that you didn’t made it(stands up

“Actually Laksh sir dish is here “making all looked towards her and she kept the dish on table give a sweet smile to all

“I hope you all will like it as my husband did a lot of hard work on it “says swara giving Laksh a attitude look making him angry

All started eating and sanskar looks at swara with a tensed and in response swara blinks her eyes indicating “mein hoon na”

So guys hows it?do tell me
Although i was not going to post thinking no one liked this story but someone requested so its for you dear

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  1. Thank you so much dear , I really wanted this story here as I love it , You may not know me or I may not be willing to reveal my identity but let me tell you I am your biggest fan Moon and I am content with people calling me by your “Fan’s” identity .Loved it a lot and yes please update this story on a regular wishes .remember Don’t judge anything by less comments as there are many who read but don’t comment but please at least for them who love your work update your stories , for others .take care dear and yes I am with you , will always support you and yes for such a big comment i need a reply also from you .
    To maintain anonymity I shall comment from different usernames , but remember I will always remain your fan only

    1. Moon

      Thank you soo much dear i didn’t knew mine this story is liked by someone too much. About about being updating regularly i have still not wrote next part
      let’s see

  2. Nice, but post regularly

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    Plz plz plz

  4. Nice part
    Post next part for me i like it very much
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  5. Very nice

  6. Awesome epi dear…..and I really liked this story so plzz be regular.waiting for next part post soon.

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