swasan ff: sparkle of love epi4

She sees towards sanskar who is pulling her bag , she doesn’t understands anything just she sees rickshaw and understands that he wants to take her bags so that he can keep it in

He takes her all things and sees swara who is lost

Sanskar: madam ji you sit

Swara feels difficulty to sit due to heavy lehenga just then she sees a hand in front of her

Sanskar (nervously): should I help you madam ji

Swara looks at his eyes and gets lost in them for a second forgetting everything

Sanskar pulls her and she sits with him

And both starts travelling just then rickshaw stumbles and swara looses her balance but sanskar holds her in nick of time

Sanskar (with concern): are you fine madam ji

Swara:yes sanskar I am

Man who was riding rickshaw listens their talks and smiles seeing them

Man: beta I think you both are coming after getting married na

Swara:yes uncle

Man:I think it’s love marriage because your husband loves you a lot can’t handle a single scratch on you(laughs)I bless you both to remain like this forever

The old man blesses them leaving both out of words. Both were not able to meet each other’s gaze

Both​ gets down in front of maheswari mansion and sanskar forwards his hands in front of her to help her to get down

Swara holds her hand and gets down and both moves towards maheswari mansion together indicating a new beginning

Both entered maheswari mansion but are stopped by a voice

Laksh: so a another servant has come. Interesting

Swara turns and sees Laksh standing there with a evil smirk making her blood boil so much she wants to slap him but it’s not the right time.

She looks at sanskar by the corner of her eyes and sees her hands forming in a fist making her shock

Laksh: what happen swara

Swara: well Mr maheswari it’s Mrs sanskar for you.

Laksh(gets angry): ok Mrs sanskar but after that what you will use ha without any surname

Swara: well Mr maheswari my husband is everything for me and I don’t need anything more for me.(Laksh was about to speak)so can you excuse us

She walks from there holding sanskar’s hand making him shocked and surprised. He walks with her looking at their entwined hands

Laksh: oh god swara so much ego after marrying a servant. Don’t worry we both are living in same house soon I will show you yours destination and yours husband too

Both swasan walks with swara holding sanskar’s hand and he is just looking at her with some emotions in his eyes. What they were?
(Author is also thinking ?)

Sanskar was lost in his thoughts just then swara stops and turns towards him.she sees him lost

Swara(waving her hand): oh hello sanskar

Sanskar (coming into sense): yes madam ji

Swara:are you planning to make me stand here for rest of the day.show me your room

Sanskar: but madam ji (hesitates)

Swara: oh ho (slaps his forehead playfully making him shocked)no but vut(holds his hand)let’s go

Sanskar takes her to servants quarter which was having small small rooms. Sanskar enters in a room followed by her

The room is very small with a small bed and a study table along with it.

Swara: omg omg

Sanskar (thinks: madam ji didn’t like the room):Kya hua madam ji

Swara: it’s your room sanskar so much clean being a boy. It’s soo impossible ha(sees him looking down) I am impressed ha

Sanskar doesn’t responds and was looking down just then she hears weeping sound making her turn. As she was seeing the room

Swara(confused and sees sanskar head down): sanskar(no response coming towards him) sanskar are you crying(no response)

Sanskar was just looking down and was not responding to her questions

Swara(shouts): sanskar

Sanskar looks up listening her anger filled voice and swara gets shocked seeing his face.

Tears are flowing from his eyes and his nose has got red. he is sniffing and is continuously taking hiccups in short totally looking like a child

Sanskar(hiccups and sniffing): madam ji I am soo sorry because of me you are here in this situation. I did so much with you but still you are here supporting me.i am sorry​ it’s just that I can’t deny Laksh if he says anything.

Swara(softly and starts caressing his hairs)shh sanskar first stop crying and drink water (he drinks) I know you are not at fault that’s why I am not blaming you ok. So stop this ok

Sanskar was still crying and not able to take more swara makes him lay on her lap unknowingly.he is just a mere stranger for her who did wrong with her but still her heart says he is innocent.

Sanskar keeps crying and swara was consoling her not disturbing him because sometimes rather than being quite it’s best to take out all your pain by crying.

After crying continuously sanskar sleeps on her lap and swara continues to carees his soft silky hairs giving him a peaceful slumber assuring him that now I will be there for you to take all your problems, you are not alone.

Just then sanskar  who was in deep slumber turns and hugs her by waist by nuzzling his face in her stomach making her shock by his sudden movement and to feel something new by her touch, something very special.a curve got formed on her face unknowingly but she was so lost to notice it.

She tries to separate him but seeing his peaceful face she smiles and closes her eyes sitting there only by keeping her head post and falls in deep slumber after some days events which changed her life completely not knowing what had destiny has stored for her.

Guys if you see any edited pics of swasan just thank them who are wasting so much of their editing these pics.see how much swara is famous ok

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  1. Awesome..loved it..
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    They r extremely funny ??
    So don’t say anything to them as they r attention seekers..tc..

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    Superb dear. Hope swara will take her revenge from laksh and will lead a happy life with sanskar.

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