swasan ff: sparkle of love epi3

All looks towards him and sees Laksh standing there smirking evilly to them

Laksh (looks towards swara): so darling congrats for your marriage ha

Swara is just stairing him not understanding anything but comes into sense listening shekhar’s voice

Shekhar: beta you here

Laksh moves towards the groom and moves his sehra from his face making everyone shock to the core

The groom is sanskar who is just looking down not saying anything but gelding many emotions in his eyes

Laksh(pating sanskar’s back): well done my servant. You followed my orders very well

Shekhar (anger): what the hell Laksh? Why are you joking like this and what he is doing here

Laksh: uncle he is groom so he will be here only (to swara) so darling what’s your views (winks)

Swara:why did you did this Laksh? Didn’t you cared about our families respect and all

Laksh: darling darling do you remember in our college time you slapped me and Laksh maheswari never forgets his insult. So baby ( it’s the result(laughs evilly and goes)

Ap and dp also folded their hands in front of them and left from there once again hiding their sons deeds

Just then shekhar’s gaze falls on sanskar who was just standing there bowing his head down

Shekhar (holds his collar): you what is left to be done that you are still standing there. You destroyed her totally (slaps him tightly) without her fault (going to slap again just then someone holds his hand)

He turns his head and sees swara holding his hand nodding no

Swara: leave him Baba it’s not his fault

Shekhar: swara are you saying it’s not his fault. It’s totally his fault (sees him in anger) I will not leave him(starts beating him again)

Swara: Baba, Baba(shekhar is not listening) Baba you have my swear

Shekhar stops beating him and looks at him. He leaves sanskar in a jerk

Shekhar: I am leaving him swara just for you. Come beta you change and we will assume that nothing happened

Shekhar starts moving but sees swara standing their still looking at sanskar

“Swara” he again calls her

Swara sees towards shekhar and says: Baba I have decided something and I hope you all will support me and believe me

Ragini: we all believe you swara just say

Swara: I have decided that I will live with sanskar

Shekhar (shouts): what are you saying beta are you in sense. I will never let you love with this cheater

Swara: but Baba it’s important for me to go there

Shekhar: beta

Swara: Baba just come with me and ragini you and ma also

They all leaves from there

Swara: Baba listen to me I have to enter that house so that I can revenge from them

Shekhar: no I will not allow to go that house

Swara: I am sorry Baba now I am married and I have to go that house with him . you can’t stop me

Shekhar: it’s your final decision

Swara: ha Baba it’s mine final decision

Shekhar: ok then from now gaddodia family has only one daughter that is ragini

Swara(hurt):Baba understand me pls.i hoped that you will understand

Shekhar: you can leave Mrs swara(sternly)

Swara leaves from there keeping a stone on heart with teary eyes.she comes to sanskar who is just looking down with teary red eyes

Swara: sanskar

Sanskar: ji madam

Swara: let’s leave

Both leaves from there together  in a award silence with swara carrying her luggages​ . Both were walking aimlessly not understanding where to go

shekhar’s words are echoing in swara’s​ears letting her tears flow unknowingly.

Sanskar looks at her and few tears escapes his eyes in guilt he knows that he had done wrong  Laksh told him to do this and he can’t ignore his order

Just then sanskar walks away from there seeing something and swara’s feels a pull on her bag

She sees towards sanskar who is pulling her bag , she doesn’t understands anything just she sees rickshaw and understands that he wants to take her bags so that he can keep it in

He takes her all things and sees swara who is lost

Sanskar: madam ji you sit

Swara feels difficulty to sit due to heavy lehenga just then she sees a hand in fro

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