Swasan ff- Rowdy Sanskar episode 17

Episode 17

Scene starts with, Shekhar pushes the door and see SwaSan sleeping in hugging each other. Swara is peacefully sleeping on bare chest of Sanskaar. His blood boils?.

Shekhar (shouts): “SWARA

Swasan immediately wakes up, and the most horrible scene is before them, Shekhar Gadodia is standing with Ram Parsad Maheshwari.

Swara: “Baba… Woh I…”

Shekhar slaps her. Sanskar grabs his collar.

Sanskar: “Sally tune apun k Shona ko Mara kaise. (Sally, how dare you to slap my Swaar?)”

Swara: “Sanskaar leave him… He is my father.”

Sanskar: “Koi bhi ho, apun isko Mar dega. (It doesn’t matter, I’ll not leave him.)”

He strangles Shekhar, then Ram, and Lucky stops him.

Swara: “Baba are you OK?”

Shekhar: “Huh?, this is your love. This is what you want, death of your father.”

Swara: “No Baba, Sanskaar can’t control over his anger. I apologize from his side.”

Shekhar: “First father, insulted me now his son.”

Sanskaar: “Woh apun k baap nahi h. (He is not my father.)”

Ram: “Sanskaar my son I’m your father.”

Sanskaar: “Nahi?. (Nooooooooo.)”

Sujata: “Shekhar ji, please be calm and try to understand their relation.”

Shekhar: “Oh, now this lady will teach me about relation who herself left her husband. You throw innocent Sahil out of house. You money minded woman. And in this house I’ll give my daughter, cheap fellows.”

Ram: “Mind your language Shekhar Gadodia. I can get 1000 Swara for my Sanskaar.”

Shekhar: “Yes your Sanskaar is blo*dy womanizer, that he need 1000…”

Before Shekhar can complete his words Sanskaar slaps him.

Sanskaar: “Kya bola tu. (What you said?)”

Sanskaar continues to slap Shekhar, all tries to stop him but failed, at last Lucky stops him.

Lucky: “Bhai, he is bhabhi’s father.”

Sanskaar: “To apun kya kare. (So what would I do.”

Shekhar: “Now it’s your decision you want your father or this man who insulted your father.”

Sanskaar: “Shona bol de k tu apun k sath chalegi. (Swara, tell him that would stay with me.)”

Swara goes near Sanskaar and hugs him. Shekhar feels bad.

Swara: “I’m sorry Sanskaar… I’m going with Baba.”

She breaks the hug and turns to leave but Sanskaar holds her hand.

Sanskaar: “Nahi tu apun ko chodh k nahi jayegi… (No, you won’t leave me.)”

Shekhar jerks Sanskaar’s hand.

Shekhar: “Soon Swara will marry to Sahil, Don’t worry I’ll give you invitation Sanskaar…”

He takes Swara with him.

Ram: “Sanskaar don’t cry, you will get better than Swara. She doesn’t deserves you.”

Sanskaar: “Lucky, is admi ko bol apun k ghar se nikal ja. (Lucky, tell this man to leave.)”

Ram: “Sanskaar come with me.”

Sujata: “Ram… Let him.”

Ram: “But Sujju…”

Sujata: “I trust him, one day we will get my Sanskaar and his Swara.”

She takes Ram with him.

Lucky: “I’m sorry Bhai, because of me this happened. I should not opened the door.”

Sanskaar: “It’s not your fault.”

Lucky: “Now Bhabhi is separated from you.”

Sanskaar: “Esy kaise Jane dega apun Shona ko?.”

Lucky: “Means.”

Sanskaar: “Now Kallu and Lallu will start new business.”

Swara’s home.

Shekhar pushes Swara inside the room and closes the door. She beats the door.

Swara: “Baba, he is not that much bad. You complety misunderstood him.”

Shekhar: “Shut up Swara.”

Shomi and Dida comes.

Shomi: “What happened Shekhar? Shona is here? Why you locked her?”

Shekhar: “She was with that Sanskaar for him she lied to me. That Sanskaar slapped me.”

Dida: “Shekhar, it’s not solution she is not criminal you locked her.”

Shekhar: “It’s my personal matter ma. Now she will not go out of this room till, she marry to Sahil.”

Dida: “But she loves Sanskaar.”

Shekhar: “Oh so are the one who distracted my daughter.”

Shomi: “Shekhar, She is my mother and we are living in her home.”

Shekhar: “I don’t want any further arguments this is my final decision.”

He leaves, Swara cries inside. She remembers how much Shekhar loves her, how he slapped her. She hears Koyal voice.

“Khu khu…”

Swara: “Please God ji help me, I can’t live without Sanskaar. I want baba to agree for this marriage.”

Next day?

Shekhar comes back after jogging, he see a new shop in front Dida’s home.

‘Kallu Ki Roja.’

Shekhar: “So weired name?.”

Lallu: “Namestey Uncle. Come buy something.”

Shekhar: “Nay, I don’t need?.”

Lallu: “Please uncle, we need money.”

Shekhar: “OK, but give me discount???.”

Kallu comes: “Apun k dukan mai uncle k welcome h. (I welcome uncle in my shop.)”

Shekhar: “Apun? ?. Don’t take this word. It reminds me my enemy…”

Kallu: “Apun k Roja ko pasand h. (My Roja lives it.)”

Shekhar: “Who is Roja? Her name is also written outside the shop.”

Lallu: “His wife, but her Hitler father took her with him. Now he is earning money for her.”

Shekhar: “Seriously?, what kind of father? Can’t see her daughter Happy. But why he did this?”

Kallu: “Apun bahut kala hai, tapori h. (Because I’m black and Tapori.)”

Shekhar: “Stupid man.”

Shekhar buys few things and pays bill.

Shekhar: “Kallu beta, may you will get your Roja.”

He leaves.

Sanskaar: “Apun k Swara KB ayegi. (When will my Swara come?)”

Lucky: “Bhai, soon.”

Swara’s room.

Shekhar comes inside the room.

Shekhar: “Come Shomi is waiting for you on breakfast table.”

Swara: “But baba, you said not to come out of room.”

Shekhar: “Ya I know, but I love Shomi and I can’t deny her small request.”

Swara goes near to Shekhar and holds his hand.

Swara: “Baba, I know you love ma too much and can do anything for her. Like this Sanskaar too loves me.”

Shekhar: “Don’t compare ? my love with that Rowdy’s love.”

Shekhar jerks her hand: “Shomi is waiting…”

He leaves.

DP’s home.

Sahil: “Uncle, tell me about…”

DP: “What?”

Sahil: “When Anapurna aunty was pregnent then? What happened…”

DP(smiles): “Mood Swing Queen… Everytime demanding. She loves ice-cream too much. (DP continues explaining.) And then Ragu born.”

DP wipes his tears.: “I spend my life hating Sujata… I spoiled their life, separate Sanskaar from Ram and Sujata and now Sanskaar is not accepting them. Last night Ram called me, Shekhar took Swara away from Sanskaar. Sujata is angry with Ram.”

Sahil: “Uncle, don’t worry. Now you got your daughter…”

DP: “Yes, but after so much pain I got Ragini. I don’t want God to separate any child separate from their parents.”

Sahil: “Uncle how it’s felt when you lifted your little girl.”

DP: “I can’t explain when you will have daughter you will understand. My Ragini is my life.”

Sahil turns around and see Ragini is standing there.

DP: “Ragini you want something.”

Ragini: “Woh… I’m… Hungry… Dad…”

She runs from there… Durgaparsad is still in shock when he hears Dad. Sahil goes inside Ragini’s room.

Sahil: “Ragini…”

Ragini: “Yes… (Not letting teras to fall.)”

Sahil: “Let it flow. He is your dad, look I’m Orphan. But you hot your dad. Though he is not rich but he loves you.”

Ragini: “But my make-up kit.”

DP: “This one…”

Ragini runs and hugs Durgaparsad. She cries for the first time her emotions are true.

Ragini: “I’m sorry dad, I don’t want to be begger.”

DP: “I’ll fulfill your all wishes.”

Sahil smiles seeing this, he remembers about Kavita. He leaves leaving them alone.

Dida’s home?

Dining Table?????

Shomi: “Shona, my doll how’s you feeling now. I talked to Shekhar, he will not lock you inside the room.”

Shekhar: “But don’t go outside this house till you get marry to Sahil.”

Shomi: “Shekhar please don’t start it again. Let her eat.”

Shekhar: “Huh?, no one understands heart of a father. One side that Sanskaar who knows only fighting and other side that Kallu.”

Shomi: “Kallu who is he?”

Shekhar: “Sharma ji gave his shop to Kallu, front of our house. I bought bread from there. He is very hardworking boy. His evil father in Law took his wife with him, because he is black and Tapori. Now for wining his father in law’s heart he is working there.”

Swara runs inside her room.

Shomi: “You made her cry again.”

Shekhar: “Now what I did??.”

Swara goes towards window and see his Sanskaar selling things.

Sanskaar: “Aunty apun k dukan se Jada saman Lena, apun ko apun k Roja ko wapas Lana. (Aunty ji please buy more items from my shop I want my Roja back.)”

He is busy in bargaining with few more customers. Swara is just admiring.

Swara: “I thought he will leave this path but he proved me wrong again. He can go any extend for my love.”

Lucky see Swara. He calls Sanskaar.

Lucky: “Bhai.”

Sanskaar: “Kya hai, Apun busy h. (What? Can’t you see I’m busy.)”

Lucky: “Someone is calling you. (He points towards Swara.) Bhabhi.”

Sanskaar looks towards Swara and becomes happy. When lady leaves from shop. Sanskaar gives flying kiss to Swara. Swara blushes. She writes something on paper. She looks around and throws paper ball towards him. Sanskaar opens paper ball. Swara is waiting for reply. But Swara becomes shocked when Sanskaar gives paper to Lucky. She again write something.

Swara: “Stupid who gives love letter to his friend. Idiot I’ll not talk to you.”

And throw ball towards him and sits inside room with angry pout?.

Sanskaar: “Dekh Shona ne two paper feke. Bata na kya likha hai isme. (See she threw one more paper, tell me what’s written in it.)”

Lucky: “Bhabhi wrote, My Cute pie Kallu, Roja loves you too much, uhmaa…”

He stops…

Sanskaar: “Kya hua, chuo kyu ho gaya. (What happened, why you stopped reading?)”

Lucky: “Woh, Bhai Bhabhi send kisses for you.”

Sanskaar: “Aur dusre mai kya likha h. (What’s in other.)”

Lucky: “Stupid who gives love letter to his friend. Idiot I’ll not talk to you.”

Sanskaar becomes sad: “Ab woh Apun se bat nahi karegi?. (Now she will not talk to me.)”

Lucky: “No Bhai, ill help you.”

Lucky writes something on paper and throws it towards Swara’s room. Swara sees paper ball, she immediately grabs it and reads it.

“Bhabhi I’m Lucky, please don’t get angry with Bhai. He can’t read, Bhai is illiterate. Whenever he talked to you in English I taught him. We didn’t have much money Bhai worked for us and send us School. He loves a lot don’t stop talking to him.”

Swara wipes her tears?. She writes something and throws it towards them.

Sanskaar: “Isme kya likha h? (What’s written in it?)”

Lucky: “Your ticket to Swara’s Home?.”


Shomi: “Sahil, you here?”

Shekhar: “I called him, I want to talk about marriage.”

Shomi: “Shekhar you know, Shona don’t want…”

Shekhar: “It’s my final decision, I want to show that Sanskaar his real face. You tell Sahil are you with me.”

Sahil nodes his head.

Sahil(thinks): “This is want I want but why I’m not feeling happy. I just want to see Kavita and my daughter. Revenge or Family?.”

Shekhar: “Shomi call Swara.”

Sahil: “I want to talk Swara uncle.”

Shekhar: “Okay.”

He enters inside the Swara’s home. Swara is sitting near window continuously looking outside admiring Sanskaar.

Sahil: “Swara…”

She turns back and slaps him.

Swara: “How dare you to enter inside my room?”

Sahil: “Please listen to me.”

Swara: “You already spoiled Kavita’s life now came to spoil mine.”

Sahil: “I’ll help you to unite with Sanskaar.”

Swara shows him hand: “We don’t need your help.”

Sahil: “It’s your wish completely. The truth neither you love me nor I love you.”

Swara: “Please get out before I slap you again.”

Sahil leaves. Sanskaar is waiting Swara to come at window.

Sanskaar: “Kab ayegi Shona? (When will Swara come?)”

Lucky: “She came.”

SwaSan smiles and Sanskaar busy in his work.

Sanskaar’s home.

Kavita is alone. She goes outside to an ice-cream shop.

Kavita: “Vanilla flavour.”

Shopkeeper: “Sorry mam I don’t have.”

Kavita becomes sad?.

“I have Kavi…”

Sahil offers ice-cream ?to Kavita.

Kavita: “Sahil you?.”

Sahil: “Take this.”

Kavita: “I don’t want??.”

Sahil bends on his knees and talks to baby.

Sahil: “But my daughter want, baby are you hungry.”

Kavita: “Sahil don’t create any scene here?. She is not your daughter.”

Kavita turns to leave, but Sahil holds her hand.

Sahil: “I was helping you, and truth will never change that…”

Lucky slaps Sahil.

Lucky: “Don’t you dare you to touch my wife again. Stay away from my wife and my baby.”

Sahil: “It’s mine?.”

Lucky throws money on his face.

Lucky: “I know for this you are doing this, take them and don’t cross to our path. (He holds her through shoulder.) Come Kavita.”

Sahil looks towards money and collects it.

Sahil(thinks): “This is what you want really?. (He looks towards Lucky and Kavita.) I would be in Lucky’s place.”

He takes money and give them to baggers. Lucky and Kavita reaches to home.

Kavita: “Sorry Lucky, he came I didn’t called him.”

Lucky: “I trust my wife. (He bends down on knees.) My daughter wants Vanilla ice-cream?. Look dady brought for you.”

He takes out ice-cream box from refrigerator. Kavita eats ice-cream.

Lucky: “I love baby girl?.”

Kavita: “Me too. But where is Bhai.”

Lucky: “He is at shop.”

Kavita smiles.


Swara’s room.

Sanskaar locks the shop and leaves and Swara becomes sad.

Swara: “Even didn’t said bye to me?. Left without looking at me.”

She she feels someone enters inside her room. She turns back.

Swara: “Sanskaar…”

Sanskaar captures her lips. He doesn’t gave her chance to respond. His both hands is doing their work on her waist. Swara is trying to meet his pace but fails. He is not ready to leave her lips. In the result of their struggle they falls on bed.

Sanskaar: “Apun ne tujeh bahut miss kia?. (I missed you a lot.)”

Swara: “Me too. (She pecks on his lips.) My Kallu ji?.”

Sanskaar: “Apun sorry bolta h, apun ne uncle ko mara par woh Apun k bare mai ganda ganda bola?. Apun kya krta apun ko gussa a gaya. (I’m sorry, I slapped uncle. But what could I do, he said very bad about me.)”

Swara rubs her nose with his.

Swara: “I know, but how you came here. Is Lucky is outside.”

Sanskaar: “Woh Kavita k sath h. (He is with Kavita.)”

Swara: “They are so lucky Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar: “Nahi, apun sabse Jada lucky kyuki apun k pass h Shona?. (No, I’m most luckiest guy because I have Swara.)”

Swara: “That I know My cutie pie. But I’m talking about baby. Sanskaar, when will that day come in my life. (She keeps his hand on her tummy.) When I’ll carry our baby.”

Sanskaar: “Apun abhi la skta h baby.”

Swara: “How? That’s long process.”

Sanskaar: “Apun adopt karke lagega. (I’ll adopt.)”

Swara: “But I want our baby.”

Sanskaar understands her words, he gets up and stands near window.

Sanskaar: “Apun ko sharam a rahe h. (I’m feeling shy?.)”

Swara hugs him from back.

Swara: “Why you love me this much?”

Sanskaar: “Apun ko nahi pata. (I don’t know.)”

Swara: “I know baba will soon understand your love.”

Sanskaar: “Ab apun ko neeni a rahe h. (Now km feeling sleepy.)”

Sanskaar keeps his hand on her lap. She is caressing his hair.

Swara: “Ma and Dida is with me.”

Sanskaar: “Apun bhi h. (I’m also.)”

Swara(smiles): “Yes you are too?. Tomorrow do as I said.”

Sanskaar: “Okie.”

He sleeps on her laps. Swara is looking towards him.

Swara: “Sanskaar now, I’ll show whole world your importance. I lost a big phase of life. But I’ll fill that part to.”

Ram’s room.

Ram hears Sujata’s weeping sound.

Ram: “Sujju you are crying?”

Sujata: “As if you cares.”

Ram: “Sujata, I love you. Don’t say this again.”

Sujata: “Then why you again and again do this? I told you not to interfere in Sanskaar’s life.”

Ram: “He is my son.”

Sujata: “He is not only son. He loves Swara. Can’t you understand? For getting his love he don’t need you.”

Ram: “What’s in that Swara? Her father insulted you, me and my son. Idiot Shekhar?.”

Sujata: “You will never understand. I’ll enter in this room when my son and his wife Swara will enter in this home.”

She leaves his room and sleeps in Guest room.

Ram: “Sujju, I love you lot. Sorry to hurt you.”

He cries holding her pic.

Durgaparsad home.

DP: “What happened Sahil? Why are so sad?”

Sahil(cries) “I don’t uncle.”

DP: “You are crying?”

Sahil hugs him: “I love her uncle, please tell her to come back to me.”

DP: “But Shekhar uncle is ready for your and Swara’s marriage. Then?”

Sahil: “No uncle, I love Kavita.”

DP: “When why are you marrying Swara?”

Sahil: “I want to take revenge Sanskaar. I hate Sanskaar.”

He tells him everything about his hate for Sanskaar and Kavita’s and his relation.

Sahil: “Uncle, I’m a father I also want my daughter.”

DP: “Free yourself from this feeling of hate. Decide your love for family is important or revenge.”

DP leaves the room.

Precap: Kallu: “I love you Swara.” Shekhar is standing at door.

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