Swasan ff – Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani Part 9


Heyy guys please pray for my results here with part 9:
Swara is waiting for sanskaar impatiently
Swara: yeh sanskaar kahaan reh gaya! Kab se wait kar rahi hoon uss ka waise to bara kehta hai “swara tum larkiyan kitni der lagati ho” (mimicks him ?) ab kahan hai yeh?
Suddenly she hears a horn sound from outside and gets excited as she has never travelled outside the city she rushes out with their luggage and sat in the car . sanskaar watches her happy face and gets lost in it
Sw: (snaps her fingers) oh hello! Kahaan kho gaye?
Sa: tum mein…

Swara blushes and tells him to go
They reach the airport and go and sit in the plane. Swara gets excited and sits with sanskaar she looks at the plane with amusement sanskaar looks at her and smiles suddenly the plane starts moving and swara gets scared and hugs sanskaar tightly
Sa: (cups her face) swara, kya hua?
Sw: sanskaar mujhe tez chalne wali cheezon se dar lagta hai
Sa: koi baat nahi daro mat main hoon na
Soon the plane flies in air and swara gets normal sanskaar shows her the clouds to divert her mind she gets excited they have some rest and soon they reach manali sanskaar gets up and sees swara sleeping peacefully so he picks her up in bridal style and leaves for the hotel the people on the airport praise them
Lady 1: how sweet!
Lady 2: what a romantic couple!
Lady 3: how caring!

Sanskaar reaches the hotel and lies swara down on the bed and sleeps beside her hugging her
Swara wakes up and admires her sleeping husband sleeping like a baby she cares his face and kisses his forehead. She gets up to go to the washroom but she feels a strong pull and lands on sanskaar’s chest
Sw: sanskaar kya kar rahe ho?

Sa: apni biwi se romance…
Sw: sanskaar uthho na ready ho kar kahin bahar chalte hain
Sa: ok
They have their breakfast and go for shopping swara buys for sanskaar when he gets an urgent call and leaves from there (swara is alone in the shop with 3-4 salesmen)
Swara asks the salesman the price of the shirt she wants to buy for sanskaar the salesman looks at her lustily and tells her the price by touching her hands every now and then swara feels uncomfortable but buys the shirt and heads to leave when she is blocked by those 4 salesmen they touch her and she feels disgusted they are about to remove her dupatta when a hand stops them and it is sanskaar
Sanskaar starts beating them while swara was standing in a corner crying sanskaar calls the police and gets them arrested
He goes to swara and swars hugs him tightly sanskaar consoles her and takes her to the hotel

Precap: sanskaar making swara normal…

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