Swasan ff – Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani Part 8


Heyy guys sorry for late update was a little busy so here with part 8:
Sanskaar looks at sleeping swara and admires her he says
Sa: I love u swara aur jo tumhein nuksaan pohanchae ga use mujh se pehle guzarna hoga main uss sahil ki zindagi nark se bhi battar bana doon ga I promise my princess
He kisses her forehead and leaves from the room
On the way sahil is being happy that finally he will get swara but he is unknown to the upcoming storm ín his life he reaches swasan mansion and goes inside from the kitchen door but as he steps inside he is horiffied seeing sanskaar because he knows how brutally sanskaar beats the person who hurts his princess sanskaar smirks seeing him and goes closer to him but sahil cant go back as there is a walk blocking him sanskaar punches him on his nose
Sahil: aah
Sa:kya hua dard hua?
Sah: plz mujhe chhor do
Sa: chhor doon ? Jab meri shona ne kaha tha to tum ne chhora? Nahi na to main kaise chhor doon
He starts punching and kicking him brutally and when he has both hands and nose fractured he tried to run from sanskaar but as soon as he opened the door another sight shocked him it was the police sanskaar handed him over to the police while In swara’s room:

Swara opened her eyes but couldn’t find sanskaar fear overcame her heart and she started screaming “SANSKAAAR , SANSKAAAR!” Listening swara he went straight to his room and as soon as swara saw him she took him in a bone crushing hug she started crying in his chest
Sa: shona jaan kya hua?
Sw: sanskaar kahaan gaye the tum pata hai main kitna dar gayi thi ?
Sanskaar wipes her tears and kisses her forehead he lies down and makes her lie down on his chest he tells her everything about sahil and she hugged him with relief
Sa: I love you shona
They are inches apart and suddenly sanskaar keeps his rough lips on her rosy lips they kiss passionately
He breaks the kiss due to lack of oxygen and he opens the zip and carresses her milky back while kissing and biting her neck and she also roaming her hands on his bare back and moaning in pain and pleasure
Sw: aah sanskaar…
Sanskaar gets more wild and throws all barriers between he carresses kisses sucks and bites each part of her body and suddenly enters into her she screams with immense pain but soon feels pleasure they climax and sanskaar gets exhausted and falls over swara both breathing heavily suddenly swara tightly kisses sanskaar’s lips and they start their love making session again till the sun rises
Sanskaar wakes up and pecks sleeping swara’s lips and he goes to shower swara wakes up and feels immense pain in her body sanskaar comes and sees this and he picks her up and takes her to washroom they come out and sanskaar apologizes to swara for her pain to which swara says that this proves that only he can give her pain and no one else has the right to do so they hug and sanskaar tells swara about going to manali for a trip to which swara gets overjoyed and runs to pack their things while sanskaar says that he will pick her in the evening and they will go and leaves for office

Sorry for spelling errors have a nice time reading it next part on friday or saturday bye!

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