Swasan ff – Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani Part 7


Hey guys sorry for not posting for soo long I’m posting after a week as my exams were going on please pray for my results and now I will try to post regularly now with part 7:

There was a couple sleeping in each other’s embrace they were none other than our swasan sunlight entered their room making sanskaar to wake up and see his princess sleeping peacefully and he pecked her lips without disturbing her sleep she just smiled he went to get ready after he came back he saw his princess sleeping but with a fear he went to her and sat on her side
Sanskaar: (softly) swara…
Swara opened her eyes and hugged sanskaar tightly by his waist hiding her face in his stomach sanskaar caressed her hair and kissed her forehead he made her look at him she was crying
Sa: swara kya hua?

Sw: sanskaar mujhe bohat dar lag raha hai
Sa: kyun main hoon na aur wo sahil ab tumhara kuch nahi bigar sakta hmm?
Sw: hmm sanskaar meri body mein buhat dard ho raha hai
Sa: kyun (then he remembers last night) so jao mera bachha theek ho jaye ga
Swara sleeps and sanskaar leaves for office but tells their maid shanta bai to keep an eye on swara and tell him if anything unusual happens
AT 11:00am
Swara wakes up and haves her breakfast and rests as she is not feeling well shanta bai cleans the house and makes lunch for swara and swara eats and sleeps again after talking with sanskaar
AT 5:30pm
Swara was resting in her room when a phone call from a private number disturbs het
SW: hello?
OS: helloooo (romantically)

Sw: kaun bol raha hai?
OS: tumhara pyaar
Sw: yeh kia bakwaas hai kaun ho tum?
OS: hi baby how are you?
Sa: yes baby missing me?
Sw: tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe call karne ki?
Sa: I love you baby main aa raha hoon tumhare paas

Sw: n-n-nahi sahil tum yahaan nahi aao ge mai sanskaar ko…
But before she could continue sahil cut the call swara was crying miserably
Seeing swara shanta bai immediately called sanskaar
SB: hello sanskaar baba
Sa: haan shanta bai boliye
SB: swara baby…
Sa: kya hua swara ko
SB: pata nhi baba who bohat ro rahi hai
Sa: shanta bai aap us ke paas rahiye mein abhi ghar aa raha hoon
SB: theek hai baba
Sanskaar immediately leaves for home and as he reaches there he dissmisses shanta bai and goes to his room
Swara is crying miserably and sanskaar also breaks to see his princess crying as soon as swara sees him she rushes and takes him in a bone-crushing hug and cries her heart out

Sa: swara kya hua meri brave princess itna kyun ro rahi hai hmm? (While caressing her hair)
Sw: (stuttering) sanskaar woh who…
Sa: haan swara bolo but she is not in a state to speak so he carries her and makes her lie down on the bed and she puts her head on his chest and hugs him he is caressing her hair
She tells him all about sahil’s call and breaks down
Sa: swara kuch nahi hoga woh aa raha hai na aane do main bhi aaj use nahi chhorunga
The screen freezes on swara’s scared face and sanskaar’s determined face

Precap: sanskaar in action!
Done! Sorry guys not proof read please excuse for mistakes and have a nice day please comment bye!

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