Swasan ff – Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani Part 6

Hi guys here with part 6:
The episode starts with swara crying in sanskaar’s chest
Sa: swara? Kya hua?
Swara just keeps crying clinging to him
Sa: swara? (Lovingly)
Swara after a long time of crying says
Sw: sanskaar…
Sanskar feels very happy to hear her voice
Sa: haan swara bolo and suddenly he sees a mark on her neck and sees her clothes ripped and her swollen lips
Sa: s-s-swara kis ne kia ye sab?
Swara with great difficulty says: s-s-sahil ?
Sanskaar is filled with rage but swara hugs him and cries
Sanskaar sees her vulnerable state and consoles her
Sa: bas bas bas aise nhi rote tum to meri brave girl ho na? Hmm?
Sw: (keeps crying)
Sanskaar carries her in bridal style and takes her to their room he makes her lay on the bed kisses her forehead and turns to close the door but swara grasps his hand
Sw: kahaan ja rahe ho?
Sa: kahin nahi swara main to sirf darwaza band…
Sw: she hugs him tight and says please mujhe chhor ke mat jao
Sa: swara main kahin nahi ja raha yahin hun tumhare paas
She hugs him more tighter burrying her face in his chest
Soon she sleeps and sanskaar makes her sleep properly with her head in his chest hugging her

Sanskaar is sléeping peacefully while swara is twisting and turning as if she is scared of something sweat on her forehead tears streaming down het cheeks and suddenly she gets up shouting,
Sanskaar wakes up hearing her shout and finds her in a very bad state shivering
Sa: swara?
As soon as she saw his face she takes him in a bone-crushing hug
Sanskaar consoles her and tries to make her sleep but she sees sanskaar going away from her and immediately utters “sanskaar I need you”
Sa: swara I’m here
Sw: no sanskaar please mark me as yours again take off sahil’s touch from me ?
Sa: but swara…
Sw: please sanskaar
And in no time sanskaar carries her to the washroom and turns on the ?
He starts rubbing his hands on her lips shoulders neck and all over her body and takes her into a passionate kiss where both are fighting for dominance after a few minutes they break the kiss due to lack of oxygen
Sanskaar carries her to their bed and kisses her neck and bites her over sahil’s mark which gives her immense pain and pleasure at the same time he kisses her whole body and enters into her and she screams but he kisses her lips to divert her attention they climax and sleep in each other’s embrace

PRECAP: swara gets sahil’s call…

Ok done and i tell you guys I’m not 18 yet but wrote it for you guys thought of giving a swasan treat due to not posting for so many days hope you like it please comment bye ???

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    Chappy was immense awesome wid Romance fragrance, but sorry to say this but bad thing that u’ve not crossed 18 till now n giving such a somewat hot romance..,
    Otherwise ur try was too good dear,keep it up…

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