Swasan ff – Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani Part 3

Ok guys I’m here with part 3 the most awaited part because I left in suspense ?
Ok now no more bak bak lets start
Sanskaar was sleeping peacefully when he heard swara ‘s scream and he woke up woth a jerk ,
And immediately went downstairs
When he turned on the light what he saw horrified him
He saw his swara sitting on the floor lifelessly tears streaming down her cheeks, shivering in cold
He was shocked he rushed to her and touched her shoulder when swara said,
Sw: no no plz don’t touch me plz leave me go from here plz leave me
Crying like hell

Sa: swara main hoon tumhara sanskaar kya hua tumhein haan? He said slightly shaking her.
Swara tilted her face upwards and the sight of his face gave peace to her heart
Suddenly hugged him with all her might which made him to stumble but he took the support of the wall
He sensed that she was not in a state to talk so he picked her up in bridal style and took her to their room he sat on the bed with swara on his lap clinging to him fear on her face tears streaming down her cheeks
Sanskaar cupped her face and wiped her tears and caressed her hair
Due to excessive crying she slept and he made her sleep properly with her head on his chest

The sun shined and rays entered swara and sanskaar’s room waking sanskaar up he looked at the time and he was late for office he hurried to the bathroom and got ready without disturbing swara’s sleep
When he came out it was 10 when realisation struck him that swara never woke up later than 8 he went to her and touched her hand it was as hot as the sun he immediately touched her forehead and neck and found out she was burning in high fever he decided to stay at home
He put cold wet cloth on her forehead and after he was done he made breakfast for swara and went to her to wake her up
Sa: swara jaan wake up
Swara slightly turned and slept again
Sw: sanskaar I’m not feeling well and she deeply coughed

Sanskaar made a worried face but he woke her up
Sa: swara ok let’s do 1 thing you wake up eat your breakfast eat medicine and then sleep ok?
Sw: ok
Sa: good girl
He fed her breakfast and tried to make her eat medicine
Sw: you know sanskaar I have never eaten a tablet only syrups ?
Sa: I’ts ok I’ll make you have it just open your mouth i’ll throw it in and jaldi se pani pi lena ok?
Sw: I’ll try
Sa: good girl

Sanskaar threw it in and she drank water but spit it out they tried several times but nothing worked
Swara was crying and saying “sorry sanskaar i just can’t do it” and she kept sobbing
Sanskaar immediately embraced her and consoled her “it’s ok swara you sleep after you wake up we’ll try again hmmm?”
Sw: ok and she slept on his lap
He made her sleep happily
Ok guys ending here tell me your views in comments love you all ???

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