Swasan ff – Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani Part 2


Swara woke up and saw her husband sleeping like a baby cuddling her she kissed on his forehead and went to the washroom to fresh up after a while she got out and looked at the time
Sw: oh no! 😰 it’s 8:30 sanskaar ne to 8 baje uthhane ko kaha tha
She goes to sanskaar and wakes him up
Sw: sanskaar uthho late ho gaya!
Sa: yaar sone do na swara!

Swara bends a little and shakes him still getting no response she pours the whole jug if water on him πŸ˜‚
Sanskaar wakes up with a jerk and swara starts laughing seeing him all wet
She starts running and he chases her suddenly they fall on the bed with sanskaar over swara
Sanskaar tucks a strand of hair behind her ear
Sw: aaj office nahi jaana kya Mr. Maheshwari???
Sa: na dil nahi chah raha but when they were about to kiss sanskaar’s phone rang
Sa: yaar kya musibat hai!?!
Swara was laughing and seeing the caller id sanskaar got horrified he answered the call
Sa: h-h-hello
Os: sanskaar, tum office kyun nahi pohanche??
Sa: j-j-ji bade papa a raha hoon
After ending the call sanskaar ate breakfast and left for office
Like this days passed

6 months later:
At 12:00 midnight
Sanskaar came back from office later than usual and when he entered and looked at his loving wife sleeping on the dining table waiting for him
Sa: swara he saod sligjtly shaking her
Swara woke up and saw sanskaar staring at her with immense love
Sw: sanskaar tum aa gaye
Sa: swara tum soyi nahi??
Sw: tumhara wait kar rahi thi tum ne khana khaya?
Sa: nahi
Sw: kyun
Sa: jab meri jaan ne nahi khaya to main kese kha loon?
Swara smiled at him they both ate food and slept in each other’s embrace

At 3:00 am
Swara got up as she was thirsty and without disturbing sanskaar’s sleep went to the kitchen but before she could drink water she felt a hand on her waist
Sw: sanskaar kya kar rahe ho (blush)πŸ˜™
Man: how are you baby?? 😎
Sw: t-t-tum yahaan??
Man: yes baby aur ab main tumhein bhi le jaaon ga
She tried to call sanskaar but she felt a tight grip on her mouth she bit his hand and called:

Ok guys ending here please comment hope you like it love you all 😘😘😘

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