Swasan ff pyaar ki ek anokhi kahaani part 12

Guys I think you guys are not liking the ff c’mon guys only 7 comments!?! ??if it goes on like this then I will not continue atleast give me 10 comments please! For now I am giving you the next part but please I want atleast 10 comments now to start with part 12:

Swara comes to the hospital running in a very bad condition; her hair were messy her clothes were dirty and her face was pale as if she hadn’t slept for days! She ran to the reception
S: e-excuse m-me?
Nurse: yes how can I help you mam?
S: a-actually…
N:mam you first relax and then speak

S: (took a deep breath) actually my husband had an accident…
N: his name?
S: Sanskaar Maheshwari
N: yes he is in room no. 305
Swara said thank you and ran from there to room no. 305
Outside the room Vyshu was standing and swara came there
V: you must be Swara right?

S: yeah and you are vyshu?
V: yes actually your husband Sanskaar was lying on the floor fainted when I was returning from my college and I hurriedly took him to the hospital
S: Thank you so much Vyshu! How is he?
V: he is fine –
Doctor came out of the room
D: sanskaar Maheshwari is your husband?
S: yes, how is he?
D:he is fine actually his office blasted due to a bomb but luckily he was far from there so he was safe
Swara thanked god and said: can I meet him?
D: yes he is not in his senses right now you can meet him but please maintain silence.
S: sure thank you doctor

D: no problem that’s my duty Mrs. Maheshwari now please take care of him he is a little injured and remember no stress
S: thank you doctor
D: my pleasure
Swara hurriedly went inside and sat beside sanskaar as he was unconscious she held his hand and some tear drops fell in his hand due to which he woke up and in a meek voice said “swara… “
Swara put up her head and as soon as she saw sanskaar conscious she took him in a bone crushing hug and cried her heart ❤ out
Sa: swara princess kya hua? (What happened? )
Sw: sanskaar tum theek ho na? (Are you ok? )

Sa: haan princess (yes princess)
They were so close and their lips were inches apart when the door fled open and someone screamed:
“Bhai are you ok!”
Sa: haan Shrinju (yes my dear shrinju its you again ?)
Shrinjal was crying and she just hugged sanskaar tightly making sanskaar’s shirt wet
Sa: shrinju princess I’m fine dekho (see) ; he departed but shrinjal was still crying so he kissed her forehead and said “ bas bilkul nahi rona in aansoon ke liye main apna sara khoon baha sakta hoon” ( don’t cry I can sacrifice my whole blood for these tears) ??
Shrinjal stopped crying and swara hugged him the screen fteezed on sanskaar hugging shrinjal and swara

Precap: second part of teaser…
Ok guys done with part 12 bye guys and don’t forget to comment your views ??

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