Swasan ff pyaar ki ek anokhi kahaani part 11


Heyy guys how are you all? Remember me? Fatima the writer of Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahaani I haven’t posted for more than 2 weeks due to my exams but now they are finished and I got an amazing result 86%! I am very happy now enough of my bak bak to the episode this one is dedicated to my Shrinju and vyshu

Swara is tensed about sanskaar and she is walking very fast in the room blabbering something
Sw: oh god please please help me! Keep my sanskaar safe and don’t let anything happen to him…
The maid Shanta Bai tells her to have breakfast and she denies but thinking that she will tell sanskaar decides to have it
Sanskaar is thinking about swara and how those men molested her he calls someone
Sa: hello Shrinjal? (Yes my darling shrinju it’s you)
Sh: yes bhaiyya (sorry shrinju I made you his sister ??)
Sa: shrinjal jaan do me a favour you know those boys who molested swara right?
Sh: yes bhaiyya I know what you want to say I should get them arrested right?
Sa: yeah shrinju thank you so much yaar you know what I’m going to say even before I say it
Sh: Bhaiyya it’s your rule right? Dosti aur pyaar mein no sorry and no thank you (there is no sorry and no thank you in friendship and love) You forgot yourself?
Sa: ok sorry na shrinju…

Sh: phir sorry say I love you instead of sorry or thankyou
Sa: ok my jaan I love you soooooooo much ????
Sh: ok bhaiyya I’m getting late for college talk to you later bye
Sa: bye shrinju love you
Sh: love you too bhaiyya ?
(Shrinjal is a girl who saved sanskaar once in an accident and when sanskaar said to reward her something she told sanskaar to make her his sister to which he agreed shrinjal is in college and her friend is a police officer shrinjal and sanskaar are not real siblings but they share a bond that is more than real ??)
Sanskaar is on his way to reach office and when he reaches BOOM!

Swara is getting restless as time passes and swara is getting restless suddenly she gets a call and SANSKAAR is flashing on the screen she hurriedly picks up
Sw: hello sanskaar? Kahaan ho tum? Tum theek to ho na? Mein kab se call kar rahi hoon tum phone kyun nahi uthha rahe ho? Kuch to bolo!
Os: hello who is this?
Sw: I am swara this person’s wife whose phone you have who are you?
Os: hi I’m vyshu (yes vyshu it’s you ?) This peron is injured can you come to city hospital
Swara’s world just stopped there she dropped her phone and ran out and went to the hospital
Screen freezes on swara’s tensed face and sanskaar’s injured face…

PRECAP: sanskaar’s condition and swara worried…

Done with this hope you are happy shrinju and vyshu! This is Fatima signing off bye take care and next part on Tuesday ?

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  1. Rabia

    Awesomee dearr ???

    1. Zeestum2

      Thank you Rabia ?

  2. Zeestum2

    Thank you soooo much!

  3. Shrinjal

    Very happy!! ?????
    Aww I loved the way he said ‘Shrinju jaan’ ??????????
    Amazing. .????????Post soon…love u..?????????

    1. Zeestum2

      Your welcome shrinju but aren’t you angry that I made him your brother ???

  4. Nice

  5. Vyshu10

    Awww….very very very happy???What a surprise! Awesome ep…obviously mein jo hun??? Haye…i admitted sanky to hospital??

    1. Shrinjal

      Hello vyshu..I wanna be ur frnd..will u accept my frnd ship? ? Remeber u always comment in my FF..I’m very thankful for it.. ??

      1. Vyshu10

        ofcourse yes….and yeah i remember u

  6. Zeestum2

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    Yeah vyshu and there is another surprise for you and shrinju in the next epi too sanskaar ko kya hoga? Kya wo bachega ya marega? Jaane ke loye parhte rahiye pyaar ki ek anokhi kahaani ???especially shrinju and vyshu ??

    1. Shrinjal

      Yeah I will surely read it dear..???? nd m not angry at u..how can I be angry at u?? What surprise haan?? *curious

      1. Zeestum2

        That’s a surprise my dear Shrinjal ? meri dosti ka fayda mat utthao! ??

    2. Vyshu10

      zaroor padenge….lekin noooo sanky ko kuch nahin hona chahiye

      1. Zeestum2

        Mujh pe bharosa rakho vyshu!

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  10. Awesome dear……..

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  12. Zeestum2

    C’mon guys no one congratulated me for my result?!? What kind of friends do I have?? Did u guys even read the note or just started with the ff?? ???

    1. Vyshu10

      Congratulations dear!

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    2. Shrinjal

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