swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan (prologue)


Hello everyone kaynat is back with prologue of the ff i am extremely sorry that i couldnt rply to anyone of your comments but i really remembered who actually have given comment on previous one in this i will surely try to rply plz do comment i will rply in this one so now stopping my tadio and starting !!??

Intro and Promo

Precap : character sketch and promo


The episode starts with a pleasant morning in maheshwari family
Sanskaar’s room
Sun rays falls on his room he was sleeping but he was not sleeping peacefully because peace has left his way from long he was finding peace in his work he worked all day he thought maybe he will get some peace but noo from 4 years he is like this suddenly his sleep gets disturbed my sweet girl’s voice
Girl : chachu are you getting up or not its already 8 i have to go to school and you promised me that you will drop me and aarav to school so chalo get up
Yes the girl was jhanvi only
Sanskaar opened his eyes and smiled at her

Sanskaar : aww my princess but see na chachu is so much tired today laksh chachu will drop you
Jhanvi : ?? jao go will not talk to you
She turns her face angrily sanskaar smiled at her at that time pankhuri comes with aarav
Pankhuri : see sanskaar she is same like you
Sanskaar goes to jhanvi and hugs her
Sanskaar : thats why i love her bhabhi and my doll give your chachu just 10 mins to get ready
Jhanvi : u coming??
Sanskaar : how i can i make my doll angry??
Jhanvi : love you chachu u r the best ??

At that time aarav also came running
Aarav : papa and where is my hug
Sanskaar spread his arms
Sanskaar : come na baccha

The trio hugs eachother
Pankhuri smiles seeing sanskaar happy with kids
And with this she moves to laksh room
She entered his room and saw he was busy in selecting clothes pankhuri smiles at him and pat his shoulder
Laksh : oh bhabhi thank god you came bhabhi see na i am so confused what to wear
Pankhuri : laksh we are going to ragini’s house to see her for your both marraige but you are so engaged in clothes as if you are going to be bride
Laksh : bhabhi jao you are teasing me
Pankhuri : acha wait
She takes out yellow shirt with black jacket

Pankhuri : wear this it will suit you
Laksh : wow bhabhi your choice is so good
Pankhuri : acha chalo we have to go to her house in afternoon dont be in her dreams now come for breakfast first allright
Laksh : ha ha coming
Pankhuri then atlast goes to her room to see her husband adi was buttoning his shirt when pankhuri came and made him wear his jacket

Adi : so atlast you got time for me
Pankhuri : adi??
Adi : what see i know you are beautiful but i am also hot so dont you think to spend some more time with me
Pankhuri : your face acha be serious i am really happy for laksh
Adi : yes lets see what he has chosen
Pankhuri : i know she will be the best
Adi : but i am worried for sanskaar what about him till when he will leave his life alone and what sin has aarav done that he cant get his mother love
Pankhuri : you know i ma tryibg my level best that he didnt feel his mother’s love but at somepoint i cannot feel the space dont know what has stored in both their destiny
Adi : but you are best in keeping all happy leaving one
Pankhuri : adi you again started you havent change in these 8 years
Adi : hmm i know and my love has increased more i love you my wifey???
Pankhuri : love you too hubby acha let me goo everyone is down you too come ok
Saying this she ran and adi grabs his files and went down

Pankhuri was getting down when she tiptoed anjali’s room and found her sleeping she goes to her room and slowly carress her hair
Pankhuri : anjali baba get up
Anjali : bhabhi not so soon plz after 1 hour i will get up pakka
Pankhuri : acha ok i will send your breakfast after 1 hour ok
Anjali : love you bhabhi

At dinning table

All were sitting having breakfast
Anupurna : jii come early ok we have to go to see the girl also na
Dp : anu you are telling me this thing 10th time from morning i will come in afternoon ok from office
Anu : and adi and sanskaar you both will also join ok
Adi : allright mom
Sanskaar : maa woh i cant join i am having meeting so youll go its laksh’s life he has decided something it will be nice i know
Laksh : but bhai you too come na
Sanskaar : you know laksh i cant deny meetings bhaiya and papa i am going you both come ok i have to drop jhanvi and aarav also chalo jhanvi aarav come
Jhanvi and aarav come with their school bags
Aarav goes to adi
Aarav : bye bade papa and badi maa

Adi pulls his cheek
Adi : bye champ have fun ok
Pankhuri : aarav jhanvi eat your tiffin full and laksh chachu will come to pick youll ok
Jhanvi + aarav = aanvi
Aanvi : ok bye
Sanskaar took both of them with them
Anu : i dont know what to do with this sanskaar always busy in his work
Screen shifts to gadodia mansion where a girl was shown wearing a simple yellow sari she was swara she was wearing her earings the glow of her face is enough to make her beautiful but one thing was missing and that was her smile yes she have forgot to smile she has kept her world in her work in files and her daughter she dont know what is going in the world but suddenly she remembers of her flashback and tear escapes from her eyes at that time ragini comes
Ragini : diii

She sees her crying
Ragini : dii are you crying
Swara : are no re some dust went in to my eyes
Ragini : i know which dust went why you always thing about that leave all that why cant you be happy
Swara : are baba i am happy and you should be happy today laksh and his family are coming to see you exited na
Ragini : are haa see na dii which earing suits me better say na
She shows her two earing
Swara : left one
Ragini : ok i will wear this but before that smile

Swara smile slightly and goes from there
Ragini to herself : i know dii you were crying and you are smiling to make me feel better but i know that smile are not touching your eyes i am praying dii that one day your happiness come soon
At that she hear some voice
Girl : where is my choclate milkshake
Ragini smiles : lo khushi madam ki subah hogayi
She runs to dinig table
There khushi was fuming in anger seeing her anger sharmishta and shekhar were cinteolling their laugh

Khushi : nani i told you na i dink only chochlate milkshake then why did you give me only milk today
Sharmishta : beta chochlate is finished i will bring it today promise
Khushi : go i will not eat anything
Swara goes to her
Swara : my baccha nani forgets to bring choclate tomorrow she will bring na plz drink this milk for ur mamma
Swara brings glass of milk and make her drink milk khushi drinks milk
Khushi : only for today mumma but i want my milkshake tomorrow
Swara : pakka
Shekhar : only you can make her up swara
Karan : achaji forgot ur mama ha
Khushi : karan mamu
Karan : so khushi wanna get late to school

Khushi : no
Karan : so come na princess
Khushi ran to karan and both goes to school
All then goes to dining table
Shekhar : so when are they arriving
Sharmishta : at 3 and swara plz make ragini ready
Swara : no worry maa i will see to it

Shekhar : but ragini see if we dont like the hoy we will reject it
Ragini : papa that moment will only not come dont worry
Shekhar and sharmishat glares at her ragini blushes and realise what she said and ran to her room after that shekhar and sharmishat burst out laughing and swara smiled lightly
At noon all maheshwari aarived at gadodia mansion leaving sanskaar
Shekhar : welcome everyone
All family greets them

All settle down
Laksh was sitting in middle between adi and pankhuri and jhanvi was with dp and anu and aarav was with anjali
Dp : are shekhar ji we have often meet through bussiness party and all but today we have came here for alliance of my son with your daughter and am happy for that
Karan : yaa i have also met adi and sanskaar in meetings and all btw adi where is sanskaar he havent came
Adi : woh actually karan sanskaar was having meeting so he couldnt come
Sharmsishta : its ok beta
Anu : but if you both wanna ask laksh anything youll can ask
Dp : plz be free

Shekhar : so laksh you are a doctor
Laksh : yes uncle i am working in hospitals but i alo have my own clinic
Like this question answers continue
And at that time swara and ragini comes bringing some snacks
Sharmishta : here are my daughters she is swara my eldest daughter and then karan and after that ragini
Anu makes ragini sits beside her laksh adores ragini but anu was liking swara too
Dp : are swara beta what you do

Swara : actually uncle i handle bussiness only with karan
Dp : oh thats good
Anu : so ragini i have heard many compliments of urs and now i have seen too you are really beautiful good choice laksh
Ragini blushes
At that time khushi came running to swara
Khushi : mamma plz help me in my homework na
All maheshwari were shocked hearing mamma word bcoz they thought she maybe single but laksh was knowing everything
Swara : ha beta coming see guest have came na go great them
Khushi goes to anu and dp and touches their feet
Anu : no beta come here
She hugs her and kisses her forhead
She goes to adi and pankhuri
Khushi : namaste uncle
Adi and pankhuri smiled
Pankhuri : beta whats your name
Khushi : khushi
Pankhuri kisses her cheeks

Pankhuri : its beautiful like you
Khushi then goes to jhanvi and aarav who only smiled at her so khushi went from there
Anu : are swara beta you didnt told that you are married where is your husband
All gadodia were sad
Ragini : actually her husband is no more he died when dii was 8 months pregnant
All were sad to hear that
Anu : oh i am sorry beta
Swara : no aunty its ok
Saying this she goes from there
Sharmishta : are plz take some snacks na
After sometime swara came and all were back to normal

Karan : so adi these are both are your kids
Adi : hmm actually jhanvi is my daughter and aarav is sanskaar son
Karan : are sanskaar is married i was not knowing
Pankhuri : actually he is not he and his wife have divorced after their one and a half year of marraige
Aarav was not understanding the meaning of divorce
Karan : oh am sorry to hear that
Dp thought to change the mood
Dp : shekhar ji we loved ragini and will be happy that she become our daughter in law so from us its yes
Shekhar and sharmishta are happy
Shekhar : we also dont have any objection
Anu : see i want pankhuri to get her devrani soon so i cant wait plz sharmishta ji if youll dont mind can we keep the engagement after 2 days
Sharmishta : but preparations and all
Dp : aah dont worry about that we will handle that bas youll just say yes
Shekhar think and assuress sharmishta
Shekhar : ok
All gets happya and started to greet swara was happy for her sister
But dp ap were thinking some more too

Precap : dp and ap discussing something to sanskaar and swasan marraige announced!!??

Atlast finished with this chapter hope its not boring i tried my level best and i will give episodes at alternative days i will rply youll just comment if comment are less i will stop this ff till then bye

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