swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 9


Hello everyone missed me hope not and i am really frustrated i have wrote this part but it got deleted i am really frustrated chalo lets go with this part

Episode 8 Here

It was late night all were in their room all were sad after night’s incident khsuhi aarav and jhanvi have slept
In swasan room
Sanskaar was doing work in his lappy but he was so frustrated that he also dont know what he was typing at that time swara came wearing night dress she goes to sanskaar
Swara : hmm woh
Sanskaar kept his lappy aside and looked in her eyes he always got lost in her eyes
Sanskaar asked firmly : what??
Swara : thanks for today for taking stand towards my…
Sanskaar cut her off
Sanskaar : correction our daughter
She was surprised and happiness qere having no bounds listening that
Sanskaar : you have given aarav all the love and made a good bond so why cant i and did i said thank you so why are you saying she is my daughter like aarav is your son we have did this marraige for them only na and if you are thanking me for today so its useless
Swara was seriosuly amazed at his straightforward answer
Swara smiled and goes to couch

Sanskaar : swara i wanna ask you something??
Swara : yes
Sanskaar : woh i wanna know about khushi’s likes dislikes everything about her
Swara was getting enough shocks this night she sat on bed
Swara : so what you wanna know
Sanskaar : everything about her
Swara : she is 5 years old she is bubbly chirpy in nature but when something hurts her she always gives silent torchures but she cant resist icecreams and choclates its her weakness
Swara was speaking nonstop sanskaar get lost in her voice and was staring her swara felt his gaze and stopped talking both were lost in eachother’s brown and black eyes
Bg music
Kuch na kaho
Kuch bhi na kaho
Kya kehna hai
Kya sunna hai
Humko pta hai
Tumko pata hai
Samao ka yeh pal thamsa gaya hai
Aur iss pal me koi nahi hai
Bas ek mai hu bas wk tum ho
Kuch na kaho
Kuch bhi na kaho

Sanskaar realises their poaition and breaks the eyelock

Swara gets up from bed
Sanakaar : hmm thanks
Swara smiled and goes to couch

Sanskaar pov
Why do i always get lost in her eyes i always feel connected rowards her i didnt felt this thing when kavita was with me… one minute kavita!! Why am i thinking and comparing to her?? I shouldnt do that but i have to do something for khushi swara id doing her duty very well i also wanna do some thing for khushi to make her feel happy lets see tomorrow
Sanskaaar pov ends
Swara pov
My heart is still beating fast but why do it beat fast when he comes near me and he sees me this all feelings are new to me.. does it?? No no it cant be we have martied for our kids love cant be build here but we can be friends why cant he talk nicely aahh he is so akdu i ahve to bear him whole life…
Swara pov ends

Next day at breakfast table all were having their breakfast
Adi : so khushi how was your first day in school
Khushi : it was good bade papa
all were trying their best but she was only saying one sentence and then quite after sometime all kids left with laksh swara was sad sanskaar gets an idea and he left office smilingly
At noon
Sanskaar finishes the work and goes to aditya’s cabin
Sanskaar : bhaiya
Adi : aah sanskaar tu acha sunna i am going to pick kids up will talk later
Sanskaar : bhaiya i was saying that can i go to pick them up
Adi : you sure
Sanakaar : yeah
Adi : kk go but be careful dont be rude with khushi
Sanskaar : bhaiya i dont get rude with kids
Adi : yeah but you dont get nice too so be nice with her she needs you ok
Sanskaar : hmm bye
Adi gets happy seeing changes in him

Sanskaar reaches school and pickes them up
Jhanvi : whoo sanskaar chachu you came today
Aarav : papa is anything special
Khushi looked to sanakaar smiled a little and again bowed her head
Sanskaar : no nothing special just wanna give icecream treat
Aarav : what icecream
Jhanvi : seriously chachu
Khushi also got exited
Sanskaar : yeah but someonw is upset so will cancel the plan
Khushi : why to cancel the plan no one is upset common papa i want icecream
Sanskaar gets happy seeing her talking he takes them to icecream parlour
Sanakaar : so order your flavours
Jhanvi : strawberry ice cream
Aarav : butterscoth ice cream
Khushi : cornetto
Sanskaar smiled and ordered

Kids starting eatinga nd sanskaar started checking his mails on mobile
Khushi : papa you are not eating
Sanskaar : no beta i dont like it
Khushi : what seriously you are really boring papa you dont like icecreaams its really funny
Saying this she laughs aarav and jhanvi also laughs sanakaar smiles at her and think both mother and daughter are same
After sometime the reached home swara was chopping vegetables aarav and khushi ran to swara both reached at same time
Khushi : i won
Aarav : no i won na mumma
Khushi : mumma say
Swara gets happy seeing them and khushi again talking
Swara : you both won bacchas
Pankhuri also came jhanvi hugs pankhuri
Khushi : mumma you know papa gave us ice cream treat too he is so nice
Swara looks at cirner where sanskaar was standing she gestures thank you
He gave no need look
Pankhuri : wow sanskaar not bad pata nahi aaj suraj kaha se nikla hoga
Sanskaar : bhabhi u na?? Kk ia m leaving for office bye
Sanskaar left pankhuri giggles swara smiles at their bonding
Screen freeze on their happy face

Precap : surprise!!

So guys i know its short but wait for next it will be intresting and leave your comments bye

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      thanks tulina but see you wanted sanskaar pov to justify whether he loves khushi or not so in upcoming episode the love for khushi will be seen and am literally bad in pov so hipefully i will give it soon but as if now enjoy some swasan moments and yaa thanks for comment

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