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In party
All guest mostly arrived all rich bussinessman of mumbai were present at the party and why will they miss the chance of maheshwari’s party after all they are no.1 bussiness man of india
Dp and ap were welcoming all guest when shomi shekhar and karan came ap sees them and both goes to meet them
Ap : are namaste shekhar ji and shomi how r youll and karan beta how are you
Shekhar : we are fine ap ji
Karan takes blessings from ap and dp
Karan : bas aunty i am good
Dp : plz come inside na you three
They all came inside
Swaragini and aduri (adi and pankhuri) were together standing when ragini sees shomi
Ragini : dii maa and papa came
Swara gets happy and both goes to them
Adi and pankhuri also joins
Swara came and hugged sharmishta
Sharmishta : shona how are you
Swara : i am fine maa i miss you so much
Ragini hugged shekhar
Shekhar : aww my lado how are you
Ragini : am good papa
They all departs and swaragini goes to karan and hugged him
Swara : khayal toh rakhta hai na tu apna
Ragini : and bhai you are taking care of maa papa too naa
Karan : are dia nd lado calm down i am taking good care of maa and papa and of mine too
Swaragini : good
Adi and pankhuri also takes blessings from shomi and sharmishta
Laksh and sansakar too sees them and khushi sees karan and came running to him and hugged him
Karan : aww my princess how are you
Khushi : am fine mamu i missed nani nanu and you so much
Khushi : i also missed you sooooo much
Sanskaar and laksh came and bows to take blessings
Shomi and shekhar : be happy beta
All gets busy with their work karan was busy in playing with aarav khushi and jhanvi when he sees anjali was busy in her phone he slowly goes to her tapped her shoulders
Anjali turns and gets happy to see him
Anjali : oh karan when you came
Karan : when you were busy in your world
Anjali : are its not like that yr i am seeing you after two days
Karan : i also know that so you were missing me right
Anjali : hmm noo
Karan : ok then you are not intrested in talking with me i will go then
Anjali stops him

Anjali : are idiot dont you wanna talk with ur bestie and you are my best friend ok so talk with me quietly so say how are your days going
Karan : bas yr getting bored at home no khushi no sisters only office then coming back to home n urs
Anjali : mine are going good but you can talk with me when u feel alone i will not mind
Karan : excuse me are you flirting with me
Anjali : huh!! Ek toh i am talking with you and you are showing me attitude and calling me a flirt never talk with me go
Saying this she turns but karan hold her wrist
Karan : are baba anjali i was joking acha bab sorry plz forgive me
Anjali : last time i am forgiving you
Then they both again started chatting
There aduri and raglak were chatting with their friends and bussiness associates
Sanskaar was busy with some of his bussiness friends
Mrs. Kapoor : mr. Maheshwari when will you do the honour of introducing your wife with us
Mr. Kapoor : ya mr. Maheshwari we area also eager to meet mrs. Maheshwari
Sanskaar thought for himself and recalled his words “mrs. Maheshwari” and he was smiling in his mind
Rohan : chalo sanskaar dont do more late
Sanskaar : umm just a second guys
He searched whole hall finally his gaze went to swara who was standing and talking with servant and odering something
Sanskaar firmly : swara
Swara heard him she was feeling extremely good by hearing her name from his mouth she recognized his voice and shw turned and sanskaar gestures her to come she goes to him silently
She reaches him
Sanskaar murmurs : swara this our my bussiness friends they wanna meet you
Both goes to them

Sanskaar : so guys here you go my wife swaraaaa sanskaar maheshwari
He strechted swara sanskaar maheshwari as if he was she has made for this name only swara smiled for a while and greets everyone
Mr. Kapoor : oh nice to meet you mrs. Maheshwari
Swara : same here mr.??
Sanskaar : umm he is mr. Avinash kapoor and she is his wife priya kapoor and here he is rohan mehra
Rohan : nice to meet you swara you are damn preety and gorgeous
He lends his hand for the handshake swara goves him hand and both handshakes
Sanskaar was having a different feeling as if he want to remove his hand from hers but whats the feeling.. jealousy!! Yes it was jealousy that was burning inside him but he shoved the thoughts and made swara greet others
After that dp goes on stage
Dp : umm good evening ladies and gentleman today i am very happy as my both sons are settled today finally laksh and sanskaar are married it was difficult to choose a wife for laksh as he is totally insane being a doctor he acts sometime insane
All laughs and raglak smiles
Dp : but i am glad he did a good job in his life of choosing ragini she will only change laksh from mad to man i am really happy for them and for my sanskaar though everyone knows its the remarraige of both sanskaar and my daughter in law swara but i wanna tell you that i will not get a better wife for sanskaar than her and i am proud of swara and am happy that both of them took great desicion of remarrying i am really happy and proud to get beautiful daughter in law like pankhuri swara and ragini
All were like aww and claps for him swasan were seeing eachother and they were having a cute eyelock but it was broke by some noises both departs
Khushi aarav and jhanvi were tired of playing
Aarav : yr diii and khushi i am tired yr what should we do now
Khushi : yr wait i will bring some juice
Jhanvi : good idea khushi come i will also come
They both goes and took juice and when they were returning khushi stumbles and juice falls on one lady
She got angry on khushi and started to yell at her
Mr. Malhotra : hey how dare do you know how expensive this dress is!! blo*dy cheap girl destroyed my dress youuu
She raise her hand for slap but before that her hand was caught by someone it was none other than sanskaar
All were shocked and swara was teary eye
Sanskaar jerked her hand
Sanskaar : mrs. Malhotra be in your limits do you know to whom you are shouting she is my daughter
She gets shocked
Sanskaar shouts : did you hear my daughter and for your stupid dress ypu are shouting on her how dare you to raise your hand on her is this is the way to talk with kids plz just get out of my party neither i will lost my control
At that her husband comes
Mr. Malhotra : mr. Maheshwari i am extremely sorry from my wife’s side i am extrememly apologetic
Sanskaar : mr. Malhotra plz take your wife from here neither i will cancels all our deals with your company is that clear!! I dont want that people in my house qho dont respect kids my family and moat important my daughter so plz get out
Both of them were scared of sanskaar so they goes from there after this all members started to leave
Family members were aware of sanakaar rude behaviour but today they were happy because hw did right thing swara was surprised as well as happy today she was really happy for khushi
Khushi was crying sanskaar bends down
Khushi sobs : papa i i reeaally dddiidnt dddoo aannytthiinngg
She was cryinga nd cannot speak properly
Sanskaar wiped her tears
Sanskaar : sshh baccha its ok it was not your fault ok it was her fault who shouted on you so dont cry because you are brave girls and brave girls dont cry na
Khushi hugged him tightly
Sanskaar was feeling pain to see her crying but he hugs her and conposes her
All gets teary eye to see them and khushi crying

Episode ends

Precap : sanskaar spends quality time with khushi

So guys finished with this part hope youll are statisfied with this i want comments guys so shoot your comments now bye

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