swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 7

Hello everyone as promised i am back and i have really intresting stuffs ahead hope so youll will like it my fingers are already crossed and i hope youll will like this episode too so lets start


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The next day aarived one day have passed of their marraige but nothing seems to be worked out both wanted to talk to eachother to befriend with eachother to find a good partner in eachother but their haunting past was stopping them they were not able to trust anyone but till how many days they will keep quite till one day it have to be broken na….
In swasan room
Now swara was sleeping on couch she gets up early in morning because she was not able to sleep properly on couch and she have that habit to wake up early
She woke and saw that sanskaar slept hugging his file swara goes to him and took out file without disturbing him and after that went to baat room for change
After sometime she came wearing yellow full sleeves saree with wet hairs she put her sindoor and mangalsutra and saw sanskaar once she was about to wake him up but what if he shouts at her so she quietly moves out of the room and then she tiptoed in kids room
She saw that all three were sleeping hugging eachother she went and carress their hairs
Swara : kids common wake up
Aarav opens his eye
Aarav : mamma no today i dont wanna go to school plz
Swara : and why??
Aarav : aisi na mumma
Swara : aarav you are so childish acha dont go btw you know today is khushi’s first day in school but you are not going na its ok then
Aarav :are no mumma i was kidding i am going
Saying this he kissed her cheeks and left to baathroom
Swara smiled at him
Swara : chalo jhanvi and khushi get up bacchas
Jhanvi : good morning chachi
Swara : good morning doll you know you know aarav is my champ khushi is my princess and you are my doll because you look like barbie doll
Jhanvi : really chachi sanskaar chachu also tells me that i look like barbie doll thats why he calls me that wow you and chachu thinks so similar
Swara was surprise as what to react on this sentence
Swara : acha ok chalo get ready and khushi get up fast
She hurriedly went outside and started blushing
Yes!! She was indeed blushing her heart was beating fast but she jerked all her thoughts at once and went into kitchen and made breakfast for all the members at that time ragini came
Ragini : good morning dii
Swara : oh morning ragini acha hua you came now only i have finished preparing breakfast
Ragini : oh di you finished all the qorks but i wanna ask you something else how was your night with jiju?? Did something ahem ahem happened
Swara : ragini what are you saying
Ragini : di if not with me then with whom will you share say na did jiju and you get closed with eachothet
Swara was about to say that they are strangers but she remembered sanskaar saying that they will behave as husband and wife infront of all so she tried to divert her mind
Swara : uff ragini see there in temple diya is not lighten chalo fast will do morning pujaa
She goes there ragini too follows her swara enlighten the diya and started singing bhajan
In adi pankhuri room
Adi was wearing his coat pankhuri was wearing her jewellery when they heard their voice
Adi : are who is singing puja you are also here
Pankhuri : i also dont know chalo will see
Both goes and sees that swara was doing aarti and ragini was standing beside her both smiled and joined them after that laksh anupurna dp aarav jhanvi and khushi all came down listening her voice anjali also gets ready fast and got into the puja and after everyone came he was standing at stairs because he dont beleive in god

After the puja swara turned around and gets happy to see everyone
She goes and takes blessings from everyone
Dp Nd ap : stay happy and blessed beta always
She then gives prasad to pankhuri and adi
Swara : good morning bhai and bhabhi and bhabhi sorry today i started the puja woh actually
Pankhuri : umm swara its ok why are you giving expalanation whoever does the puja the matter is puja is to be donw either with my hands or with you or with ragini i am happy you did it
Swaragini smiled
Adi : good morning sissi acha hua you came warna you bhabhi is always busy in this works and dont give time to her hubby
Swara giggles pankhuri glares him adi runs from there
She then goes to laksh
Laksh : good morning bhabhi you both sisters are amazing because of your this sister i have to get up early
Ragini : laksh you na
Laksh : acha baba sorry ok
Swara then goes to kids and give them prasad all trio hug her and went to dinning table
Swara atlast gives prasad to anjali
Anjali : good morning bhabhi
Swara : good morning anjali come have breakfast
Sanskaar was smiling that in these two days how she made her bond perfect with the family
Swara was about to give him prasad but he gets down and sits on chair
Anjali sees this and went to swara
Anjali : hmm bhabhi bhai doesnt trust in god so its waste of time to talk with him about this matter and he gets angry if anybody questions him
Swara looked at anjali
Swara : but why
Anjali : dont know bhabhi he only know he is like a secret book nobody knows his secrets
Swara : chalo thanks anjali for telling me
Anjali : hmm bhabhi no sorry no thanks rule of this house
Swara : oh haa i forgot
Saying this both wents to dinning table
All started having their breakfast
Dp : adi all preparations are done na for today i mean you have called everyone na from office
Adi : dad dont worry i have invited everyone
Dp : and anu decoraters and caterers
Anu : haa all servants will do their qork no need to worry ok
After their talk it was time when kids were leaving when adi and laksh called khushi
Adi : are princess qhy you talk so less you dont like us
Khushi : no its not like that woh actually i am scared
Laksh : princess why are you scared dont be scared at all were like your friends ok
Adi : so friends
Khushi nods smilingly all trio hugs
Pankhuri : so princess today is your first day na ins chool dont be nervous jhanvi dii and aarav will be with you ok
Khushi : yes badi maa
Pankhuri then kisses her forhead
Ragini holds swara’s hand and gestures her that how her daughter is loved by everyone swara smiled
Jhanvi coughs
Jhanvi : i think somebody have forgot me
Sanskaar pat her shoulders
Sanskaar : excuse me i am here only how can i forget my doll
Saying this she hugged him
Aarav : aur mai?? He pouts
Swara called him
Swara : i am here na baccha
Aarav kissed her cheeks
Aarav : ya that i know mamma now jhanvi dii in my party mumma is there with me
He shows tounge
Ap and dp smiled seeing them all
Adi : acha baccha party chalo lets go to school
Adi took them to school
Sanskaar : acha mom dad i am going and swara bye
Swara didnt even thought that he will wish him bye but he did but she knows that it was just to show his parents so she replied by smile and wayed him but for sanskaar he was wishing her truly because he wants to do it he also dont know why
Laksh hugged ragini and went to his clinic and anjali went to her designer office
And pankhuri swara and ragini got busy with their work
It was evening time all preparations were done for reception pankhuri was in kids room when she saw swara passing by she got an idea
Pankhuri : are swara see na i have to make jhanvi ready so i will not be able to make aarav ready so can you??
Swara : are bhabhi no worry i will make him i have to make khushi too na you dontw orry you go
Pankhuri : oh so sweef of you swara
She took jhanvi with her
Swara took his clothes out and aarav and khushi came from terrace
Swara : aarav beta go and change this dress
Khushi : but why mumma
Aarav : are we going somewhere
Swara : no beta we are not going guest are coming as today is reception so go and get ready
Both didnt underatand whats the meaning of reception but didnt paid aatention
Swara was making khushi wear the dress
Khushi : mamma pappa loves me na
Swara : beta why are you asking this question
Khushi : mamma woh pappa talk so less and he talk so little with me
Swara : beta its not like that he will talk talk to you and dekhna you both will be bestfriends one day
Khushi : promise mumma
Swara : promise
Saying this she made both ready and went to her room
She was thinking of her promise that how easily she did the promise but how will she made it true she left all on god and left to get ready
After some rime she came wearing black gorgette saree with half sleeves blouse she wore her bangles and then her waist band she was about to wear earings when sanskaar comes in room tired she sees him
He siddenly see her and that time he got thinking that some angel have entered in his room no wo der she was not looking less than angel she was looking so beautiful only sanskaar knows how he controled himself and he at that time thought that how beautiful my wife is!! But he moved his gaze swara took his bag from his hands
Sanskaar : woh i will just get ready in some minutes saying this he took his clothes and went inside
Sanskaar was knowing that if he stayed inside for one more minute than he would have done something wlse only so he rushed inside swara started to compete her work of wearing accessories and after that she put little makeup but her face was naturally glowing so she didnt need many makeup
Sanskaar came wearing white tuxedo he was extremely breathtaking now it was swara’s turn to get lost in his handsome and s*xy husband sanskaar came
Sanskaar : woh swara i wanna tell that my friends and some bussiness clients are also coming so i have to introduce you to all so hope you dont mind
Swara : oh not at all seriously
Sanskaar : so come
Swara : yaa
Episode ends

Preccap : swasan light moments anjali and karan bonding and and and a dhamaka boom!!

Sorry guys for ending in between but dhama was nwcessary so i will continue in next part promise i know this episode has not reached to your expectation but trust me guys coming episodes are really intresting and romance is also ahead ao kindly drop your comments bye see youll soo

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