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Recap : swasan marraige

All of them have arrived maheshwari mansion
Anupurna and anjali fastly prepares grah pravesh of swaragini meanwhile all kids were also with swara and pankhuri and anupurna came with thali
Both couple swasan and raglak were standing beside eachother for aarti anupurna did the aarti and places two kalash of full of rice swara first kicks that kalash and enters into the house then ragini did the vice versa pankhuri and adi were carrying aarav khushi and jhanvi and all enters

All entered maheshwari mansion khushi was shocked to see this much big mansion she was just looking around
Anupurna : so beta khushi liked our house
Khushi nods happily
Laksh : champ and doll dont you wanna show khushi princesss the house and her room
Aarav : yes chachu you are right
Jhanvi : come khushi
The trio went from there
Anjali : ok bhai only last rasam is remaining
Sanskaar : mom i am seriously tired
Anupurna : beta last rasam only do it na
Sanskaar unwillingly agreed
Two bowls were brought with full of milk and rose petals and placed between raglak and swasan
Laksh was so exited to go to room pankhuri sees his exitement
Pankhuri : mom laksh is being so impatient so why dont we start with them first
Laksh was surprised and ragini blushed hard hearing it
Pankhuri : so this rasam is like this a ring is there in this bowl you have to find the ring
Anupurna : and the one who will find first will rule the other one for the rest of the life
Laksh whispers to ragini
Laksh : you are already ruling my life i have lost my everything to you
Ragini smiled and hits him
Dp teasingly : we know beta that you have already lost this game but you have to win this common for all man
Anupurna : lo ab inki acting shuru stop your melo drama ok
Adi : are maa papa is saying right and laksh you have to win it
Swara smiles seeing them sanskaar sees her smiling but he jerks his face towards other side
Anjali : so three two one go
Both ragini and laksh started finding ragini got the ring and she was about to take off her hand laksh catches her hand in bowl she was blushing and gesturing him to leave but he squeeze her palm more she was blushing like anything
Adi : oh hello we have told you to find ring not to find eachothers hand common yr find fast
Laksh brings up his hand he was holding ragini’s hand and she was holding the ring
Dp : see what a man yr he himself doesnt lost and also didnt made her loose too. bravo!!
Pankhuri : so its a tie so you both will rule eachother toh chalo laksh make her wear this ring too
Laksh makes her wear the ring
Next was swasan
Adi : common sanskaar i know you can do it
Pankhuri : swara i know you will win dont let him win
Anjali : ok now start
Swara and sanskaar were busy in searching the ring
Adi started to tease pankhuri by sqeezing her waist she smirked and pinched on his hand and giggles and went from there adi smiled at her

At swasan suddenly both their hands touched mistakenly both felt like to hold the hand of eachother but who have that courage suddenly both got the ring but sanskaar withdrew his hands and swara understood and picked out the ring
Pankhuri : wow too good yr swara
Adi : kya yr phas gaya
Tu bhi na
Laksh : see bhaiya i am better than bhai
Dp : so it means our swara will rule him forever hmm not bad
All laughs
Anupurna : acha now its late night pankhuri take swara to her room and anjali plz take ragini to her room and after sometime you both sanskaar and laksh go to your room is that clear chalo now go
Pankhuri takes swara and anjali took ragini
Pankhuri while walking
Pankhuri : i know swara you will be nervous just relax sanskaar is really good man dont be scare of him and dont worry about khushi her full luggage is shifted to jhanvi and aarav’s room the three will live in the same room so dont take stress and haa yours and ragini luggage too have shofted to your room respectively so all your clothes are there ok and dont worry
Swara : how will i worry bhabhi when you are there thanks for supporting me
Pankhuri : sshh no thank u and no sorry ok in this house nobody uses this two words so this is the rule of this house and you have to follow ok
Swara smiles and nods
They both reached swasan room and pankhuri left from there
Swara examines whole room it was white furnishing with white marbles on floor with a big wardrobe and a king size bed and it was so clean at that sanskaar comes
Both were highly uncormatable talking to eachother but sanskaar breaks the silence
Sanskaar : woh your clothes are there in wardrobe so you can change
She silently goes
Sanskaar too changes in paigama and tshirt and after some time swara came wearing long yellow kurti with white salwar sanskaar saw her he looked at her and was lost but he have to move heis gaze neither he can fall in love with her and this was he never wanted to happen
Suddenly something remind in swara’s mind and she was lost and wanted to ask to sanskaar something but couldnt
Sansakar was busy in his iphone and he noticed swara’s behaviour
Sanskaar : anything you need??
Swara : woh actually khushi doesnt sleep without my lullaby so i wanna go to her
Sanskaar : so go you were about to ask my permission like seriously!! You can go whenever you need dont have to ask me allright
Swara nods and went
She went to their room and saw the trio were talking
Swara : so havent slept yet??
Khushi : are mamma you havent sang lulluby for me how can i sleep
Aarav : what maama you sing lulluby for her
Swara : yes beta and from now i will sing for you three and common lay on the bed
The trio lays on bed swara sits in middle of aarav and khsuhi and started singing

Swara : chandaniyaa chup jaana re
Chandan ko chup jaana re
Neendiyan aankhon me aaye
Beetiyan meri sojaye
Aarav and jhanvi felt so happy to listen to her
Jhanvi : wow chachi your voice is so nice
Aarav : wow mamma you sing very well from childhood i also wanted my mamma to sing lulluby
Swara : no worries aarav because from now i will sing it everyday for youll
All becomes happy khushi was also happy
And she start singing and carress their head and the all fall asleep
Adi and pankhuri were watching it
Pankhuri : dekha adi mom was right she is perfect
Adi : agree pankhuri just want she changes our arrogant sanskaar to old sanskar again
Pankhuri : he will change because he has got such a loving person as his betterhalf he will move on in his life
Adi : and you know i have got most beautiful and understanding wife in this world
Saying this he pecked her lips
And they boh goes in room higging eachother
Swara reaches the room and saw that sanskaar was going to sleep on couch when he notice she came
Sanskaar : woh see i will sleep on couch and you can sleep on bed
Swara : but its your bed you sleep on bed i will sleep on couch
Sanskaar : no you sleep and thats final
Swara : but
Sanskaar : acha listen we will do onething today i will sleep on couch tomorrow you sleep so we will change our places everyday like this
Swara : okfine
Saying this she moved to bed and both sleep on their sides both were married but havent chat properly they were behaving like starngers staying in same room both were tired so slept immediately
At raglak side (i cant concetrate on them as its swasan ff but they have consummate)
Next day sanskaar woke up first and he saw how she was sleeping cutely hair were flowing on her face which were making her to ipen her eyes in irritation he want to tuck those hair behind but cannot soon he realises that she is about to get up so he got busy in files swara got up and saw him working and saw the clock and then rushes to baathroom with clothes then she came wearing pink saree and started to apply sindoor
Sanskaar went unside of baathroom and he watching her from baathroom ipening its door slightly but he realises what he was doing so closed the door and started to get fresh and swara was thinking that somebody is haxing but she jerked her thoughts
In kitchen all three were busy in works for breakfast
Sanskaar was sanskaar so he got ready for bussiness in black tshort brown jacket with blue jeans he was moving towards kids room when he saw aarav and jhanvi were down but khishi was sitting there alone
Sanskaar : hello
Khushi : oh hello papa
Sanakaar felt happy listening papa word from her
Sanskaar : so what happened to my khushi why is she sad
Khushi : actually papa i dont wanna go to old school i wanna go to aarav and jhanvi di school i wanna study there plz papa do something i have seen that all papa does their childs wish so you will also do na my wish
Sanskaar thinks something smiles and leaves
He rushes outside the mansiona nd went somewhere
After sometime all family members came to table and settle them
The three ladies comes with the breakfast
All gets happy seeing all kinds of parathas like aalo ke parathe ghobi ke parathe and so on
Dp : wow so many parathe on the table
Anupurna : well done
Pankhuri and ragini serves all of them and swara serves light food with bournvita to jhanvi aarav and khushi
Pankhuri : are ramesh kaka where is sanskaar
Kaka : beta i have seen him going somewhere half an hour before
Pankhuri : strange! where he have gone

At that sanskaar comes with an envelope
Anu : are sanskaar where have you been
Sanskaar : mom i went to khushi’s school for her transfer to jhanvi and aarav school and i have got admission of her in their school
Everyone got happy
Sanskaar : swara this are documents nedded for admissuon
Swara realises he his acting to be good as he said so she too smiled
Swara : i will see to it
And all started having breakfast
Dp : beta swara and ragini come here
They both comes
Dp : you both cooked so well here take this gift
He gives both of them money both takes blessings from him
And at that time aarav and khushi were going to school swara made khushi understand that she ill go to their school from next day so today she have to stay at home she agreed jhanvi comes to sanskaar
Jhanvi : so chachu bye come to pick me up bye
He kisses both their cheeks and tells them that he will come khushi was just adoring them
And both of them went and khushi too went to her room
Dp : actually anu i wanted to tell you that i am keeping tomorrow reception of them as my all bussiness partners friends wanna meet them so tomorrow invite all relatives friends allright
All nods and went for their work

Epissode ends

Precap : reception!!

So guys wrote in sleepy way cannot decide how is this one hope its good so see youll doon bye

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