swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 5

Hello everyone today i am sad want to know the reason bcoz my comments are getting less day by day see guys if you dont like my ff plz say it to me i will seriously stop it i will never write ff or os i promise but plz guys dont be silent bcoz i dont like it plz do tell me if you find my ff boring so lets start with todays chapy

Precap : swasan raglak haldi mehendi

The episode starts with it was yet another morning but it was not same as before it was the day when two couple were going to be one where one couple where going to be tied into this sacred relation of marraige once again does this marraige will heal their wounds or it will be worse for them

In gadodia mansion it was grtting fully decorated as it was their daughter’s marraige it was looking so beautiful in swara’s room she was busy in staring her lehenga and jewellery when someone comes and backhugs her
Swara smiles : ragini i know its you
Ragini : dii where are you lost
Swara : nothing baba you say today is your marraige how are you feeling
Ragini made her sit
Ragini : di its your marraige too you can share your feelings with me say na di whats bothering you
Swara : ragini i am afraid again i am getting marry again thatt haunted nights are troubling me does khushi will be happy i will be successful in fulfilling all my duties and of wife
Ragini : dii calm down why are you being so hyper i know you are double scared but dii be calm because all maheshwari members are nice and dii why are you worrying i will be there na to support you so dont worry and i know our khushi will be happy as she will get two siblings there and a big family what else she needs tell me
Swara : yes you are right
Ragini : so chalo no need to worry i am with you
Swara : i am blessed to have a sister like you
Ragini : chalo dii no more senti baate its my marraige yr how can you be senti forget everything and start getting ready i am also going to get ready ok
Swara nods happily

There at maheshwari mansion sanskaar was busy in outfits where laksh came in
Laksh : bhai you need any help
Sanskaar : are no yr i was just thinking thats it
Laksh : bhai i know from childhood till now you were close to adi bhaiya then bhabhi you havent shared most feelings with me but thats ok but bhai i know you and i know something is disturbing you so dont pay attention to that because whatever you are doing is right and you should go with it
Sanskaar tapped his cheek
Sanskaar : waah mera bhai aaj itna bada hogaya mujhe pata hi nhi chala come here
He hugged him
Sanskaar : oye today is urs marraige too dont you wanna get married
Laksh : are no bhai i am going
Sanskaar : so go i will also get ready
Laksh goes and sanskaar left with his outfit

It was evening all maheshwari’s left to gadodia mansion guest started arriving at gadodia house shekhar and sharmishta were greeting them at that time all maheshwari’s entered the mansion sharmishta di the aarti of sanskaar and laksh no matter what both groom were looking out standing with their outfits and sehra behind them anupurna dp adi pankhuri and anjali were standing anjali was holding both jhanvi and aarav after that they came
In khushi’s room she was sitting on bed karan was passing by when he sees her and sits beside her
Karan : beta khushi what are you doing here come go down
Khushi : mamu after mumma and maasi will get marry they will go to new house and i will too go with them so how will i meet you nana and nani
Karan : beta its not like that nana nani and i will come to meet youll there you you know that new house is so big new toys and you will get aarav and jhanvi as brother sister you can play with them and you will get your dada dadi chacha chachi bade papa badi maa and your papa
Khushi : wow so many people
Karan : yes you they will keep you happy so now go and play with them
Khushi smiles and goes
Karan was sad as he also dont want his sisters and khushi to go he was moving from the room he bumped into anjali
Anjali : oh mr. Gadodia you really dont have eyes or what cant you see and walk
Karan was in no mood to chat with her
Karan : sorry

And he started moving anjali eyes popped out of the socket hearing the word sorry she can feel that something is disturbing him because she has seen a chirpy irritated talkative person in him and syddenly he is quiet it was botheiring her but why does she ?? No no she shrugged the thoughts and thought to make his mood light as a friend
He was standing in a corner when she goes to him and offered a handshake karan gestures why
Anjali : see we have fought everytime whenever we met cant we be good friends
Karan smiled and shaked hand
Karan : only friend nothing else
Anjali : what do you mean as if i am dieing to be in relationship in you
Karan : i dont know that but i have many followers behind me many girls drool over me
Anjali : like your face idiot i think you must have not washed tour face
Karan : you havent washed your eyes properly thats why you couldnt see with whom you are standing
Anjali : i know i am standing with the most stupid fellow present on earth
By this their silly fight continues but karan’s sad face have vanished and this was noticed by anjali so she smiled and continued fighting
Later that pandit called both grooms and sharmishta and ap went to bring swaragini

Aah aahh shehnaiyon ki sada keh rahi hai
Khushi ki mubarak ghadi aa gayi hai
Saji surkh jodi me chaand si dulhan
Zameen pe falak se pari aagayi hai

Sharmishta and ap comes with swaragini swara was wearing dark pink lehenga with light pink net viel on her face ragini was wearing dark red lehenga with red net viel both their faces were visible laksh smiled seeing her sanskaar sees swara he was first lost in her but shrugged his thoughts
And both the brides were sitten next to groom

Dulhe ka sehra suhana lagta hai
Dulhan ka toh dil deewana lagta hai
Dulhe ka sehra suhana lagta hai
Dulhan ka toh dil deewana lagta hai
Palbhar me kaise badalte hai rishte
Pal bhar me kaise badalre hai rishte
Ab toh har apna begaana lagta hai
Dulhe ka sehra suhana lagta hai
Dulhan ka toh dil deewana lagta hai

Pandit started his mantras laksh and ragini holded eachother hands and smiled all adored them and sanskaar and swara were sitting but not happily

Pandit : gat bandhan ke liye aage aaye

Pankhuri comes and does gatbandhan of swasan then she goes to raglak and does their gatbandhan

Pandit : now both couple stand up and make wear eachother varmala

Both swasan and raglak stands first swasan were given varmala
Pankhuri this time stood with swara and anjali stood with sanskaar sanskaar was putting varmala where pankhuri was teasing him
Pankhuri : not so easily devar ji
But anjali pushed sanskaar hands and made him wear it
Pankhuri : you cheater
Anjali : everything is fair bhabhi in love and war
All laughed at them then swara made him wear the garland
For sometime swasan sad face vanished
Then it was raglak turn karan stood at laksh side and adi stood at ragini side laksh was about to make her wear varmala but adi moved her
Adi : not so easily lucky
All started laughing sanskaara nd swara were smiling and then karan helped laksh in making laksh wear the garland and then ragini was about to put varmala but karan moved him
Karan : its call tit for tat
Adi helps ragini in making her wear the varmal all claps after that

Pandit : now sanskaar and swara will do the pheres and then ragini and laksh will do

Both couple nods

Sanskaar stands at first and swara was behind him and the started taking phere

Saath phere se bandha janmo ka yeh bandhan
Pyaar se hai joda hai rab ne preet ka daaman

After four pheres swara comes first and sanskaar was behind her

Saath phero se bandha janmo ka yeh bandhan pyaar se hai joda hai rab ne preet ka daaman

After their phere raglak started taking pheres they were taking rounds holding eachother hands tightly and happily

Hai nayi rasmein nati kasmein nayi uljhan
hoth hai khamosh fir bhi keh rahi dhadkan

Dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan meri dhadkan dhadkan teri dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadkan dhadhkan teri dhadhkan meri dhadkan

Pandit calls bride parents to do kanyaadaan

Both couple were made to sit and sharmsishta and shekhar came for kanyadaan they sharmishta was holding swara and sanskaar hands and shekhar puts milk on their hands swasan felt so.ething when they touched eachother hands
And same goes with raglak too

And now pandit asked sansakar to make swara wear mangalsutra and sindoor

Mushkil aashkhon ko chupana lagta hai
Mushkil askhkon ko chupana lagta hai dulhan ka toh dil deewana lagta hai
Pal bhar mai kaise badalte hai rishte ab toh har apna begaana lagta hai

Sanskaar made her wear mangal sutra
All were throwing flowers on them and aarav jhanvi and khushi happily throws flowers on them

Sanskaar pinched sindoor with his thumb and forefinger on her head and a tear drop fell from her eye marking her as swara sanskaar maheshwari

Then raglak laksh made wear her mangalsutra and pinched sindoor both were looking at eachother happily as finally they were one

Then both couple got up and took blessings from elders

Then it was time for bidaai

Swara hugged sharmishta and ragini hugged shekhar and they were crying sharmishta and shekhar were also shattered to see off their both daughters at the same time

Mai teri baahon ke jhule me pali babul
Jaa rahi hu chodke teri gali babul

Then all four hug eachother tightly

Mai teri baahon ke jhule me pali babul
Jaa rahi hu chodke teri gali babul
Khoodsurat yeh zamaane yaad aayenge
Chaah ke bhi hum tumhe na bhul payenge
Sharmishta cubbed both swaragini faces
Sharmishta : my beautiful angels its time to start your new life ragini love your in laws very much and respect them and never let us down we have a great hope towards you and my swara beta you are strong enough to handle each situation so no need to tell you anything just be what you are ok i hope every happiness got into your both lap

Swaragini nodded and hugged her then they goes towards shekhar
Shekhar : beta what should i tell you you both are my brave sons i will miss you both
Saying this he hugged both of them tightly
All trio cries
Pankhuri was having tears in her eyes all were sad laksh and sanskaar were also feeling sad for them

Then karan comes and hugs her sisters and cried anjali was surprised to see this state of him
Karan : dii and ragini how will live without you both i will miss you both and khushi
Swaragini : we will miss you too
Saying this they cried
Swara departs : take care of maa and baba and of bussiness i know you will handle all things and take care of your self
Karan nodded then goes to ragini
Ragini bursted out crying
Ragini : bhai
Karan hugged her and made her calm

Shekhar drags both their daughters and handover them to laksh and sanskaar

Shekhar : beta plz take care of them
He joined hands sanlak stopped him from doing this and nodded in no
Shekhar hugged both of thema nd blessed sanlak

Khushi was also crying but anu consoled her

Mushkil mushkil mushkil daaman ko chupana lagta hai
Dulhan ka toh dil deewana lagta hai pal bhar me kaise badalte hai rishte
Ab toh har apna begaana lagta hai
Laksh consoled ragini and took him in the car
Sanskaar wanted to console her but cannot pankhuri sees this and went to swara and consoled her swara cried hugging her
And then in one car sanskaar pankhuri adi and swara were there
In one car laksh ragini were there
In one car dp anu anjali and children were there

In swasan car adi was driving sanskaar was beside him and pankhuri was keeping her head on pankhri’s shoulder then suddenly she thought something

Swara : bhabhi children??
Pankhuri : dont worry they are with mom and dad and khushi is also comfortable with mom so relax
Swara smiled
Sanskaar loved her care and smiled
And all drove to maheshwari mansion

Episode ends

Precap : swara’s bonding towards aarav and jhanvi and sanskaar first talkwith khushi

So guyz finished with this part i want comments neither i will think i dont write good and will stop it so bye see youll soon


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    thnxx for d chappy dear….

    last but not d least i wanna say something,,, why r u sad??i m here infect we all r here na…n don’t say about end… it’s just d start of SWASAN with each other((urs with us))…thnk u…

    • Kaynatk01


      i know dear and for youll only i am continuing it and yaa its just starting of my journey with youll and yaa promise i will not end this ff soon 😘😘😘 thanks for support

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    Coming to the story
    Swaragini and sanlak bonding + khushi and karan’s talk and karanjali friendship was awesome……… Waiting for swasan bonding with kids…..

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