swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 48

Heyaa everyone am back with something big one…..
Listen guys this part is very crucial part for me and coming episodes too so please do comment if you are reading neither its just a waste of time to write and see no improvement in silent readers…….so do comment….

The deal got fixed between aakash and sanskaar…..and they were talking in his cabin……
Sanskaar : so mr. aakash tell us about your personal life i mean wife and all…
Aakash : hmm my wife….she ran away with someone….so i dont have any….
He said throwing venom from his mouth….
Sanskaar : that’s sad am sorry…
Aakash muttered : you should be bastard…..
Sanskaar : sorry….
Aakash ; no its ok….i dont think of my past everytime….
Sanskaar : well thats good moving on is really great….so mr. akaash nice meeting you i have to go to home its already 7 meet you tomorrow then….

Akaash : yeah bye

While sanskaar was gone aakash stands there smirking
Sahil : stay happy how much you can….only few hours then how i will ruin all your family lives….that b*t*h swara married you na and your family treats her like a daughter now see how i will destroy everyone…
He laughed…..
He called mohit…
Mohit : hello…
Sahil : hey mohit time for action bro….you ready na….
Mohit : yeah i am just leaving now….
Sahil : all the best bro hope you enjoy…and haa see that nobody sees you
Mohit : haahaa dont worry everything will be fine….

It was 7 when anjali was busy in her lappy busy in wedding preparations when her mobile rang it was ankita….

* ankita is anjali’s friend in boutique…..both are just friends….BUT BUT Ankita is a friend of mohit too she has spend some nights too with mohit and he has paid her many money and inside her heart she hates anjali as she is already rich and daughter of maheshwari’s then secondly she is going to marry karan gadodia another handsone businessman and third she rejected mohit whom ankita loves….enough reasons to hate anjali…..
But anjali doesnt know she has so much of hatred towards her….

Ankita : hello anjali….
Anjali : haa ankita
Ankita : actually anjali can you come to boutique now as its really urjent boss is calling you for some paper work……
Anjali : ankita its late by now can i come by tomorrow???
Ankita : anjali its really important and has to be done by today please do come……
Anjali : acha ok am coming….
Ankita : ok den come soon bye….
Anjali cut the call and got ready by wearing simple jeans and tshirt and took her bag…..
She goes down where ragini pankhuri swara and ap were sitting…..

Anjali : maa am going have some work in boutique….
Anu : are but beta at this time….
Anjali : yeah maa its urjent dont worry i will return soon….
Anu : acha ok come soon
Anjali : yeah bye maa bye bhabhis
Swara : bye take care anjali…..

She was about to go out when she was surrounded by dp sanskaar and adi….
Adi : hey where are you going at now???
Anjali : actually bhai i have got a call that i have to go reach boutique for some paper work….
Dp : but beta now at this time….
Sanskaar : chalo no worry….anju chal i will drop you….
Anjali : are no bhai am ok i will go by my scooty and will return soon please relax…..youll know i am brave so no need to be afraid….
Adi : ha badi aayi brave…..why dont you leave this job why you have to work under someone when you have a luxurious life….
Anjali ; bhaiya you also know i dont work for money…..its my passion and its ok bhai i will return soon…
So let me go now bye
Anjali smiles and wayes them bye….
All smiles but not fully and wayed bye…

While all were worried as she has stayed out at night but today it was different she wasn’t happy going out at this time…
As anjali was also pissed off to go at this time but her boss has called her so she has to go…..
She took her scooty while her phone rang…..

Anjali : hello
Karan : hii baby….
Anjali : karan hii….
Karan : so baby what are you doing…..
Anjali : nah just heading for boutique…..
Karan : what at this time but you were on leave na for 2 months then
Anjali : are dont know yr this boss na calls many time even though am on holiday he has to do some paper work….
Karan : acha you wait am coming there
Anjali : karan yr not again…..first bhai and then you i am not a kid yr…..why youll worry so much…..
Karan : woh kya hai na miss anjali i love you and you are my would be wife so i dont want anything risky around you…..
Anjjali : and listen mr. karan i will be fine and i know you love me much so nothing will happen to me because your love is there to save me so now keep the phone so that i can go and come soon….
Karan : ok meri maa go fast and come soon and call me as you reach home take care love yew….
Anjali : bye love yew too…..

While she smiles at their love……and starts her scooty….

In house sanskaar adi were busy playing with kids aarav jhanvi and khushi and at that laksh too came and joined them…..
While dp was watching news with anu and trio ladies were busy in kitchen……

Pankhuri : so swara back to saree huh…
While swara smiles
Swara : yeah bhabhi….i have learnt soemthing everything happens for the best…..and this scars will always remind me of your love and sanskaar’s love and sanskaar love me to see in sarees so i started to wear…..

*guys swara has started to wear saree but its not backless…..and second its not sleeveless too but its sleeves are small which shows only her burnt arms….which are not so deep……

Pankhuri : am happy that you have decided this……
Ragini : yeah but bhabhi have you listened sanskaar’s bhai’s pyaar…..
Saying this ragini laughed…..
Pankhuri : hmm ragu bad dont tease my devrani….waise something is on your neck….red red….
While ragini looks at it….it was a love bite….
Swara : i think dr. laksh loves his wife very much…..
While both swara and pankhuri laughed and ragini blushes…..
Ragini : but dii one thing is there how much sanskaar bhai and laksh loves us but the love which adi bhai does no one can do i mean khullam khulla flirting and they way he treats bhabhi….
While pankhuri blushes….
Swara : yeah right ragu afterall i am his sis na….
Pankhuri : chalo now do your work both….
While both chuckles and pankhuri blushes hard…..

Anjali was busy in driving scooty…..
The road was not so much crowed when a car stopped infront of her scooty….
While she got angry….

Anjali : what the hell….
She stepped out of scooty and one man wearing black mask around his face and placed chloroform handkerchief around anjali while she was struggling till she felt uncousiess…..

While that man took her to his car…..
and car moved from there and anjali’s scooty was still there……

In car a girl was driving and anjali was kept behind while the man was looking on her lustly……

Girl : so mohit where should i move now…..
Mohit : hmm take to some deserted forest where nobody can come……
Ankita : sure babe…..

While ankita drives car in full speed…..
Anjali was little bit of consiuess she cant see their faces but can listen their voices…..
Mohit : oh anjali i have waited for so long to just take you in my arms……
He moved his fingers from her face to neck…..
While she was trying hard to stop him but she was not in senses to stop him…..

Mohit : you rejected me na now i will show you….who is mohit raichand?????
I just want to hear your screams baby…..ankita drive faster…..

While ankita just hates when he holds someother woman but she cant do anything she just get paid to spend night with him and she knows he dont love her but she was enjoying what mohit was doing th anjali as she hates her……

It took one hour…ankita was driving and they reached near desrted area…..
Where no one can come…..all bushes trees…..

Ankita splashed water on her face….
While anjali jerked herself and struggled to open her eyes….
In the mean time ankita covered herself with a viel and mohit with a mask…..

Anjali got some sense but not fully…..

Anjali : whoo arrree youllll
Mohit : hii baby…..just came to make your night beautiful….
Saying this he put her on ground near a tree while ankita was standing far away……drinking vine and smirking……

While anjali tried to protest……mohit just came over her…..
Mohit : remember i told you you will face the hell….its time baby…..
While anjali cannot see is face and she was unable to recognize his voice too as her brain was not in her control……

Mohit tied her hands and kept them above head so she couldnt protest…..

He moves his hand from her face to jer neck and careess there making her feel disgust……

His hands then moved to her breats and pressed them tightly making her to jerk herself…..
But she was pressed so tightly that she couldn’t move an inch……

Anjali : leave me you bastard……

She was shouting but the more she shouts the more he was becoming happy……

He then removed his pant and his tshirt and then he removed her jeans too…..

Only sahil was naked anjali was still in her top her bottom was naked…..

While now anjali started to plead…..
No matter how strong a woman is she cannot overpwer mohit…..
She started crying…..
Anjali : please dont do this dont ruin my dignity like this please……
Mohit : if you would have agreed that day for one night stand then today this wont be happeneing???
While anjali was trying to register his voice and remember who the hell he is…..
Bu at that time mohit entered her like a beast pounding on his food…..

She was a virgin and he was showing no mercy on her…….
Her mind got blocked at that very instant……

He was tearing her her sleeves and thumping in and out blood was oozing from her bottom…..
Bitting her neck……

Anjali was just moaning to leave her…..she just felt that dead would be easy than this……she was feeling extreme pain……

Half of the sleeves were torn out of her s
Tshirt she then removed her tshirt and put them above her hand and then removed her bra…..
He just bitted her chest so hard that it started bleeding……

While now anjali was just crying for gelp that someone save her from this animal…..

Mohit ; aahh scream baby scream nobody is gonna help you today……

While it was 11 and everybody was worried for anjali……

Sanskaar : bhai its too late anjali still didnt came…..
Adi : yeah i was too thinking the same…..
At that time laksh came….
Laksh : bhai i am trying her phone but she isnt picking it up….
Dp and ap got worried….
Ap : i think she must be with karan…..
Swara’s phone rang and it was of karan…..

She put it on speaker…

Swara : hello karan listen…
She was about to ask….
Karan : hello dii anjali did anjali reached home…..see na she isn’t picking my calls can you please give her the phone……
While all got highly tensed now….
Swara : hmm actually karan she isnt at homr till now we are also worried….
Karan : what wait dii i am coming…..

Sanskaar : i think we should call her boss only….
Adi : wait i have his number…..
Adi calls him….he picks up in sleepy tone….
Anjali’s boss : hheello….
Adi in bossy tone : hello this is aditya maheshwari speaking…..
Boss got up from sleep and picked the call…..
Adi : yes mr. maheshwari…..you called so late
Adi : yup actually today you called anjali na and she hasnt reached home yet so can you tell me when did anjali left from boutique…..
Boss : sorry mr. maheshwari but i didnt called anjali….and she didn’t came to boutique too …..i know she is on holdiay so why will i call her…..
Adi : are you serious you didnt called her for any paper work
Boss : no mr. Maheshwari i didnt called her today only infact today it was half day for all so everyone left at 6…..
This came like a bomb for adi……
He cutted the call….
While all look curious for answer…..
At that time karan shekhar sharmishta too reached….

Adi : her boss is telling that he didnt called her and today boutique was closed by 6 and anjali left home at 8…….

While they were extremely worried now…..
Swara : sanskaar am not feeling good……i think we need ro find out where is anjali as soon as possible……

Karan : yeah we need to find out now……
Adi : yeah lets go…..
Pankhuri : adi will also come….
While adi nods……

Sanskaar : bhai listen you and bhabhi go to police station for filing missing complaint….and karan you search to xyz place and laksh ragini go to abc place and i swara will be going some other place…..

Adi : yeah and please keep updating everyone…..

All leaves…..

While there mohit had satisfied himself much from 3 hours….while anjali has just turned lifeless no movement nothing…..
Ankita came and made her wore her clothes and mohit said

Mohit : i said na anjali that you are mine and i will touch you first……
And goes laughing…..
They both goes while anjali remembered his words she whispered….
Anjali : mooohhhiittt……

All were searching like hell…..first it was late at night there were only less people to be find to ask…..


Sanskaar : where she might be swara…..i am really scared she havent been outside till this time….
Swara : sanskaar just calm down just pray that she must be safe…..nothing will happen just dont worry…..

At police station…..

Adi : inspector i have to file missing complain of my sister…..
Inspector : oh mr. aditya maheshwari you….
Adi : yeah inspector my sister she didnt came home yet
Inspector : from how many hours she is missing
Pankhuri : 4 hours
Inspector : i am sorry i cant file a complain…..we can file a complain after 24 hours
Adi : are but she i am telling na she must be in some trouble neither she dont be so late please do something
Inspector : mr. maheshwari i understand but you too understand i cant file before 24 hours please you go home she must reached till now neither she will be enjoying with friends……
Adi shouts
adi : JUST SHUT UP i am telling to file compalaint and you….
Pankhuri at that time take adi somehow outside
Pankhuri : adi please this is how we are gonna search her……
Pankhuri hugs adi while adi sheds heavy tears from his eyes
Adi : i am scared pankhu what if something….
Pankhuri : sshh she will be fine now worry…….

They both started to search her……

While anjali looked at her phone and was moving her fingers but it didnt moved……
She cried and slowly moved her hands……
While somhow her hand reached on her phone she somehow dialed sanskaar’s number…..

Sanskaar became shocked at anjali’s number calling
Sanskaar : swara see
Swara : sanskaar pick it up fast
He picks…and puts in speaker
Sanskaar : heeloo anjali anjali where are you hello….
While anjali registers his voice and started crying…..
While swasan gets shocked….
Sanskaar in tears : baccha why are you crying say me where are you…..
Anjali tried to speak
Anjali : bhhhaaaiiiii
She couldnt speak much
While sanskaar was breaking inside he was just praying nothing bad have happened while swara asked
Swara : anjali just answer where are you actually we are coming….
Anjali : an isolated place…….deserted place….treess
Thats it she fainted…….
Sanskaar : hello anjali anjali……
Swara : sanakaar she was telling some deserted place…..
Sanskaar : swara there is one place some 10 kms away from here we should go there……
Swara : yeah right……
While sanskaar informed everyone and all fastened their speed and moved to that area…..

All reached that deserted place after half an hour…..
Adi : sanskaar now where….
Swara : bhai lets search here……
Laksh : its so dark wait i will on the torch…..
He on his mobile torch……
He moved his torch around the place but stopped at one…..
He can saw a girl…..
His mobile fell down from his hands…..
Sanskaar : laksh what happened
Laksh : bhaaaiii thheree annnjaalii…..
He was having tears in his eyes….
While all ran to that area…..

Karan pankhuri swara ragini sanskaar adi laksh all got biggest shock seeing anjali in that state………

Precap : doctor : mr. maheshwari its sad but the truth is she has been rapped brutually……..

So how was the episode…..guys i know youll were expecting some sort of accident or anjali would be in danger and sanskaar or karan would save her so its not possible everytime and it was needed….though i too felt sad but it was important for story…..


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  1. Very bad. Hate this. First i used to love your story. I dont know why you made that anjali is rape. Hr story mein rape. Kabhi kisi ke sath kabhi kisi ke. Rape ke bina kya story aay gye nhi ja skti. Jis ladki ke sath rape hota hai usse pucho. U just written. I knw its fiction. But there should be also some humanity. Sorry but you had done wrong by making her rape victim. Other than rape there were many options. Sorry if i had hurted you. But really i am not going to follow this. I was big fan of your story.

    1. Kaynatk01

      first of all audi listen u told u were a big fan of my story i dont think so….if aisa hota u would have felt why i added rape case in this…..mujhe koi shauk nahi rape case daalke apni story aage badane ka coz iske alawa bhi bahot chheze thi which i can add but i wanted to add this thing to focus on karan’s love and brotherhood of all three ……and i too have humanity thats why i added here and i know what happens to the rape victims i know more than you…..i am sorry for all this but you have hurted mr you haven’t waited for the next episodes you have directly commented and said i was wrong……if you want you can continue if you font then please leave it coz the words you say hurts us very much

      1. I didnt meant to hurt you. I just tell you about my opinion.

  2. Eehh.. Need to say i hated this episode.. Y do u make rape soo often in stories.. Is raping a girl who lives a normal happy life so essential for ploting ur story..That too describing each nd every scenes so intensely.. Such a nonsense.. I was a silent reader but today u cud make me comment.. But i cmntd bcs i hated it to d core..

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks for commenting silent reader….and wow you commented and that too negative…..chalo appreciated but do you know what i felt whike writing this and i dont like to add rape scenes often i havent added only my last oneshot was on acid attack so i dont add rape scenes often and dear i know more about rape case than you i know how does it feels…..today it has hurted me more seeing this kinda negativity for me

      1. I told it earlier itself i commented bcs i felt so.. I didn’t criticise u for ur intentions..ur story line..siblings bond..love..care..affection.. Whtever blah blah blah.. Its just d way u narrated made me hate it nd provoked me to write so.. Who d hell wants d cmplte descrptn of d pain they go through.. Each nd everyone very well knw d dfrnce between love making nd forced s*x or rape.. Then wht was ur thought while writing abt d scene in detail..i felt it was such a nonsense nd nothing else..i even said sorry in advance if my cmnts hurted u..but as a reader just thought to note down my opinion on d same.. U shd have pointed out earlier if no negative comments are not welcomed.. Then i wud not hv wasted my time by cmntng..
        Then wht was that u knw more than me nd all..common grow up kanyat.. No competition is being held on d topic of who knws more abt their pain nd who dont.. for winning in any argument or for justifying ur fault dont write such baseless things..

      2. One more thing im not into demotivating or bashing u.. Even i dnt want u to stop ur ff bcs some people like us hated ur update..its just our pov abt d topic.. U cud take it or just lev it..I used to love ur ff nd hope will continue to.. All d best for ur future updates.. Hope u will b back with a bang..

      3. Kaynatk01

        Saj could we just sit and think calmly dear i dont know why youll are so much provoked bu this epiosde i really font know wht happened recently so youll are making this issue so big i know indirectly many are hurted chalo we end this toipc here now u have saw na how i described that shit thing now in uocoming epiosdes you will be seeing all love’s with descripyion now please ye i dont like anyone hating me so cheer up …..

  3. it so sad epi dr, poor anjali n all women like her they get dis much pain becoz dey say no to some random bastard.

    1. Kaynatk01

      same parul i too felt like this thats why added this but here no one is understanding me

  4. Forgot to say.. Im soo sorry if ive hurted u.. I knw u wud hav put in a lot of effort for writing it.. But i said what i felt.. I was so disappointed by ur update..

  5. Simin

    Seriously is it so easy for anyone to play with a girl’s dignity
    mohit should be punished severly

    1. Kaynatk01

      yeah simin its hard for the girl and i wanted to show severe punishment for them but see negativity has started so you only tell how will i proceed with next episode

      1. Simin

        Relax kayu
        u proceed as decided
        everyone will like it
        ok trust on urself

  6. Simi

    That was horrible..

    1. Kaynatk01

      what was horrible simi the rape or what i have written……

      1. Simi


      2. Simi

        I didnt mean that ur writing is horrible.. Just the rape incident..
        Cant imagine anjali’s state after that..
        Thats it..
        We love ur ff dear.. ?

      3. Kaynatk01

        thanks simi i cant say anything now only thanks

  7. Soujanya


    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks soujanya

  8. happy days are ended waiting for twists and soon of happy days.

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks sri for ur comment

  9. Kakali

    U know what Kaynat.. today m Disappointed with you.. I felt like slapping myself “why the blo*dy need was to read this Kakali?” …
    Kaynat what was the need to show how brutally That BASTARD killed Anjali’s soul..?
    How he raped her?
    Why was that so needed to explain briefly?
    I’m disappoint.. highly disappoint..
    U said this rape track is necessary for the story procedure.. okiii.. chalo maaan liya..
    U said every time hero will be not present to save the heroine from that horrible situation.. okiii chalooo yeh bhi maan liya..
    coz it’s bitter reality of this cruel world.. !!
    Now the question is “What u upto? what you are going to show?”
    =>Karan will accept her.. family members will fight for justice.. rit?
    Honestly after reading this part i felt like i will never read this FF ever..
    but now i desperately want to know how you going to justify a big crime like RAPE..
    how u going to justify a Rape victim…?
    Let’s see..sorry if my words hurt u.. but i can’t do anything about it.. !!
    Thnk u..

  10. Phle e mera mood off tha ab to mera kuch bolne ka man nhi kr rha…. why always girls have to suffer,I already told dont make her rape victim…. poor she m crying like hell…. now its ur turn,u have to give her justice…. I wanna kill dat mohit n.ankita wid acid attack blo*dy cheapsters….they should suffer….n d most sahil…. update soon….cannot wait

    1. Kaynatk01

      i am sorry tani that i made ur mood off but believe me i am also not feeling happy to add this things…..just wait for some episodes i also wanna give them severe punishment…..

  11. Although it was sad but u people can’t say that u hate her…….stop living in those fantasy world where hero or any other saves his heroine …..she told reality and its not necessary that every time someone will come and save .Haven’t u people read the earlier chapters in which she clearly mentioned the lust of mohit.That’s what she related wid.If u would have any problem than u could have told her …..but saying u hate her and the story isn’t good…Indirectly u are direspecting her efforts ..instead of saying thise thungs u would have told her to do such things instead of rape.

    1. Kakali

      Mariya..!! Who said that we hate her?From which comment u felt like that?
      What fantasy u r talking about?
      In which fantasy we are living?
      Think twice girl,before saying anything..!!
      We are her readers,we have full right to express our view..soo I’m doing..
      If someone is not liking this track so they are expressing their POV.. nothing is wrong in that i guess..!!
      God, who is disrespecting Kaynat’s work? Do u even have any idea what u talking about..!! We love her FF.. we enjoy her FF.. we support her.. than from which angel u can say we are disrespecting her efforts..!!
      Being a reader,it’s only our work to appreciate the writer but also to point out the flaws..!! U should think before saying anything..!!
      No one is disrespecting her work.. NO ONE.. we are reading,commenting,supporting her throughout the whole FF n it’s enough to let u know we love her works..!!
      .. i never wanted to talk with u in this manner.. but u literally forced me to reply u back.. Thnk u..

      1. Sry, it should be #Mayra..

      2. Kaynatk01

        well kakali i have lots thing to say u know when u use to comment on my episodes i use to be happy but for the very first time u have hurt me so much….i didnt felt that u will discourage me to this extent…..i know u were counting my flaws but i dont think there was my mistake i just rape was needed not coz i love to add…..but because i wanted to show the love between karan anjali brotherhood of all three…..i know i wrote deeply but i wanted to describe how someone soul hurts so much my motive was not hurt anyone here……and i also wanted to show many worse punishments for mohit and ankita but u didn’t gave a chanve and told so many things…..i am sorry that u read my episode and felt bad to read it coz of me…..i suggest u not to make ur mood bad by reading my stories….and haa mayra was just supporting me and she was telling to all who were saying negative she didnt point to u dear……so this was all i wanted to say thanks

  12. Tamil

    So sad epi

    1. Kaynatk01

      i know dear

      1. Kakali

        Kaynat, never ever think i can discourage you.. !! Discouraging one my fav story is not my cup of cold coffee… !!
        1st of all,i never ment to hurt you..!! If you felt like,that than M SORRY..I was just shearing my pov.. that’s it..
        U know, I was crying reading Anjali’s part.. i was really disappointed seeing the way u briefly described how he raped her.. nothing else..!! It’s ur story,its upto u how u gonna cary.. so i have nothing to say about it..!! u loved,so u added.. rit.. np dear..
        i was saying about only the rape scene..only..
        but the fact is Being a girl,it’s not easy to read or imagine.. i was shivering,thinking how painful that situation was..!! u literally took my words in a very wrong way..!!

        N about punishment, I said twice.. “M desperately waiting,how u going to justify the rape victim n Rape..”..
        M no one to give u chance.. coz u have to upload next part soon..!! M waiting na..moreover u don’t know what “PUNAR VIVAH” means to me.. m Disappointed with one episode,just one scene..not by ur stories.. mind it..!! So m always going to read it..okiii..!!
        N about #Mayra.. hahah i have nothing to say… u understood her POV that she is supporting u.. but couldn’t understand me n my pov… well Thnxx for that.

      2. Kaynatk01

        kaku i read ur comment twice before rplying i understood u too but again u r saying i love to add rape scene why will i love to add yr…..i personally hate it i know what the victim feels its not the victim the whole family suffers i know…..and u were reading justt think once how was i feeling while writing it……u were my favouimrite commentors and it really hurts when a friend of yours tells you like that…..i am sure i will justify punishment scenes….and for this episode the thing which has happened i cant change it so i just wish i dont make any mistake which will hurt you in future
        thanks you

  13. Praju

    Have nothing to say

  14. Deeksha

    I couldn’t pen down anything dear….!!!!! Initially I thought that someone would be coming and helping her out but it the bitter truth of the society dear…..!!!!!! I know it hard to believe it but we should….!!!!!! Now… I am expecting some huge huge punishment for mohit and ankita…..!!!!!!! Continue soon dear….!!!!!

    1. Kaynatk01

      well deeksha i know i can undertand ur situation just wait for some days then the punishment they will get it will be worse…..well thanks for commenting

  15. Emotional episode kaynat ….U described every scene very nicely….feeling really bad for anjali…very tragic moment for any girl..hope see recover soon…and make that ankita suffer more…how can a girl do this thing with other..keep writing !!!!!!

    1. Kaynatk01

      well mansi really thanks fo appreciating it neither u can see how much negativity has been made for this episode well thanks and yeah they will face the worse

  16. Namra

    Omg it was really very sad episode kaynat… I’m crying like hell… not having any words to say… Just wanna tell, pllllllzzzzzz give severe punishment to that bastard mohit and that b*t*h ankita… being a girl how can she do that… If I got a chance I’ll kill these evil people badly… n now I just want justice for poor anjali… Hope she recover from this dreadful incident soon…

    1. Kaynatk01

      i also wanna kill them but its a story i would have killwd them in real and yeah thanks for commenting namra i am aslo waiting for something worse punishment

      1. Namra

        Dear kaynat- Please don’t be sad… we all are with you… The ones who don’t like this episode will bash you like hell… because it’s there in their habit… Don’t give a damn to them… just keep this thing in your mind that there are many readers who love your writings n ff a lot… so for them you have to write… Please don’t say you’ll end this ff because of those people… Plz for us ignore them n write the future story as you decided… eagerly waiting to see the love and care of karan and the three brothers for our anjali… n I’m sure you’ll definitely give justice to her… keep writing dear… love you… take care n stay blessed…

      2. Kaynatk01

        well namra thanks for ur support dear really thanks love yew

  17. AnuAnn

    Emotional episode.. Hope mohit w’ll get the most brutal punishment

    1. Kaynatk01

      no brutual worse than ever dear

  18. its really very sad
    .i am crying like hell..give them worse punishment…and u well said that nobody..byw update soon..and no more tragedy

  19. Diyaaa

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    1. Kaynatk01

      well sakshi its true i have made a mistake and now have realised it am sorry to hurt your sentiments….

  21. Okayy sooo u showed rape scene that one alsoo deeply becoz u wanted to show how one felt while she was getting raped rite? Can u plz tell me who the hell wants to feel this pain? Have u any idea what u have written it was not a intense romance which anybody wants to read for god sake think before writing at least for once… i wanted to add rape scene than u should add but without description.. u did a mistake soo u shoulddd be sorry for that.. becoz i didnt said anyword wrong.. just think before writing anything.. have u ever thought maybe any rape victim was also reading this? Soo u want to show her that look im describing your pain?

    1. Kaynatk01

      yeah right ayesha u said right maybe i wasnt knowing that am doing such a big mistake and now i have understood unwantedly i have made a big mistake and have hurted lots of people…..my intention was not to hurt anyone i have great respect for rape victims really last i wanted to tell u is that am sorry

  22. Wat is this?
    I mean what need to show that scene so briefly… Are you giving some kind of class ? Everyone knows how a girl feel after this incident. And yeah wat are you saying you wanna show some bond or bla bla ,girl grow up, without showing this scene in detail you could show bond and care….
    One more thing that was rape scene not any so called hot romance….
    From next time be careful…
    Well I will not say sry if you feel hurt…
    Today you really hurt us lot….

    1. Kaynatk01

      u shouldnt be sorry shikha very well said….thanks for ur comment i dont know what to say……i am sorry for hurting u all as i said above sorry for all that…..
      keep hating like this thanks

      1. Well sry, I was angry at that time. In anger I spoke so much I shouldn’t say that much…
        You’re really god writer, don’t stop yr and yeah pls after this ff comeback with new one…..
        Sometimes in anger we loose our control….
        Again sry..
        Same happen with me…

      2. Kaynatk01

        i know shikha its k….u said very correctly well i will just end punar vivah within few episodes then will never come back ever….
        thanks for comment

  23. Rabia0032

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    And guys u are be having like that u never read or saw someone being raped I mean there is lot of girl who are being raped to their u didnt feel anything for them n when she wrote u are all feeling sad n hurted really…
    U guys wont only happy things to happen in this ff but guys see the reality 1st then speak…
    And my dear u dont have to listen them just ignore them…
    But epi was really sad I felt realy sad for her??

    1. Kaynatk01

      rabia yr chod i dont have any courage to fight with anyone now maybe they are right…..chod leave them i also know it was emotional but they can see only my this side……leave it and am happy that u supported me thanks love yew

      1. Rabia0032

        We are with u soo no need to fight alone yeah keep that in ur mind n stop thinking about their coment…love u come soon

  24. AngelTara

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    And please give a severe punishment to that blo*dy mohit and That ankita.. being a girl, how could she do this!
    And coming to the story, It was a bit emotional but yes.. I know you are having something in your mind.. And honestly.. I love your way of writing.. The way you express everything in detail.. I admire it alot❤
    hope now karan will support Anjali and all will fight together..Poor anjali.. feeling bad for her.. Give a very severe and brutal punishment to those bastards!
    Post the next one soon! Eagerly waiting for the next part! ??

    1. Kaynatk01

      well all i can say thanks tara for breaking silence am happy that u commented thanks

  25. Hiiii di am so happy for u today u took a bold step by writing about the rape victims just because they have said no and hurted thier big fat egos. Today I am so proud of u. Boys u should respect the women who were tortured and brutally murdered. I was a normal silent reader who never commented on this page from when it started. U made me do that. I respect all the comments above but people change ur thinking atleast from now.
    Bye diii love u lots and pl reply me.

    1. Kaynatk01

      ofcourse how can i ignore such a beautiful comment shruti thanks for supporting….in ao muxh negativity have got a better comment thanks for it love yew too

      1. Diiuuu pl post the next one today pl. Request from ur sis Ian having practical tomorrow pl do it today.
        Reply me???????

  26. Jannatul.Nayma09

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    Eagerly waiting fr the nxt prt
    Update soon…

    1. Kaynatk01

      well thanks jannatul i hope that i wont disappoint u

  27. Wow loved it
    I love youre ff alot its one of my fav ff plz dont feel sad what all are saying
    And all you who didn’t liked the scene could have told her that you didn’t liked it but dont say that she is enjoying it while she is writing it
    I know its not a nice thing it’s something that will haunt you forever but she also said that she is showing it because she wants to show KARAN’S LOVE AND HER BROTHER’S LOVE so plz dont bash her i’m very sad reading that how you all are bashing her plz dont bash ber anymore and ya feeling sad vor Anjali but loved it its was a nice part❤️Dont feel sad cause there are many many many peoples here who love youre ff alot❤️?

    1. Kaynatk01

      i know dear many are there to love me and my ff but what happened today i will never ever forget in my life well just thanks for supporting

  28. Deeksha gupta

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    Read 4 episodes in one go ….
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    N really happy to b ur follower on Instagram
    Thank u so much for accepting my friend request
    Feeling disgusted on sahil n mohit really sad fr anjali …
    She shuld punish dem sevepls post nxt part soon …
    Love u ??????

    1. Kaynatk01

      well glad deeksha u back and thanks for ur comment

  29. Shruthis

    Hioo dear , don’t get disheartened dear I know readers will intialy not like this idea but I am sure in further episodes they will surely understand y u added it . .I am eager to see the family support and love for her hope she recovers soon?
    I am silent reader you made me comment … As reader I believe in you proceed as you planned???

    1. Kaynatk01

      well thanks for commenting dear will justify each and every scene

      1. Shruthis

        i know you will 🙂 :*

  30. U know what Kanyat I’m crying….. Crying like hell……. In society soo many bastards are there just like mohit and girls who suffered like anjali….. Don’t leave that idiot….. U showed us cruel reality of society plzzz show the pain of anjali how a girl life when someone snatched her dignity show how her family her brothers her parents most importantly her love will stand for her…. Show what will happen when any such blo*dy idiot do something like this. Show how hell punishment he get…. still tears r not stopping their way….. U just write it spell bound… Can’t express how deeply u touch my heart with ur writing…..

    1. Kaynatk01

      Well sree will be back with worse punishment ever well thanks for supporting

  31. kayant dear plz dont stop ur story..noone is bashing u..they r telling u their pov..
    they love ur ff..thats why they r sharing their views..
    everyone makes mistake..its ok..write ur story the way u plan it..dont end it suddenly..
    coming to the epi i dont knw what to say..its a very sensitive issue..after reading it im feeling really upset..bt it is the bitter reality..waiting for the upcoming epis..
    dont feel sad..u cant changed wht happened..give ur best..tc..

    1. Kaynatk01

      Well agreed kumu everyone has their pov agreed woth everyone thanks for commenting they will face hell!!!

  32. Hey…. I can see how people reacted to your story.. Everyone has a different way of reacting.. What u showed was what happens in today’s world.. She said no to Mohit and this is what he did.. This is today’s reality… And now m sure u will show how important family support is when such an incident happens in a girl’s life… And how important Karan would be in this state for Anjali.. This is what every guy should do when someone close to them faces this.. I don’t know y people took it in a wrong way.. this is today’s reality.. u can’t say anything to any guy these days coz then this will be the result… ????.. We can understand how tough it must be to write this episode:. will wait for ur punishment to Sahil and Mohit.. And to see how with family and Karan’s support Anjali will face these disgusting people.. ??.. Waiting..

    1. Kaynatk01

      Well nisha thanks for supporting if poasible i will update next soon thanks for comment dear

  33. ????…….. A N J A L I I……..

  34. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Hello Guyx..Wats all this? Stop fyting over a.fictional Story..Watever Kaynat has wrote its a Reality..y r u Guyz simply Bashing Her widout No Reason..Its nt necessary everytime Hero or Someone Knwn comes n saves da Girl..Its da Reality Guyz ..Grow Up..Y Over Reacting..Watever Kaynat has written its nt wrong nor she wanted to Hurt anyone..its dakn truth..today also many girls r being raped more brutally..Wich we r ubaware of..so by this ff she is jst trying to show u da Reality n u all r Bashing Her..Stop it.srsly feel soo Bad seeing u all Bashing Her as if she has written something Vulgar.If U cnt Support her dmt atleast Bash Her Badly like this.Fekinf soo Disgusted on ur Behaviour towards A Girl..She also knws wat is sje eriting..she is also A Girl n she also onws wat a Girl’s Dignity means.So Stop Bashing Her as if she has Done a Crime..Huh..

    u dnt worry Kaynat..U did nt write anything wrong..dnt feel bad..Eoi was Sad fr sure bt nt a Vulgar One..U be Relax haa..

  35. Shifa96

    Very sad episode..
    Give mohit and ankita severe punishment..

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