swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 47

Sorry sorry sorry everyone a big sorry for posting so late……no excuses no reasons just coming directly to the story…..

It was yet a pleasant morning……
Sun has rised…..birds were chirping…..but our swasan were still sleeping in eachother embrace……

Their naked body was touching eachother while sanskaar has buried his face in her neck and swara had cluthed his shoulders……both were sleeping peacefully….
They were so relaxed being in their room their home…..
We may stay anywhere….maybe in hotel or somewhere but the pleasure we get in our own home we wont get anywhere……..

Soon alarmed started to ring…..
First bell second bell and third bell this was it for sanskaar to get up….
He irritatingly switched it off…..
While swara was awake by now by hearing it….
Sanskaar again got into the blanket and pulled her again…..
While swara smiled….
Swara : good morning jaan…..
Sanskaar still sleepy : morning jaan…..plz jaan i have a request please throw this alaram out of the house…..its so irritating to hear it early morning….
Swara : hmm acha so what would you like to hear early morning mr. hubby……
Sanskaar : well i would probably be happy to hear your voice in morning…..
Swara kisses him on cheeks…..
Swara : good morning hubby….chalo now get up i have to make ready the kids too chalo leave me…..
Sanskaar : nope am not gonna leave you….let me sleep some more…..
Swara : sanskaar u naa…..who will belive the famous business tycoon and a father of two kids is behaving like this…..
Sanskaar : but what to do…. this kid is all urs and you have to bear it whole life….
Sanskaar took her beneath him….
Swara : well am happy to take care of my cute little kid…..
Sanskaar : acha cute little kid wait let me show you…..
Sanskaar kissed her lips tightly…..while swara too reciprocated…..
Sanskaar took the blanket which was covering her and again got engrossed in another love making session….

Soon after that sanskaar got ready wearing black shirt and black jeans with set hair while swara also got ready in pink saree…..

Swara : sanskaar here is your mobile…..here file and haa your wallet…..
She was giving him things while he just took her from waist and and looked in her eyes….

Sanskaar : hmm thanks for everything….
Swara : no thanks mr. maheshwari….forgot maheshwari’s rule or what no sorry no thank you….
Sanskaar : ohoo is it so mrs. maheshwari….
Both smiles and joined their foreheads….
Swara : chalo now am going to make kids ready
Sanakaar : hmm chalo I’ll also accompany…..
While both swasan heads to their room….
Pankhuri took jhanvi with her while both swasan were still sleepy….

While swara goes to wake them up….
Swara : Aaru beta wake up chalo khushi beta get up….

Aarav opened his eyes but still sleepy….
Aarav : mumma please i dont wanna go…..
Swara : aarav chalo no more excuses get up…..
While khushi had woke up and was in sanskaar’s arms…..
Aarav : mumma i am not making excuses i am not feeling well….
Swara got little worried…she checked his forehead but ut was normal…
Khushi knew that he is faking….
She whispered in sanskaar ears
Khushi : papa bhai is telling lie…..he is ok nothing has happened….its all his plan to stay at home…..
While sanakaar knew it….he knew arrav’s prank and all
Sanskaar : now lets see what happens princess…..
Arrav : mumma no not fever but am having a severe stomach ache….and its paining like hell….
Swara : what where….you must have been eaten something outside food thatswhy your stomach is paining….chalo no worry dont go to school today take rest today….

While aarav gives winning smile…..

Khushi : mumma no he is telling lie….
Swara : nhi beta he is really not well…mow you goabd get ready fast bade papa will drop you’ll today……
While aarav showed his tounge to khushi while khushi looked at sanskaar…..

Sanskaar : chalo princess he is not well na dont worry today i will come to pick you’ll up from school and will eat icecreeams chocolates and yeah i will make you eat youll pizza too….
While aarav stands up
Aarav : i also wanna eat papa
While swara was just looking at t him surprisingly…..
Sanskaar : no beta you are not well na….
Aarav : are no papa i am fine its just….
He realises swara was seeing him like that…..
Aarav : aah mumma its paining…
Swara : acha beta its paining i will show you pain….
She ran behind him while khushi and sanskaar just laughed at him…..
While all four had a great time……

All had breakfast together…..then adi goes to office worh kids…..laksh leaves for his clinic…

Sanskaar was thinking to drop anjali….at her boutique….
He goes to her room…..
Sanskaar : anju
Anjali opens the door….

Anjali : haa bhai
Sanskaar : anjali i was thinking to drop you at your boutique and then leqve for office…
Anjali : woh bhai actually i am not going to boutique…..i have taken a leave from there for 2 month as maaraige date is coming near na…..
Sanskaar : oh yeah i forgot see nna how time flies fter some days you will be gone to karans house…..you will be wife of someone…..
Anjali : but i will be yours sister na bhai….
She hugged him while he too hugged her
Anjali : will miss you bhai
Sanskaar : will miss you too beta…
Anajli : bhai chalo you have to go na to office go and there are some days for marraige and dont worry if i will miss youll karan will bring me here and i can meet youll
Sanskaar : hahaa right am happy that karan and you are going to marry….god bless you both bye take care…..

At office….

Sanskaar was busy in files when adi comes with someone….
Adi : hey sanskaar sorry to disturb you man but i have came here to meet our new client from delhi….mr. aakash khanna….
Sanskaar goes to them…..
Aakash khanna faced sanskaar…..
sanskaar wasnt feeling good to see him as his eyes were playing something different and his face was showing something different
Aakash : hii mr. sanskaar
Sanskaar just shaked his hands
He didnt felt good at all…
Sanskaar : so mr. aakash i have listened many things about you that yoù have came recently and become so famous in delhi….
Akaash : well its just destiny and hardwoek but am not more famous than you mr. sanskaar….
Both talked and sanakaar really liked his business qualities though he wasnt felling good about him but he was good at business so he couldnt disagrew with it…..

Sanakaar then made a deal with him……and akaash goes from there…
While aakaash is only sahil guys…..

Precap : an accident which changes everyone’s life….

So guys waiting for next will try to upload as soon as possible till then bye tc

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