swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 42

Hii i know u all must be missing punar vivah….sorry to be late….thanks for ur response for my os its really cant defined thanks so much……

Swasan were cuddling under a single sheet….naked body….mingled with eachother…..
Sanskaar gripping her waist and she gripped his chest…..

Suddenly sanskaar eyes opened due to continuous ringing of phone…

He then too the phone silently….and answered..
Sanskaar in a low tone : hello…..
Sanskaar’s pa : hello sir….
Sanskaar : yes avinash
Avinash : sir you forgot today you have to meet foreign clients….
Sanskaar : oh yeah….just one hour i will reach there….
Avinash : sure sir….
Saying this he cutted the call and rubbed his eyes…..then he looked at his angel sleeping beside him…..

She was sleeping peacefully keeping all her stress away…..he smiled and thought how life has changed….that day he didnt want to marry anyone and he use to hate her….and today he cant live without her…… she is his lifeline….

He kissed her forehead and slowly went to baathroom……

He took the shower….
While swara didnt find his warm embrace beside her she opened her eyes in irritation….

She heard water sounds and thought why he woke so early today…..

Then sanskaar came out of the baathroom wrapping towel around his waist and rubbing his hair with another one….

She sat drapping the sheet around herself….while he wore his shirt and all
Sanskaar : are you got up….
Swara : yeah but where are you going….
Sanskaar : oh i forgot to tell you that yesterday some foreign clients decide to held a meeting today so am going there only….
Swara : so that means i am alone today…..
Sanskaar looked at her and came towards her…..
Sanskaar : just few hours jaan then i promise i have a surprise for you tonight….
Swara : what say na which surprise????
Sanskaar : surprises shouldn’t be told actually right…..so now you sleep for some more time…..
Sanskaar then wore his blue jacket and took his mobile n all when swara called him….
He again goes to her smilingly…..
Swara goes to his lips and pecked….
Swara : have a nice day love!!!
Sanskaar smiled and hugged her and made her lay down and goes to his work…..
While swara slept for some more hours…..

Sanskaar had a great meeting with foreign clients…they were discussing on some issues….

Mr.clark : sanskaar so hows your wife….
Sanskaar : she is good….
Mr.clark : i heard youll are on honeymoon i am so sorry to disturb your goneymoon for this meetings….
Sanskaar : no sir that’s really ok…..
Mr.clark : so till when are youll in london….
Sanskaar : 3 days then will be returning back to india….coz some metings are pending yet….
Mr.clark : so why dont youll come to tomorrow’s party….i am keeping a bussiness party tomorrow and i want you and your wife to join too….common you have awarded best business man of the year…..so if you will be there it will be great…..
Sanskaar : sir we will come dont worry…..and it will be so good for us to attend it….
Mr.clark : yeah sure meet you tomorrow…..

Saying this he gone….while sanskaar just sighed and saw the time it was showing 4 evening…… while he was about to take his car keys he remembered today’s date and he hit his head
Sanskaar : shit man how can i forget i have to make aarangements for it….. when he thought of something and went from there…..

While swara was awake from now…..she was busy in video chatting on lappy with aarav and khushi….
Swara : so you both did the homework….
Khushi : yes mamma kabka….but mumma aarav bhai haven’t done it yet…
Swara : aarav is it true???
Aarav : mumma no i have done it…
He murmers to her “khushi ki bacchi wait i will see you”
Khushi : mumma see na he is threatening me….
Swara : aarav itss not good….you are my smart baccha na so you will not fight with her and will do homework properly ok….
Aarav : ok mumma
Khushi : but mumma where is papa and when are youll coming??
Swara : hmm papa has gone for some office work and will come after 3 days
Aarav : what mumma really please come soon i am missing you papa laksh chachu and ragini chachi so much…..i want to eat your handmade food i am missing it so much….
Swara : aww baccha i am missing you too….
Khushi : and i also miss you and papa alot please tell papa that i miss him alot tell him to bring so many dolls for me….
Swara : haa papa’s princess i will tell him chalo now go and study and haa dont
Aarav/khushi : trouble badi maa and all send jhanvi my love take care my bacchas hehe mumma see we know it…
Swara : ha ha youll know everything sweet devils now go love you’ll so much take care….bye…..
When she cuts the call she felt so relieved…talking with them….
She was wondering why sanskaar isnt back yet…..
Suddenly her phone rings and it was sanskaar caller id….
Swara : hello sanskaar…
Sanskaar : : be ready till 7 princess…..
Saying this he cutted the call not giving her a chance to speak…..

By 7 she was ready wearing a light orange till knee-length dress…..hairs straight…..light makeup….
She was looking aww….
Now no more shyness to cover herself….now she was loving they way she is….all because of sanskaar…..

At that time door bell rings she thought he has came…..

She opened the door but it was a driver….
Driver : hello mam sanskaar sir has sent me to pick you
up….so shall we proceed….
Swara : yeah ok….
Swara left thinking what is he thinking….he didnt came to pick her up and where the hell he is now…….

She was angry on him…

And then the driver stopped the car near a lonely place surrounded by tress and all….it was a forest but without animals….

Swarra : where have you stopped….
Driver : mam sir have told to drop you here and he has told after dropping you here…. you should go straight and then you will find him….
Swara : hmm ok you go…. this sanskaar na he will be beaten from my hands today for sure….
She started walking when she sees a beautiful card and a yellow sunflower with it…..
She goes towards it…..and opens it

”Yellow colour goes for friendship and happiness…. our relationship have also started with friendship…..you are my best friend with whom i can share my everything….and from when you have you come you have brought happiness in my life so this yellow flower for our friendship….
Yours friend for whole life

She smiled and down she saw a arrow staring to move right…..
She goes right there she saw another card with white orchids with it……

She smiled and opened it…..

“White belongs to perfection and hope……
Perfection…..you are born perfect….a perfect daughter…..a perfect sister….then a perfect mother….you are a great mother and both aarav and khushi are lucky to have you and espcially aarav is licky to have you as your mother…..and obivios a perfect wife……for me you are my perfection…..
Hope…..after you came in my life i got hope that you will change my life….so inshort you came like a hope for me….thanks for coming in my life
Yours smart husband

She smiled in tears and then saw the arrow and it stating to go staraight……

She started going straight then she saw the card again with red and yellow tulip attached to it…..

“Finally after so many battles with heart i have started falling for you…..yellow and read tulip stands for falling in love…..and i am glad i have fall for you…i just pray that i fall for you every births in my life….
Yours lovely hubby”

She laughed at his antics…..
Then again after walking she found combination of white and red orchid…..

“You know this flower stands for for unity and togetherness…..
I just prat that we stay together for the rest of my life….just united by love…if you are by my side i dont want anyone else….life will be so beautiful if you and i are together….”

She blushed at this…..
Then last she saw a red coulor card with red colour rose……

“At last you came till here…..swara you know red stands for love and today i wanna tell you that after going so much in our lives i just got to know one thing i cant live without you…….you are my need my breath my lifeline my swara….I LOVE YOU SWARA”

She was having tears in her eyes…..
When someone came and kept his hand on her eyes….
She shouted but soon fond the touch familiar : ssanskaar
Sanskaar : sshh just dont speak…..
He took her somewhere ans she slowly slowly opened her eyes…..
She was beyond shocked…..
A big tent was there….with lake side view….above stars and oon making the night more adorable….
Then she looked down she saw all the flowers sunflower roses orchids mixely and it was writter…..
She was in utter shock she didnt even remember that it hasbeen 6 months passing their marraige and he remembered it…..
She cried she saw sanskaar on his knees clutching his hand…..
Sanskaar : thanks swara for coming and brightening my life…thanks for showing me the real meaning of true love….thanks for taking me out of my past…….. thanks for accepting aarav as your own son…..thanks for giving me such a happiness in form of khushi…..i always wanted a daughter and you gave me khushi….thanks for fighting with me…..thanks for loving me so much…..thanks for being there with me…..i cant thank enough of you coz tou have sone so much for me…..i just wish that why i found you so late…..you are the missing part of my heart i just wish to get you in my every birth…..happy 6 month anniversary mrs. swara sanskaar maheshwari……like this 6 month i want to fill my every day with you…..will you accompany me with this journey of ours…..

Swara hugged nodding in yes cryingly…..while sanskaar was happy to see her happy…….

Precap : continue of romance…..

So guys how was the episode sorry if it was boring i thought to give sanskaar fonfession part too as it was missing…..only one episode then honeymoon part will be over….. so till then bye…..

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  4. Hii kaynat..I was a silent reader of your ff till now..but your writings forced me to comment..truly..u r an amazing writer

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