swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 41

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Sanskaar was in study swara tried her best to woo him but he got engrossed in his laptop…
Which totally irked her……

She got down and suddenly got a call from pankhuri…..

Swara : hii bhabhi…..
Pankhuri : hii swara hows u… and hows sanskaar…
Swara : bhabhi am good and he is also good you tell me how are all and kids….
Pankhuri : all are good papa and maa are missing youll and kids are damn eager to see youll….
Swara : i too missed them bhabhi…..
Pankhuri : acha swara adi was telling that youll are returning after 4 days….
Swara : yeah bhabhi for business work…. and sanskaar is totally pissed off listening this news….
Pankhuri : haha he should be he has got only one week with his wife that too is going to be 4 days…..
Swara : yeah bhabhi…. bhabhi you have any idea…. what to doo…
Pankhuri : are swara i forgot to tell you why i called you you know what is tomorrow….
Swara : umm noo….
Pankhuri : tomorrow is sanskaar’s birthday…..
Swara : what omg really but he didnt let me know….
Pankhuri : he himself has forgetten how would he tell you… and he didnt celebrated his birthday from many years….
Swara : dont worry bhabhi thanks for telling me now i will celebrate his birthday with a bang thanks for telling….
Pankhuri : hahaaa no issue swara…. we all remembered his birthday so thought to tell you…. so now you got idea how to make his mood ok…
Swara : yeah bhabhi and bhabhi i want a help from you….
Pankhuri : yeah tell….

They both discussed something…..

While swara after talking with pankhuri goes into kitchen and starts preparing dishes…. and she slowly tiptoes into sanskaar’s room….
She saw that he was doing some work in his laptop…. she smiled and bolted the door…..
She then quickly prepared his favourite dishes and small chaoclate cake…..

She looked at the clock while it was showing 11…..
She then hurriedly gone to decorate the hall….

Sanskaar’s pov….
This work i have to finished it anyhow…..
I am really not intrested in going yr because i know after going back swara will be busy in kids and i in office but that stupid clients have came i cant pressurise bhaiya too for the work….
I will finish this presenatation by night so that i can get some time with swara….
Swara tried so many things to make my mood but i dont know i was really upset….. i should finish this work anyhow and should go to her….

Sanskaar pov ends

He anyhow finishes his work and looks at the clock…..
The clock was showing 11:45…..
He was shocked that how much he was busy in his work that he didnt saw the time…..

He goes to door but to his surprise the door was locked….

He tried many ways to open it but it wasn’t opening….
He started panicking….
He shouted
Sanskaar : swara swara…
But no response many thoughts were running in his mind which made him sweat…..

Suddenly the door got unbolted….
He quickly opened it….
But it was all dark…..
The hall was full dark….

He was fully worried….
Sanskaar : swara where are you…. swara answer me…
His voice echoed in mansion…..

Suddenly a big screen was set on with projector connected to it with help of movile…..
He was cofused at was going on….
Suddenly the screen was showing some pics…..

First some pics of sanskaar at his college days….
Sanskaar was seeing all this with full of concentration…..
Then sanskaar with full family….
With dp with anupoorna….
With adi laksh and anjali….
And a pic was shown when he was holding a small araav….
A smile appears on his lips…
He now knows that all this is prepared by swara…..

After that swara and sanskaar marraige pic is shown….
Which he smiled that how much he dont wanted this marraige to happen….
Then a pic of sanskaar holding khushi….
He was so much lost in this pics
Then last pic was shown of full family aarav khushi sanskaar and swara….

Then it ended….

And it was written beautifully…..


Sanskaar then remembered its his birthday…..
He was so much lost in life that he didnt bother of his birthday…..

Suddenly a sweet voice came from behind…..

Swara : surprised love…. yes you are….. you can forgot it but i have to celebrate it coz its the special day when you were born and destined for me…. you are a wish of mine which has came true…..i cannot thank enough to god of how i am lucky to have you as my husband my better half by beat friend….. and ofcourse my soulmate who has stand by me when it was so much easy for you to leave me…. but no you stand and sypported me…. i cannot forgot how you helped me when that incident happen…. when you supported me without even complaining…. i just wish we stay together no matter what and just wish that you have a long life….. did i say how much i have loved you…. the measure of my love for you is infinite it cannot be count…. once again happy birthday jaan…..

Sanskaar’s eyes were filled with tears to hear her voice…. how much she loves him….
He was in tears….
Suddenly someone backhugged him …..
He turned around to see an angel standing in peach colour gown till lenth sleevless showing all her burn marks on arms….
But she today she didnt cared anything coz he love her in this way….
Sanskaar smiled to see her and hugged her immediately…..
Sanskaar was about to say something when swara keeped her finger on his lips…..
Swara : sshhh i know you have plenty of things to say but i have one more surprise for you….
She made him sit on couch and goes to projector and play a video and sat beside him….
Swara : just watch….
On the screen adi and pankhuri were shown….

Adi : hello bro wish you a many many happy return of the day …..
Pankhuri : happy birthday sanskaar may god bless you with all the happiness you deserve….
Adi : chal bro come fast i am missing youa nd my sis so much acha wait papa maaa and anjali are also in the line….
Sanskaar was having tears to see their love…. while swara just grabbed his hand and let him see more….
Dp : happy birthday beta live long…
Anu : happy birthday sanskaar we miss you and swara so much…..
Anjali : bhai its so unfair its your birthday and you are not with us…. but i pray to god to make all your wishes come true love yew bhai acha bhai wait all kids are waiting here see….

Aarav khushi and jhanvi : happy birthday papa/chachu….
Aarav : you are the best papa in the world….
Khushi : papa i am really lucky to have you as a das you my superhero….
Jhanvi : you are my best chachu and my bestest friend i love you very much chachu…..
Khushi : come soon papa i miss you
Aarav : i also miss you papa and my mumma too
Jhanvi : mee too come home soon bye….
Video ends while sanskaar cheeks were wet due to tears….
Swara then goes to sceen and atarts singing song…..

Swara : agar tum mil jao zamana chod denge hum…. agar tum mil jao zamana chod denge hum….
Tumhe paaakaar zaamane bhar se rishta tod denge hum agar tum mil jao zamana chod denge hum…..
Swara’s voice was such melodious…. he was looking at her with so much love….
She goes to him and knelt down infront of him…..

Swara : bina tere koi dilkash nazara hum na dekhenge…..
Tumhe na ho pasand usko dubara hum na dekhenge…..
Sanskaar was totally lost in her words she really meant those words… for her only only sanskaar was his world….

Swara : teri surat na ho jisme….
Ha aaaa teri surat na ho jisme woh sheeshaa tod denge hum agar tum mil jao zamana chod denge hum…..

Sanskaar made her sat on couch….
Swara smiled and wiped his tears and kissed on his cheeks wiping those tears away…..

Swara : tere dil me rhaenge tujhko apna ghar bana lenge…..
Tere dil me rahenge tujhko apna ghar bana lenge tere khawabon ko gehno ki tara khud par saja lenge
Kasam teri kasam haaa aaaa
Kasam teri kasam taqdeer ka rukh mod denge hum agar tum mil jao zamana chod denge hum….

Swara extended her hand in form of dance while sanskaar laughed at her act but grabbed her hand….
They both dances c

Swara hugged him in dancing…..

Swara : tumhe hum apne jismojaan me kuch aise basa lenge…..
Tumhe hum apne jismo jaan me kuch aise basa lenge tere jism ki khushbo ko apne jism ki khusboon bana lenge….
Khuda se bhi na jo tute woh rishta jod denge hum…
Agar tum mil jao zamana chod denge hum…
Tumhe paakar zamaane bhar se rishta tod denge hum….
Agar tum mil jao zamana chod denge hum….

Both were hugging eachotger passionatly…..
Sanskaar : why do you love me so much???
Swara : coz i dont know…. i just know that you are my life… my world my ecerything…. my morning starts with you and night ends with you…. you are the reason of my existence….
Sanskaar : i love you so much swara thanks for such a wonderful surprise i have seriously forgot that its my birtgday… and trust me i have left celebrating it long back but after so many years when you were celebrating it… it felt good….
Swara : i know you didnt celebrated it for years that’s why i decided to do something for you….

Sanskaar : swara if i am your wish come true than you are the angel which came in life life like a light and filled my dark life with colours…. if you wouldn’t have came then today also i would be arrogant rude sanskaar maheshwari…. thanks for bringing old sanskaar back…. and making me close to my family and gifting me such a wonderful daughter khushi…… today i just pray on my birthday that we stay like this forever…. just be with me till my death….

Swara keeps her palm on his mouth….
Swara : please dont talk about death today….

Sanskaar : acha baba waise did i said you how beautiful and hot you are looking in his gown….

Swara blushed at his statement…..

Sanskaar carressed her arms with his fingers….
Sanskaar : a true princesss……
Swara hugged him tightly as she cant hid her blushing face…..

Sanskaar too reciprocated it….

Swara : sanskaar lets have dinner i made your favourite dishes …..
Swara dragged him at dinning table and bought the dishes…..

Sanskaar was so happy because she was too happy…..

Then swara feeded him…. with her hands he too made her eat the food….
Then she bough a small choclate cake…. for him with candles lighten on it….

Sanakaar : swara why you took all the trouble…..
Swara : sanskaar its nothing infact i love to do all this now common make a wish and blew the candles…..

Sanskaar closed his eyes….

And then blew the candles…..

He made her eat the first bite she too feeded him…..

Now swara came to him and wrapped her arms around his neck….

Swara : so my hubby what gift you want on your birthday…..

Sanskaar : you have so much….. now i dont want anything
Swara : are it was all surprises now say what you want as gift…
Sanskaar : swara you are only my gift i dont want anything….
Swara : no you have to say some gift….

Sanskaar thinks for a while
Sanskaar : but what i may ask will you give that to me…

Swara : promise…. just demand it i will fullfill it….
Sanskaar came closer to her ears and whispered…..

Sanskaar : some rounds of passionate love making which can make you a mother and me a father…..

Swara’s eyes popped out from socket….
Swara : what??? sanskaar you know what are you saying… i mean we already have two kids….
Sanskaar : swara i want our love symbol to come in this world…. khushi and aarav are close to us and will remain the same but i just want our kid swara….urs and mine….. common swara its my birthday and you promised you wont decline it…..

Swara : but after he/she will come khushi and aarav will remain our responsiblity as previous….
Sanskaar : swara i trust you i know you will love our three kids the same way… and common khushi and aarav too needs a bro/sis na….
Sanskaar winked to which she throwed her arms….
Swara : wish granted my hubby…..
Sanskaar’s happiness has no bounds he took her in his arms and goes to the room and threw her on bed…..

Sanskaar : today i wont let you sleep jaan…. you will be tired like hell….
Swara : who wants to sleep love today…. just love me like you do….

Mature content….. bache bhag jao…..

Sanskaar removed his shirt and bounced on her….
Swara was breathing heavily…..seeing his closeness….
Sanskaar smiled at his effect he has on her….
He slowly pecks her lips…. turning the peck into slow and passionate kiss….
Swara’s hands automatically touched his well built chest and she was carresing it and other one was carresing his back…..
She was sucking his upper lips while he was sucking his lower lips…..
Both were smooching eachother…… sanskaar demand for an entrance to which she gave in…..
Sanskaar travelled in each corner of her mouth…. and started tasting her mouth…. while she too tasted his saliva…..
Both were out of breath but both dont want this kiss to end….
They halted for some minutes but again sticked their lips….
Sanskaar hands started roaming from her thighs recahed at her waist… to whixh she giggled a bit….
It slowly travlled to her cleavage…..
And pressed one curve….
His all act was making her wet down at her lower abdomen and she could feel him on her…..

After some 15 minutes finally they broke the kiss….
Sanskaar made her up and removed her gown from her body in one go….
Now she was all in her inners…..

Sanakaar goes to her neck…. and started giving her open mouth kisses…

While swara moaned his name…..
Sanakaar bitted her neck leaving his love bite there…..
Swara : aaahhh ssssaannnsskaarrr….
Sanskaar became more wild listening her moans….
He liks his bit to reduce her pain….
He goes to her cleave and started giving kisses he then came to one of her curve….
Her nipples have hardened coz of his acts……..
He kissed them above the barrier…..
Swara digged her fingers inside the bed sheet in pleasure….
She just want him to that it without that….
Swara : sanskaaarrrrr pleaseeee….
Sanskaar then unhooked her bra and took it out and grabbed her br*ast in his mouth….

He took one of her nipples in his mouth and bitted it so hard…. it turned red….
Swara only moaned his name…..
Sanskaar then catched other one with finger and thum and pinched it hardly…..
Swara was just gone in another world today…. coz the way he was loving her was giving her so much pleasure…..
She then grabbed his head and turned him around…..

Swara : my turn love!!!!

She saud huskily and bitted his earlobe….
He smirked seeing his widcat on…..

She kissed him on lips while sanskaar kneaded her buttocks…. in kiss…..
Swara gasped in plasure….
She got down and kissed his necka d bitted the same way he did before….
He just moaned his name…..

She bitted every where on his chest….
And she then unbuckle his pants and pushed it down with boxers…..

He was just laying keeping his head on pillow….
Swara took his member in her hand and started carresing it with her hand….
Soon her hand was repalced with her mouth….
She sucked it…..
Sanskaar : umm faster jaan….
She obliged to his command….
And after sometime he cummed in her mouth…. she tasted all….
After sometime sanskaar took her beneath him…
He started stroking her wet panty above it with fingers…..
He then slowly took it out….
She was so much wet all ready for him…..
He stroked her pu**y with his fingers….
To which she moaned….loudly….

Two fingers inside her and was thunping in and out she dugged her nails inside his arms….. in pleasure….

Latwr She made all his fingers wet…..
He came to her face

Sanskaar : swara look at me….
She opened her eyes….
Sanskaar : its gonna be little painful are you ready…..
Swara : am always ready jaan….
Sanakaar : just look at me throughtout…. i just want our eyes to be sticked to eachother….
She nodded….
While sanskaar inserted his manhood inside her in one go…..
She was moaning loudly…..
He kissed her and let her enjoy this ride…..
He was going fast and deep she too enjoyed it…..
She as receiving that pleasure which she never imagined….

He dugged himself in her neck and she was busy carressing his back…..

Sanskaar thrusted deeper and swara cummed….. behind her he too followed and left his seed inside her……

The night was fill with their love making sessions….

They slpet when first ray of sun hitted their room….
Sanakaar pulled the comforter and both cuddled eachother…..

Precap : 3 days in london…..

Finished this part hope youll like it just comment guys…. and i fullfilled the promise of big episode …..

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