swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 40


Heyaa guys i am sorry i am late its coz of busy schedule and thanks for them who are still loving this ff and i am sorry to those writers whose ff i cant read and comment like rabia and all still they comment but guys really you all write well….. sorry once again and yeah lets come to story so lets start….

Kids stay away mature part ahead…..

Recap : sanskaar manau swara…..

Sanskaar : you will pay for it jaan…..
Saying this he pushed her on bed and came above her…..

Sanskaar : you have tortured me so much today by your anger and now its my turn to torture you….

Swara smiled

Swara : aww… i am dieing for ur torture mr. sanskaar…..

Swara was thinking that he isn’t gonna do anything but she dont know the real sanskaar….

Sanskaar then slowly carressed her nighty and removed it from her hands by kissing all over it….
While she closed her eyes and moaned his name….
Then slowly he slided off his nighty…. and now she was naked and was enjoying her husbands touch…. sanskaar took this moment and tied her hands above her head with a cloth…..

While she opened her eyes

Swara : sanskaar what are you doing let me go off….

Sanskaar : aah what you were thinking jaan that you will easily escape…. and i wont do anything…. now real torture is coming……

While swara gulped as what next he is gonna do….

Sanskaar then bought his kercheif and tied on her eyes….

Swara : sanskaar please dont do this please open my eyes….. see i am sorry but please dont tie this….

Sanskaar came towards her ears and calmed her down….

Sanskaar : sshhh calm down princess after few minutes you gonna enjoy this…..

Swara : but….
Sanskaar : just trust me…

Swara calmed down….

While sanskaar removed his shirt…..

He then goes to fridge and bought some ice cubes…..

He took one cube in his hand….

And placed it on her face….
She was feeling ticklish in her body….

He then traced it down from her forehead to her cheeks to which she can only moaned…..

Sanskaar smirked at her…..
He then placed one cube at her neck….
She was being so helpless…..
He took that cuve in his mouth and came over her….

And then kissed her…..
The cuve went into swara’s mouth and both were fighting with that cube….
Sanskaar then took the cube and came over her br*asts….

He placed one cube one one….
Ice was melting on her hot body….
While sanskaar was licking all the ice which was on her br*ast….

Swara : sanskaar plz….

But today sanskaar wasn’t gonna listen to anyone today….
He then did the same with second br*ast too….

He then placed one cube on her belly…..
To which she squirmed….

He placed so many kisses at her belly button she was having an urge to hild him tightly but her hands were tied so tightly that she cant even move….

He then slowly opened her eyes….

Swara : you are too bad sanskaar….
Sanskaar : so am i jaan!!!
He placed an hungry kiss on her lips….
She too participated and bitted his lips so hard that it started bleeding he broke the kiss
Swara : its tit for tat…
Sanskaar smirked…
Sanskaar : aahaan jaan game is not finished yet….

He slowly placed his hand on her soaked pu**y…..

He slowly put his fingers into her without giving her warning to which she moaned loudly….
He was being so fast…..
And when she was about to explode in his fingers he drew it back…..
Swara : aahh sanskaar plz…
Sanskaar : this is for torturing me…. babes!!!!
Swara : i hate you….
Sanskaar : but i love you….
Swara : sanskaar open my hands
Sanskaar : no just tell me you wont gonna give me any silent tortures anymore…..
Swara : no am not gonna say anything….
Sanskaar : ok then stay like this…. i know babe what you waant and i wont give you that unless you promise me…
Swara : aahh ok i promise i wont do that again….
Sanskaar smiled and pecked her lips …

He slowly put his manhood and started thrusting her faster and deeper…..
By cluthing her hands which were tied…..

She was only moaning his name…..

The more deeper his stroke the more higher her moans….. the room was only filled with with it…..

Moon and stars were blessing them…..

Now both exploded in eachother and sanskaar opened her hands…..and both were laying cuddling eachother

Swara : aahh because of you my hands are paining…..
Sanskaar : aww i am sorry….

To which he took her hands and placed wet kisses on her hands….
She smiled at him…

At that time sanskaar mobile rang…..

Sanskaar : hii laksh all ok i mean you called so late….
Laksh : bhai all is ok but adi bhai called me and he told to inform you that some important meeting is helding after one week so we have to leave from here after 4 days….
Sanskaar : what but we were gonna stay here more than 1 week yr
Laksh : bhai am too feeling sad but its dad order and we will be there after 3 days then will go togethet to home… i and ragini will reach there ok bye tke cre and say hello to bhabhi….

He cutted the call and now his expression cahnged to sad to which swara asked him…
Swara : what happened sanskaar
Sanskaar : hmm we ave to go back to india after 4 days shit yr i dont wanna go….but dad is calling for some meeting
Swara : sanskaar its ok meeting is more important and the days which we spended are more precious to me….so now back to home

But sanskaar kept his sad mood on….and this irked her because she hated any sadness on his face….

Precap : swara’s surprise for sanskaar….

I know i am sorry for short update but agla bada hoga InShaAllah….. and HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE GUYZ…

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