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Hello everyone thanks for your overwhelming comments i am really trying write and upload daily but guys i really dont get time but no more excuses plz enjoy the part and i am thinking to give only 2 parts for this marraige rituals in this i will complete all haldi mehendi and this in next i will put wedding bidaai n all and in this part i will try to upload flashbacks too of swahil and kavsan hope so it works so lets start

Recap : pankhuri and swara’s bonding and swasan conversation

4 days have passed in all this wedding preparations shoppings and all there in maheshwari all were happily preparing for the grand wedding sanskaar was damn stubborn to participate in all this activities but pankhuri herself with laksh bought his and sanskaar’s outfits and there at gadodia house preparations were on full swing fresses jewelleries acessories all were busy but swara was just lost in all her thought when they were shopping of jewelleries her eyes went on mangalsutra she touched it and tear fell from her eye she quickly wiped it off
And she went from there
It was the day of haldi and mehendi reception next day was marraige sangeet wasnt kept because swara and sanskaar already declined for it though they have agreed in this marraige but all rituals they were participating only coz of parents but they have structly said no to sangeet
In gadodia house both brides were bought down to put haldi
First mehendi was put on ragini as she was younger
Sharmishta was applying her ragini was smiling ear to ear swara was just adoring her when she remembered something

Swara on phone call with sahil
Swara on full exitement
Sahil : sahil you just cant believe today is our haldi its so fun to attend all rituals
Sahil : its ridiculous swara all noisy things and that stupid haldi they will put on my face
Swara : sahil dont call bad to rituals it has been coming from so many years and i love to be part of all this but you go i will not talk with you and dont need to attend any rituals and doing all this dont even marry me??
Sahil : are swara sorry tumhe toh bura lag gaya acha ok i will attend all functions happily allright now plz smile
Swara : pakka
Sahil : pakka baba
Swara : love you
Sahil : love you too
(Dil pe patthar rakh kar swara se i love you bulwana padh raha hai ??)
Swara immediately came out of her thought when sharmishta came to her
She started applying haldi to her

Sharmishta eyes were filled to see her daughter’s getting in all this rituals again no mother wished to get his daughter remarry again she always wished she got only one husband that will keep her happy all the life but her daughter’s fate has played with her once she dont want that it happens twice she just prayed in heart that both her daughters just live happily
In maheshwari mansion haldi ceromony was going to start at that moment sanskaar mobile rang and he picked ot up after sometime he walked in his room pankhuri and anjali watched this and they both follow him
He was wearing his suit
Anjali : bhai where are you going

Sanskaar : are anjali now only important call has came that i have to go for urjent work
Pankhuri : but sanskaar haldi is going to start and after haldi you cannot go from house its our custom
Sanskaar : bhabhi plz you know i dont beleive in existence of god and i dont belive in superstitious beliefs and its really urjent i have to go
Anjali : bhai yr common everyone is waiting for you laksh bhai is also down leave your work for just some days common bhai we are already millionare if you leave this work we will not get poor
Sanskaar : anjali no means no

Pankhuri felt sad and tear felt from her eye sanskaar notice this and rushes towards her
Sanskaar : bhabhi what happened
Pankhuri : sanskaar i agree that you are doing this marraige for us but sanskaar are you not happy with this remarraige if you are not we will not force you because i can see that unwillingness on your face sanskaar i asked you to remarry not for only children but for you too but it seems you are enjoying to be alone and your work i am sorry to force you sanskaar i will talk with mom and will explain swara’s parents that to cancel this marraige
She was about to go when sanskaar held her hands and made her sit on bed and offered her water she first refused but sanskaar made her drink forcefully and he too sat on his knees and slept on his lap like a baby sleeps on his mother lap
Sanskaar : bhabhi i am sorry to hurt you bhabhi you know me from 8 years and you know me better that why i hate all this i cant face it again bhabhi i really dont have that courage to face it bhabhi i know i am hurting you all but bhabhi whenever i see this decorations the marraige kavita always strike in my mind and i get carried away with my past again again her face comes in my mind again her love how she was with us and at last her betrayal i just cant forget about her

Pankhuri gets surprise as in this years sansakar didnt took kavita’s name once but now he is shedding tears for her
Pankhuri : sanskaar see past is past we cant change but we can do beeter in present so that we shouldnt regret in future sanskaar this punar vivah is for you also the desicion which you have taken by yourself and in hurry of marrying kavita you also know that how deeply it went wrong but sanskaar swara is choosed by the whole family and most important its her remarraige too just think she is suffering double of you again all rituals she has to do and this time she is double scared for her as all bride gets scared for the sasural and secobd for her sister who is coming with her as choti bahu of this house and her daughter sanskaar we dont get happiness we have to do something for it bad times will come and it will be worse but when good times come it heals all our worries and overpower bad so now just trust yourself ok

Sanskaar wiped his tears and made a call
Sanskaar : cancel all the meetings i will be not be in office for few days more
Anjali was so happy she hugged her bhai he to hugged her happily pankhuri tap his cheeks and went
Later sanskaar comes down and all started applying haldi to both of them
Anupurna to pankhuri
Anu : beta see how fate plays with us sanskaar marraige with kavita was in so hurry that we cant do all this rituals i always wanted to do this rituals with my all sons how yours and adi marraige was it was so beautifully done
Pankhuri : yes mom but mom destiny has given you a chance to fulfil your dream in sanskaar remarraige you should be happy for that
Anu : you are right beta there’s always a fair chance in life
(Yes guys its right kavsan marraige was just simple i will revela it later why how it will all open later so focus on present)
Anu purna applied haldi to sanskaar then laksh laksh was so happy that anyone can make through his face later on adi too comes laksh gestures him to apply little adi picks little laksh closes his eyes and when he closes his eyes adi puts whole bowl on his face laksh opens his eyes wide open

Adi : see yor face lucky ???
Laksh : bhaiya you havent done it good ??
He ran begind him sanskaar was smiling seeing them saying this lucky dashes with him
Laksh : bhai what are you laughing
He applied a fistful haldi on his face adi comes all were tensed as sanskaar will shout on laksh laksh too realise what has he done but sanskaar took some haldi and ran behind laksh
Sanskaar : bhaiya and lucky you both are gone today
All trio were chasing eachother
Anupurna anjali dp and pankhuri were surpriesed at sanskaar but they were happy to see sanskaar playing like old days
In gadodia house later in night swaragini were applying mehendi
Ragini was applying mehendi and was talking on phone too with laksh with hearphones eyeryone has slept only this two were awake ragini was in her room and swara was in her room
Swara was seeing the mehendi when mehendi applying girl asked
Girl : dii what name should i write of groom
Swara : woh ssaah

She was about to say sahil but she remembered that its her remarraige with sanskaar
Swara : sanskaar
Girl : oh nice and big name
Swara smiled she herself dont know what happens to her when she took sanakaar name from her mouth she remebered their first talk and she liked how sanskaar was straight forward and his attitude but she was afraid that how will she handle this marraige
At maheshwari mansion all were tired so all were in their respective room sanskaar made aarav and jhanvi sleepa nd place them on their beds and goes to his room he closed his room and lay on his bed and thinks
Flashback is shown
Kavita and sansakar were sitting on bench holding eachother hands
(Bahot bura lagta hai kavsan likhke magar majburi hai)
Sanskaar : kavita after our college we will get marry with all rituals and customs
Kavita : but sansakar you dont beleive in god na
Sanskaar : so what i dont trust him but i like all the rituals its so amazing all family memebers will be together all fun masti
Kavita : but sanskaar i dont like it infact marraige is big desicion we qill think about it
Sanskaar : you dont wanna stay with me
Kavita : its not like that baby i wanna stay acha dont get carried away we will get marry but only simple how about cort marraige
Sanskaar : noways court marraige they do who dont have family and who wanted to run away but i will inform my larents about us and without them i will not do anything hope you get that
Kavita : are baby i was kidding we will get marry but as simple as i want common now dont argue

Sanskaar : acha baba no more fights ok
Flashback ends
Sanskaar came out of his thoughts and closes his eyes for sleep and thinks what will happen after tomorrow he doesnt mind getting marry to her beacuse she has understood his rules regarding this mararige but he was afraid whether he will keep her daughter happy or somewhere in the heart he was feeling whether he be able to keep her happy??
Episode ends

Precap : marraige

Hello everyone i know i know you all are angry but i promise to upload on alternative days and i will be on time this time promise and how was the episode anow i am also eager for next episode and anyone wants to ask anytype of question to me regarding me feel free i am like your friend ok so shoot your comments bye

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