swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 39

Hii friends lets start todays episode….

In car sanskaar was driving the car while swara was angrily sitting on passenger seat….

Sanskaar : swara my jaan my sweety i am sorry it was just fun….. why are you taking it seriously….

But swara kept quite and gave him silent torchures…..

Sanskaar : swara plz talk to me….

Swara : no i will not talk to you i just wanna go home so drive straightly or else i will go in cab….

Sanskaar was left with disappointments…..

Both reached the house and swara just speeded up her legs and moved to her room while sanskaar was just sitting with pout and dont know what to do now…..
He kept thinking then he got a idea….

While swara goes to her room and laughed silently as she was faking her anger and just wanted to see how sanskaar will convince her…..

She changed in to her nighty and was sitting on bed….

Swara : this sanskaar na dont know where he has gone..
despite of convincing me he has gone to roam…..

She then got engrossed in mobile…..
At that time sanskaar came to her room….

He was wearing black shirt with black jeans and he was looking so handsome….

While he started singing for her as he entered the room….

(Guys do read lyrics as this is their dialouges so plz do read it…..

Sanskaar : chori chori chupke se aake meri baahon me sammaja…. dheere dheere sapno ki suni suni duniyaa basaaja…
(Stelithily, come into my eyes and raise yourself…..slowly come and make my empty dream complete….)

Swara looked at him at surprised as he was singing good and then he took out some flowers choclates from behind with a sorry letter and handed to her…..

She read it and smiled to herself and she then kept that things on bed and looked again with anger to him….

Sanskaar while clutched her hands….

Sanskaar : hoooo chori chori chupke se aake meri aankhon me samajaaa….. dheere dheere sapno ki suni duniya basaaja…..

While swara took his hands out from hers and gave a fake smile…

Swara : aise satana haari mai haari yeh teri baatein jhuti hai saari…. aise sataana haari mai haari yeh teri baate jhuti hai saari….
(Dont tease me in this way i am giving it up….. all your talks are lie…..)

While she ran to another room and hided while sanskaar smiled and ran behind her…..
He searched in kitchen but no….. then he was climbing staurs he saw she is hiding under sofa of hall…..

He caught her arms and made her stand

Sanskaar : yeh zid hai buri koi rishta toh jod de….. koi rishtaa toh jod de….
(This stubbornness is not good…. come lets start a relationship…..come lets start relationship…..)

Swara : chal jaane bhi de meri baahe tu chod de…. meri baahe tu chod de…..
(Leave it…. let go of my arms…)

While she was struggling to get out of his grip while he smiled and sang further….

Sanskaar : haa isi toh aada pe mera deewana dil dhadke….
(This style of yours make my heartbeat faster)

Swara : haa tere jaise hi hote hai yaha sab ladke….
(All the guys in the world are like you only)….
She teased him and showed him tounge….while he laughed

Sanskaar : haa tujhko kasam meri haath chuda ke ab naa jaa…. dheeree sapno ki suni duniyaa basaaja….
(Promise me you won’t leave my hands and go….. slowly, come and make my empty world complete….)

While she somehow managed to come out of his grip and she was about to run but she saw her sad face and she was like”awww”….

And she rook his hand and then was taking him in room while he smiled that he finally won ….. but he didnt knew game was still on….

Swara pushed him in the room and locked the door…..

Sanskaar : yuu beeti jaaye apne milne ki yeh ghadi….. apne milne ki yeh ghadi…
( its passing like this our moment of meet….our moment of meet)

While swara listened his voice and sat on the door….

Swara : mai bolu toh kya kaisi mushkil yeh aa padi…. kaisi mushkil yeh aa padhi….
(What should i say…. what sort of difficulty has arisen….. what sort of difficulty has arisen….)

Sanskaar realised as now she was melting so he took the moment….

Sanskaar : dil karta hai kisi duji se dil lagalu…..
(My heart tells me to go and attach to someother woman…..)

While swara realised what he just said and quickly opened the door….

Swara : na na na aisa kare toh khaake yeh zeher mai marjau…..
(No no no of you will do such thing i will die drinking poison….)

She saw the room sanskaar has meesed up whole room with flowers which he have bought and he was sitting on bed eating grapes….

Sanskaar : raajkumaari ke sapno ka banunga mai toh rajaa…. tere jaaise aage peefche hogi tu jaa jaa….
(I will become some prince of some princess and there will be more woman likew you….)

While swara knew she did alot then she goes to him and kissed his cheeks to melt him….

Swara : naa baaba na re naa de saza re aake mujhe tu galwaaa lagale…. na baba naa re naa de saza re aake mujhe tu galwaa laga le
(No please dont give me this kinda punishment…. please come and hug me tightly……)

While sanskaar faked a smile and moves from bed….
While swara ran and hugged him tightly…

Swara : he chori chori chupke se aake meri aaknon me samaaja dheere dheere sapno ki suni duniyaa baasajaa….
(Stelithily come in my eyes and stay ther…. slowly slowly come in my empty dream and make it complete…..)))

While sanskaar back hugged her to which she felt so much happiness…

Sanskaar : sochaa nahi tha aise milegi raahe hamaari socha nahi tha aise milegi ek dusre se raahe hamari…. hey chori chori chupke se aanke meri aankhon me samaaja dheere sheere sapno ki suni duniyaa basajaa….
(I didnt even thought that our paths will cross this way….
Hey Stelithily come in my eyes and stay there…. and slowly slowly come in my empty dream and complete it)

While both were hugging eachother so tightly as if fear of lossing of anyone…

Sanskaar : so atlast princess forgived her prince….
Swara smiled : so why not how much time will princess wont talk with her prince…. he is her life….
Sanskaar : really so why she wasn’t talking with him
Swara : because he told many things to princess infront of that goons princess felt bad….
Sanskaara broke the hug and looked at her and cupped her face….
Sanskaar : does princess really thinks taht her prince who loves her immensely will really talk about her like that…..
Swara nods in no
Sanskaar : then…. it was not hard for prince to beat him but he just created fun…. and if princess didn’t liked it i am sorry….
Swara : no no sanskaar i am sorry please dont say sorry it was my fault… but u know i wasnt angry on you i was just little bit of angry on you…. baaki i was enjoying how you were convincing me…

Sanskaar : oh toh madam was wnjoying and here i was so tensed to what to gove how to convince…..
Swara : but you paased with full grades and you sung so well…
Sanskaar : ahhaa not more rhan you
Swara : but sanskaar its true that i will die when you will leave me and go to someother woman i can take everything but i wont bear anyother woman in my life it will be death…

She couldnt complete her sentence when he kissed her and bitted her lips so hard that it started bleeding….

Sanskaar : dont dare to say those things have you ever thought what will happen to me after you…. swara your place in my heart cannot be taken by anyone…. no one can take this place of yours and dare if you talk about death i wont talk with you….

Swara : aww prince ko gussa aa gaya acha sorry… but i know how to melt my prince….
Saying this she started removing his shirt buttons seductively giving love bites all over his body……

While sanskaar grabbed her to bed

Sanskaar : you will pay for it jaan….

Precap : hot romance or something else….

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  1. Rabia0032

    Ahhhh awesome but what did u mean by something else plzzz dont seprate them plzz

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      are no rabia something else means if readers dont want hot romance i will write somethimg else….

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      are no baba i mean who dont want hot romance they want something else or what….

  9. Zeestum2

    Awesome kaynu Sanskaar manaoing swara loved it but what did you mean by something else?? Yaar plz don’t separate them ????? ???

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    1. Kaynatk01

      that was a preety awesome comment thanks for it and yeah something else means nothing bad…. it means those who dont want hot romance i will give something else then…

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