swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 38


Hello friends thanks for ur response in previous part really means alot and giys this all honeymoon part is gonna hot so if u feel uncormatable just skip that part and read below……

The sun has arrived but our lovely couple were sleeping peacefully….
Holding eachother bare body cuddling more with eachother…..
And after all they were one after 6 months of their marraige the happiness on their face is clearly visible….
But at that time phone rang and sanskaar’s sleep got disturbed he quietly took the phone as he dont want his princess sleep to get disturbed….

Sanskaar in sleepy voice : heellooo

On the other hand : offo bhai you are still sleeping it seems like u havent sleep the whole night…
Saying this he chuckled
Sanskaar : laksh stop irritating me and tell me why you disturbed my sleep….
Laksh : oh hello bhai i am also not desperate to call you i also want to spend my honeymoon its just that you haven’t called at home and all wanna talk to you so when are free from romance please call them …..
Sanskaar : over…. so can i sleep now….
Laksh : bye sleepyhead….
Saying this he cuts the call…
While sanskaar again cuddles with swara and sleeps for some more time….

It was quite afternoon when swara’s sleep got disturbed she opened her eyes and found sanskaar gripping her waist and sleeping like a cute baby….

Swara gripped his shoulders more tightly and hugged him as if her life depends on him….

“The feeling is so great when you hug that person tighter who is hugging you more tighter”

She was feeling literally complete today…. a complete woman who got such a beautiful family in laws two beautiful kids and the most handsome caring prince her husband now what else she needs she smiled through her….

Then suddenly she sees her mobile besides table she opened it and saw the time she was shocked that how can she sleep till afternoon….

She tries to get but sanskaar gripped…

Sanskaar in sleepy tone
Sanskaar : where are you going jaan leaving me…
Swara : sanskaar get up its already afternoon and here you are sleeping…
Sanskaar opens his eyes to find most beautiful lady beside him making angry face which is making her more cute…..

Sanskaar : jaan you have forgot that we are on honeymoon and here no time limits understand so come and give me some warmth…. its really cold….

He hugs her more tighter….

While swara smirked as a plan striked her mind….

Swara : ok lets sleep but first release me i wanna go to washroom…

Sanskaar : no just stay here…
Swara : sanskaar please i wanna go…
Seeing her he melts…
Sanskaar : accha go and come fast ok…

He released the grip while swara taking as the chance took the sheet which was wrapped around sanskaar and swara both….
She took that and wraaped around her making sanskaar shocked….
Sanskaar : swara i will not leave you…
Swara : first catch me idiot…..

While swara ran from there still that sheet around her… while sanskaar chuckled at her wife’s cute beqhvious and wore his boxers and went behind her…..

While sanskaar was busy in finding her she was hiding behind the refrigerator….

Sanskaar : swaraa darling dont hide i will find you soon….

He goes to kitchen and saw that she was hiding behind fridge he quickly goes to her and clutched that sheet in his hand….

Swara : sanskaar this is cheating…..
Sanskaar : aahhaa and what you were doing was fair right…
He was about to hold her but again he lost the grip and she ran….

Swara : sanskaar my prince you can over me….

While sanskaar was busy admiring her…. her cute bubbly face her naughty shade which he has never seen he was in love with this swara….
When swara sensed his gaze on her she looked at him and blushed….

Now both were having an eyelock….

Bg music

Jaadu hai nashaa hai madhoshiyaann….
Tujhko bhulake ab jau kaha….
Jaadu hai nashaa hai madhoshiyaann…..
Tujhko bhulake ab jau kaha….
Dekhti hai jiss tarah se teri palke mujhe mai khudko chupaau kaaha…
Jaadu hai nashaa hai madhoshiyaann…
Tujhko bhulake ab jau kaha….
Dekhti hai jis tarah se teri nazre mujhe
Mai khudko chupau kaha
Jaadu hai nashaa hai……”

While sanskaar started taking baby steps towards her while swara was moving backwards feeling his gaze on her…..

Then suddenly swara’s body touched the cold wall and she found that she was trapped sanskaar came and blocked her all way….

Sanskaar came closer….
Sanskaar : you look so hot in this shade be like this forever…..
To this she blushed but looked at his eyes and found love for her…..

Sanskaar took a hold of the sheet and took it out while swara too didnt oppose she was actually enjoying his husband’s romantic shade…..

It didnt took time to drop that sheet from her body revealing her hot body to him….
He looked at her while she just closed her eyes and faced her plams on her face in shyness while he smiled and took her hands in his and then entangled it amd kept them qbove their head….

She opened her eyes…
Sanskaar : so my dear princess deserve a punishment for her bold act…
While she let out a small laugh
Swara : whatever prince wants he can give to his princess… no offense….

While sanskaar smiled and decreased gapes between them and kissed her lips smoothly yet passionately….

While swara too took equal part in the kiss…. sanskaar bit her lip in which she moaned and sanskaar kissed her deeply……
Both were smooching eachother so passionately while making sounds….
And after sometime they broke it and both joined their foreheads with eachother panting….

Sanskaar : so this was the punishment….
Swara : well i love your punishments…

Now both laughed and then sanskaar picked the sheet which was dropped and wrapped around her and picked her in bridal style and took her to the room….

While swara was overwhelmed to see his care…..
She goes to him and kissed his forehead….
He looks at her…

Sanskaar : for what???
Swara : for loving me so much…
Sanskaar smiled and brought her to room….
And swara dragged him again on bed and started their love session…..

After their love making they got ready and left for shopping…..

On the way they talked with adi and kids and swara was just happy to listen her kids voice…..

They reached to a mall and started to do shopping….

Sanskaar did shopping for swara and bought many western clothes while she was hesitating to wear jeans….

Swara : no sanskaar how can i??? i have left all this long back….
Sanskaar : so what you will wear it here…..
Swara : but sanskaar….
Sanskaar : ok fine if you are uncormatable i wont force you…. lets go will buy some Indian clothes….
Swara felt bad
Swara : are no no
She looks to the salesman and tells him to pack themm
Sanskaar : swara its ok if you dont wanna wear i wont force you….
Swara : sanskaar how can i deny that thing which you have choosed for me…. and i am comfortable in that… so buy that ok….

Like this both were doing shopping….
And sanskaar goes to bring the car while swara was standing out of the mall when some goons started troubling her…

Goon 1 : ohhoo you are so beautiful
Goon 2 : yeah come with us…
They were trying to touch her….
She was struggling to get free when at that time sanskaar comes
Swara : uff sanskaar thank god you came see na
Goon 1 : oh so he is your husband….
Sanskaar : excuse me gentlemen may i talk with you both please….
Goon 2 : oh see he is afraid of us he will save you….
While swara was confused at his behaviour…
Sanskaar : see guys you wanna take her but before that do listen she is really a headache… she will do the blabber and will kill youll with her talks….
While swara was looking at him with o shape….
Sanakaar : and sometimes she has mental attacks too and in that she try to kill everyone who ever is near her…. at once she tried to harm me too by beating me with stick but eventually j was saved….
The goons gulped
Sanskaar : i am just stucked to get married to her plz do me a favour take her with you plz…
Goon 1 : no no she is beautiful you keep her with you she is your wife…
Goon 2 : sorry sister we are going…..

While both runs making sanskaar laughs out while he looks at swara who was looking at him with blood shot eyes….

Sanskaar : what happened jaan
Swara : what happened my foot wat were u telling i am headace…. you are stucked by marrying me…
Sanskaar : uff jaan it was all prank….
Swara : just shut up i am not talking with you get lost….

With this she goes to car and sits there making angry face
While sanskaar gulped seeing her anger and now thought how will he calm her down….

Precap : sanskaar maanoing swara….

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