swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 37

Hello everyone sorry mahjabeen for not adding romance in previous bcoz i wanted this episode to be special that’s why couldn’t upload it….

So grab your seats everyone this one is gonna big i have tried my level hard in romance fingers crossed and baccha’s just stay away plz coz today’s episode is gonna be matured… so if you are uncormatable do not read after the song plz…….

Swasan have reached london at late night coz their flight was late…..
They stayed at sanskaar’s house…. sanskaar have his small farmhouse type house in london which he owned long back….
Swara was awestruck to see the house the interior designing was just marvelous…. all imported things were present there…. attached pool was there….a big garden….
Swara was thinking where have she reached….it was mindblowing

While sanskaar back hugs her…
Sanakaar : so where my wife is lost….
Swara : sanskaar this house…..omg its so beautiful…
Sanakaar : you liked it…
Swara : i loved it but how many more house you owned…
Sanskaar : hmm nothing much just one more one in paris where laksh and ragini have gone….and if all goes good we are thinking to establish our business in the whole world…. after this trip we have our meeting with american clients if it got successful… then our business will expand in the world
Swara : wow that’s awesome i am sure you will crack that deal out….
Sanskaar : hmm i know that coz i have you na…. my lucky charm…
Saying this he nuzzles his nose in her neck….
Swara was lost in arms…
Swara : sanskaar am tired…
Sanskaar left her…
Sanskaar : only today i am leaving you just wait for tomorrow my jaan….
Swara : i am waiting for tomorrow coz u will recieve the award na and its so good to see you there….
Sanakaar : and my prize will be you…
Saying this he pecked her lips….
And carried her in his arms to bed….
Sanskaar : chalo will sleep for today….
He hugged swara while swara cluthed him tightly and slept…..

Next day both swasan got ready at evening for the ceremony…..
Sanskaar got ready wearing royal blue suit while swara wore light blue full gown….
Both were looking so royal today….
Sanskaar : aaj mann nahi karra tumhe chodne ka…
Chalo na lets not go today and romance…
Swara : my mr. hubby romance later and chalo we have to reach early now come….
They both headed towards car….
And driver took them to ceremony…..

After a while they reached towards there….

Sanskaar got down from car while all all media and people gathered his car….
Sanskaar opened swara’s gate and took her hand in his….
While swara got nervous seeing so many people around her….
Sanskaar then held her waist telling her to be calm….
Swara was so happy to get a caring husband like her

They both reached and sat on a table which was booked for them….
Then the award ceremony starts and all the famourms rich businessman were present there…..

And then the host announced

Host : and we also have a winner who’s company has established in india so far that it’s the leading in India….. they have beated every comapny and has now bagged no. 1 position…. and its non other than maheshwari company and sons…..and not only this award but mr. sanskaar maheshwari whose is the owner of the company has bagged youngest Bussinessman “icon” of the year award…..may i request mr. sanskaar to come and take the award….

All started clapping while swara hugged sanskaar in exitement….

Sansakar smiled at her then he takes her hand and goes to stage while she tells him to leave but he insisted her to come…

He goes towards the host and other chairman of other company who were felicitating the award….
He collects that and takes the mike…

Sanskaar : well thank you everyone for making maheshwari company best company in india…….. and for this award and most importantly i would thank my mom dad who supported me throughout and secondly my aditya bhai who is also the owner of this company and the work which i have done he has also equally have done so i would thank him too….. and last but not the least my wife who has been total my support i really thanks her for understanding me in my professional life….. thank you everyone…..

Saying this he holds her hand and moves down while she was so happy to hear this from him…..

Both swasan happily reached to their home now……..
Both enters…
And sanskaar reached to wardrobe and took out a packet..and goes to her

Sanskaar : swara i wanna see you in this dress will you wear it for me…
Sanskaar handles her the packet…
Swara smiled
Swara : just 15 mins i will be ready…
Saying this she ran to changing room….
While sanskaar goes and took out the flowers which he had bought today….
He placed some orchids flowers and placed them with the candles…
And then he placed the rose petals on the bed…..
He has decorated the room with flowers and candles…..

While he knows swara will take some more timeso he goes to Washroom and took a quick shower….

Swara slowly comes out from changing room and was awestruck to see the bedroom….
She now thought how wrong she was to underestimate her husband by saying him unromantic…..infact she is yet to see his romantic side….

Then she felt something on her waist…..

Sanskaar : so darling liked it….
Swara : nope its just beautiful how can i like it i just loved it….
Sanskaar then departs and looked at her from head to toe…..

She was wearing black colour gorgette backless sleevless saree….
Her all burn marks were visible from back and on her hand…..
She was trying to hide it by keeping her hand but sanskaar catched it
Sanakaar : dont….. i know you always loved sarees like this but just your burn marks are available you are not wearing its really unfair swara…. you know what today you are looking absolutely hot and s*xy….
He whispered in her ears while swara blushed at that statement….

While swara thought of something and her eyes became moist sanskaar quickly asked her what’s the matter….

Swara : you know sanskaar i always wanted my life partner like this i always dreamed of a prince to come and take away me but you have heard that right dont expect so much from life…. and i got sahil in my life….
Hearing his name sanskaar’s blood boiled while swara became more sad….
Swara : sanskaar i have been hiding one truth from all of you from my parents too i haven’t told this to anyone only ragini knows about this but today i wanna tell this to you too actually sahil and i…..
Sanskaar cuts her words and cubs her face
Sanskaar : sshh princess i know the truth ragini told me everything remember when you were missing at that time she told how much you have gone through….
Swara breaks in his arms
Swara : he ruined my life sanskaar….. he just came in my life to destroy me he actually forced me every night…. and the worst part was he wanted to kill my child khushi too am happy that he is dead now….
Swara cried in his arms….
Sanskaar : calm down swara the good thing is that sad days are over now dont look to your past just focus on your presnt and enjoy it…..
He hugs her back to calm her down….at that time she just needs a hug from him and he assures her that now she is his and he is hers…. now nothing bad will happen….

Swara broke the hug…..
Swara : kaash sanskaar you may be the person who have took my virginity…. today i would have pure but no this is the truth my dignity have been impure by him….
Sanskaar becomes angry he holds her shoulders
Sanskaar : swara look at me….
Swara looks at him
Sanskaar : what you see in my eyes….
Swara was just seeing him….
Sanskaar : the person present in my eyes is the only person which i love and which have taken my heart….the person present in my eyes have thought me to live again…..to laugh again….she has thought me to love again….and today if i am happy its all because of you…. you have taken out me from the darkness which i was living for years….. and swara listen you are not impure ok…. you are as pure as my love swara…… our souls are connected swara no matter that our marraige happened secondly but we have been waiting for eachother from eternity…..now we are one and that’s what matter my sweet heart…….

Swara wipes her tears and kisses him on his lips tightly shocking him….

Sanskaar came out his dreamland and continues to reciprocate her…..

Swara broke the kiss and goes to his ears….
Swara : mark me your sanskaar mark me yours…..

Sanskaar smiled and hugged her immediately….

At that time sanskaar on the music player by remote and a song started to play….
Swara gets surprised….
Sanskaar started lipsing the song

Sanskaar : aake bharlo baazumein..
Tumko hai kasam jaan meri jaa rahi sanam….ho ho jaan meri jaa rhi sanam…

Sanskaar breaks the hug and facs her his back and spread his arms….

Sanskaar : aake bharlo baazumein tumko hai kasam jaan meri jaa rahi sanam ….hoo jaan meri jaa rahi sanam…..

Swara smiled and started lipsing ths song or we can say sing the song….

She ran and back hugged him spreading her arms around under his arms…..

Swara : hoo aake bharlo baazumein tumko hai kasam jaan meri jaa rahi sanam …. jaan meri jaa rahi sanam….

Sanskaar turns around and make her look in the mirror and gestures her how beautiful she is looking she blushes….

Sanskaar : kya mohabbat hai kya nazara hai kal talak yeh dil tha mera ab tumhara hai…..
He backhugs her and kisses her cheeks
Swara : kya tammana hai kya ishara hai humne toh pal pal tadap ke pal guzara hai…..hoo humne toh pal pal tadap ke pal guzara hai….
A tear drop fell on her cheeks sanskaar immediately turned her….
Sanskaar : dekho dekho….. dekho dekho ab karona mujhpe yu sitam jaan meri haa rahi sanam….hoo jaan meri jaa rahi sanam….

He wipes her tears…. swara smiled

Swara : hoo ake bharlo baazumein tum ko hai kasam jaan meri jaa rahi sanam… jaan meri jaa rahi sanam….

Sanskaar then removed her earings and kissed on her earlobe causing her to clutch his shirt tightly and blush heavily….. he removed her necklace and place a kiss on her neck….. she felt do weak at that moment….

Swara : kya ladakpan hai…. kya jaawani hai…..ab tumhare naam saare zindgaani hai hoo……ab tumhare naam saari zindagani hai……

She bends down and touches his feet sanskaar immediately made her get up….
Sanskaar : kya haqeeqat hai…kya kahaani hai saamne mere sapno ki raani hai…..
He picks her in his arms in bridal style….
Sanskaar : hoo saamne mere sapno ki rani hai….

He placed her softly on bed …..

Swara pulled him on bed and now sanskaar was beneath him…

Swara : ab saha na…. ab saha na jaaye mujhse duri ka yeh gham jaan meri jaa rahi sanam…. hoo jaan meri jaa rahi sanam

Sanskaar hugged her tightly so tightly as if he feared of loosing her….

Sanskaar : hoo aake bharlo baazumein tumko hai kasam….
Swara : jaan meri jaa rahi sanam…
Sanskaar : jaan meri jaa rahi sanam….

Both swasan were looking at eachother…..full of love for eachother….. but a desire filled eyes marking eachother as their’s today….

Sanskaar whispered in her ears
Sanskaar : ready my love
Swara : yeah my love….

Sanskaar smiled and rolled over her such that she was now beneath him…..

He kissed her forehead….swara closed her eyes…..
He kissed her eyes letting them to see him….
Then he kissed her nose tip….
He kissed her cheeks sensually….
Then he claimed her lips as his…..

Bg music
“Kaise bataye kaise jataye subah tak tujhme jeena chaahe….bheege labo ki geeli hasi ko peene ka mausam hai peena chaahe…..”

Swara clutched his hairs tightly….

The kiss starts with a soft one…
Then sanskaar started to suck her lower lips and swara too sucked his upper lip….
Sanskaar then moves his hand around her body senously….
From her belly then he moved his hand to her br*ast and mouled them in his hands….

“Ek baat kahu kya ijaazat hai teri ishq ki mujhko aadat hai…. ek baat kahu kya ijaazat hai tere ishq ki mujhko addat hai …hooo hoo teri addat hai…..”

Swara gasped at his touch on her private part….. taking as an opportunity sanskaar entered his tounge in her mouth…… and started exploring each and every corner with it….. while swara too started to suck his tounge both were fighting with their tounges while swara was carresing his back with one hand and his hair with second hand…..
Sanskaar pressed her br*ast to which she moaned loud…..
After sometime when they were out of oxygen they left eachother….

Sanskaar : i just love the taste of your lips….. its taste is endless….

Swara blushed and looked at other side inhiding her blushing….
While sanskaar gave open mouth kisses on her jawline….creating it a line he came to her neck….
First he gave a bite over there…

Swara : aahhh sanskaarrr….

“Ahesaas tere aur mere toh ek duje se judne lage…..
Ek teri talab mujhe aise lagi mere hosh bhi udd rahe hai…..”

Sanskaar sucked the bitten area in order to lessen the pain….
Sanskaar dugged himself more on her neck side while swara pressed him more by keeping her head on other side……

Sanskaar after satisfying from her neck….pulls her saree pally slowly and removed them….

Now swara was in her blouse and peticoat…..
Swara was to shy at that moment…..
She turned around while sanskaar opens the dori of her blouse….
And yes some burn marks were same as previous….. her white milky back was now filled with marks…. he gave kisses on her back….
He left innumerable kisses on her back while she cluthed the besd sheets tightly….
He made her turn around….
Swara had closed her eyes……
Sanskaar was about to remove her blouse completely but swara now being shy clutched it tightly….
Sanskaar smiled and gave kisses on her hand assuring her that she is her husband and he has that right on her…..
While swara hugged him tightly….

“Mujhe milta sukoon teri baahon mein….
Jannat jaisi ek raahat hai….
Ek baat kahu kya ijaazat hai…
Tere ishq ki mujhko addat hai…
Ek baat kahu kya ijaazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai….”

Sanskaar after removing her blouse…first view her…. she has little bit marks on her chest too….
Sanskaar then whispered in her ears
Sanskaar : today i am witnessing the most beautiful woman in the world….. you are damn s*xy…..
Swara’s eyes became full of love …..
She brought him near and gave kiss to him….
Swara kissed him with full of love….
While kissing she made him turn around….
While now sanskaar was beneath her…..

Sanskaar was carresing her back with his thumb while swara break the hug…..
And moves downwards and removed his shirts buttons…..
She threw his shirt somewhere in the room and started to give hickeys on her body…..
Sanskaar moaned at her touch….
He was happy to see her wife’s this shade…..
After sometime when swara was loosing her energy sanskaar took this opportunity and turned her again around…..

He goes to her chest and goes towards left br*ast…..

First he took her erected nipple in his mouth and bite it very much hard…..
While swara moaned loudly his name….
She was becoming wet at her lower abdomen…..
Sanskaar then took other nipple in his finger and thumb and pressed it with it….
While she was asking for more….
Sanskaar continued this play of kissing on one and moulding another one….

“Kyu sabse juda kyu sabse alag ahesaas tere lagte…..
Baisakh ka hum saaye se tere har shaam lipatne lage…..”

He moves to her belly button and gave open mouth kisses on her belly and stomach….
After that he came towards her face and again moulded their lips…..
Now he took swara’s hands and placed them on his pant button letting her to open them…..
But swara was not ready to remove it as she was blushing hard…..
Sanskaar breaks the kiss…..
Sanskaar : you have that right jaan….
Saying this he kissed his forehead……
Swara removed his pant buttons and he pulled down his pants…..
Sanskaar then pulled the strings of her blouse and removed it in one go…..
She was in her panty and he was in his boxers….

He moved little down…..
And he started to stroke her panty….
He can sense that how much wet she is…..
Sanskaar : you are so wet jaan…..
Swara closed her eyes and whispered
Swara : its only for you my jaan….
Sanskaar : oh is it so…..
He removed her panty in one go….
He started to kiss her thighs…..

“Har waqt mera gurbat mein teri jab guzre toh ibaadat hai….
Ek baat kahu kya ijaazat hai teri ishq ki mujhko aadat hai….
Ek baat kahu kya ijaazat hai
tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai..
Hoo adaat hai teri aadat hai”

And then slowly spread her legs…..
Swara clutched his one hand with her one hand…..
Sanskaar hold her hand tightly…..
And with second hand…..
He started to enter his first finger inside it…..
Causing her to moan loudly…..
While he entered smoothly…. when he felt that she is now ok he entered his two finger inside her and started thrusting….
After sometime his finger was filled with her cum….
He tasted all and came to her and kissed her….
She can taste herself in his mouth…..
She broke the kiss
Swara : i was so wrong to say you unromantic…… infact you are the most romantic man in the universe….. and you are only mine…..
Sanskaar : ofcourse princess am only yours…. and now you ready for it…
Swara : yes my prince…..
Sanskaar then pulled his boxers down….
And he first circled around her vagina with his p*nis….
Then he slowly entered her….
Swara : aaahhh sanskaar….its paining….
She shouted her lungs out….
Sanskaar wiped her sweat….
Sanskaar : just little pain jaan….. then it will dont…..
Sanskaar then entangled his fingers with hers…..
And again started to thrust….
While he kissed her….
After sometime when swara calmed down sanskaar then started to thrust more deeper…..
While sanskaar gave many kisses on her neck….
While swara maoned
Swara : faster sanskaar….ummm more deep….
While he smiled at her wildness and obeyed her order and thrusted to deep more in her……
After sometime she collasped in him….and sanskaar too cummed behind her…..

The night was endless…. filled with moans….. moons and stars were witnessed of their renioun….
Two souls which were joined in heaven today they were one physically too…..

After sometime of their love making session….
Sanskaar placed themselves under a blanket …..
And hugged her….
Sanskaar : thanks for coming my life jaan and making it beautiful….
Swara : thanks to you my prince for loving me so much and letting my fairy tale in real…..

Both kissed eachother and slept after sometime…..

Precap : swasan day out…..

So finsihed at last hope for the best….this part is so close to me if less comments then imagine this as last till then bye….

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