swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 36


The episode starts with…..

Today was really a hectic day for everyone….
From morning all were busy in work….

Kids were sleeping and till now they haven’t known about swasan going to london…..

Sanskaar being top richest man he made all the arrangements done quickly…..

While sanskaar was talking on someone on call while swara came in room for packing the stuffs….

Swara fastly took all the cloths out and started keeping it in bag while sanskaar finished talking on call he saw his wife totally engrossed in packing….

He sighed that she has forgetten too to take her tablets….
He goes to table and took her tablets and goes to her with glass of water….
He passes water and tablet to her….

Sanskaar : i know you have forgetten this too so take it….
Swara looked at him and smiled and took her tablets…

Swara : you always there na for me….
Sanskaar : hmm any doubt….
Swara : nah i just love when you scold me when i forget to take my tablets….
Sanskaar : you are really mad but what to do i have fallen with this mad lamb….
Swara : yeah my idiot dumb and haa unromantic lamb….
Sanskaar : swara what was that am i unromantic… listen you dont know me ok… i am very much romantic….
Swara : yeah yeah i know very much…
Saying this she turns..
While sanskaar grabs her waist and both had an eyelock….
Sanskaar : you will see how romantic i am mrs. sanskaar maheshwari just wait for the trip you will see the real me understand i will not let you sleep a single night…..
Swara’s cheeks turned red she blushed at that statement….
Sanskaar : uff someone is blushing… what happened darling some minutes ago you were only talking about romanve and now you are only blushing….
Swara : sanskaar chodo i have to do packing and all…
Sanskaar losses his grip
Sanskaar : now i have left tou but who will help you in london haa…
Sanskar smirks while swara hits his chest …
Swara : now let me work ok ….

At that time both aarav and khushi comes….
Aarav : mumma why are all in hurry all are busy in work…
Khushi : and you too packing we are going somewhere….
Sanskaar and swara goes to khushi and aarav respectively….
Sanskaar : hmm actually i mumma ragini chachi and laksh chachu are going to london……
Aarav : london…. is it very far papa….
Swara : hmm yeah it is very much far thats we four are going….
Khushi : wow i will also go with youll i will also come…
Sanskaar : khushi princess where we are going na there kids are not allowed and we can’t take you’ll so please understand….
Swara : aarav khushi listen we are going for somedays we will return soon till then dont harras badi maa or anyone in the house understand…
Aarav : mumma i will miss you both but i know youll must be going for some work so come soon….
Swara hugged him….
Swara : will come soon beta…
Khushi : no i also wanna come i will also come…
Sanskaar : beta we also wanna take you both but you are too small to go will take you’ll soon…
Khushi starts crying
Khushi : please na papa take me mumma i promise i will not irritate you’ll please papa i will be a good girl…
Both swara and anskaar becomes sad at her…
At that aarav goes to khushi
Aarav : khushi see let them go…. and will saty here… we have school too na and if you qill take absents than rosy miss will shout on you naa and see if you will you will go alone i will be not there and jhanvi dii also will also be not there so you want to stay without us you can go….
Khushi : no no you also come naa
Aarav : no i am not coming if you wanna go you go alone…
Khushi : acha ok i will not go papa mumma you both go and come fast ok….
While both swara sanskaar got happy seeing their bonding….

From others pov they are step brothers and sisters but their bond and love for eachother was more than real…
And swasan were so happy for that despite they both were different blood but their love was same for eachother…..

Khushi : but papa i want more choclates from there….
Sanskaar : yeah princess i will bring it promise…
Swara : ha ha paoa ki princess eat choclates and become fat sanskaar you are only making her like this
Sanskaar : ha toh let her be like this jaise you are not letting aarav eat ice creams eat he is also mumma’s boy right….
Aarav : haa papa you know mumma is too good i just love her…
Aarav hugs swara
Khushi : papa is more good i love him more….
While khushi hugs sanskaar….
Both swasan hugs the kids
And looks at eachother and whispered
Swasan : i love you too……..

It was evening all arrangements were almost done….
Nobody was going to airport as it was strict action from sanskaar that nobody will come to airport… he dont like anyone to get take trouble….

Swasan and raglak were bidding bye to others….

Ap : you both take care ok there will be cold and ragini take care of you doctor husband too he is rarlly careless…
Laksh : mom mom nothing gonna happen to me ok i love you take care ok…
Ap : yeah…
While swasa hugs dp and ap…
Sanskaar : will do regular calls ok to youll
Swara : i will miss you both…
Dp : will miss you too beta…
Swara goes to pankhuri and sanskaar goes to adi
Swara : bhabhi woh…
Pankhuri : i know take care of kids properly let them make their homework do properly i know everything swara you just go and enjoy
Swara : and one more thing bhabhi i
Thanks for everything and haa i know you will do all this without my saying…
Sanskaar to adi
Sanskaar : bhai i know if i will not tell you then too you will do it coz you are too good than me acha bhai see that mr. mehta is coming for meeting tomorrow
Adi : i know sanskaar i will take care of it you just have a safe journey and enjoy your first honeymoon waise i have gone three qith pankhuri right pankhuri…
Pankhuri : adi shut up ok….

Kids were sad but they did t cried….

Swasan hugs them with teary eyes and went as they also can’t live without them but they have to goo….

Both swasan and raglak left for airport….

Sanskaar had booked a private jet for everyone….
And they were waiting for it on airport when announcement was made for paris flight…
Raglak got up
Laksh : bhai we are leaving…
Sanskaar : leaving where… flight is yet to come
Ragini : actually bhai london is only you both are going we too are going to paris…
Both swasan gets yp
Swara : what when you made this plan
Laksh : actually its all dad’s plan and bhabhi its your first honeymoon enjoy with bhai and let me too enjoy with this mad woman….
Ragini : shut up laksh so now dii just go with bhai alone and enjoy and we have to catch the flight we will call youll after reaching and will meet on direct leaving date…
Sanskaar : yeah ok take care you both inform me about everything ok
Laksh : yeah bhai bhabhi bye both….
Both raglak goes to catch the flight….
While sanskaar got a message that his jet has arrived….
Sanskaar : so my darling come our jet has arrived…
Swara : lets go mr. maheshwari…

Episode ends

Precap : ATLAST!!!! the night which all are waiting for….

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