swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 3


Hello everyone i am back sorry dosto late hogayi i swear i will not give any explanations bas sorry my friends so lets start with dis chappy hope so it might be intresting

Recap : swasan and raglak engagement

Both children were looking at swasan shockingly
Aarav : mumma
Khushi : dadda
Khushi runs to swara and aarav runs to sanskaar
Aarav : dad is dadi telling truth she is my mamma
Khushi to swara : mumma that aunty is telling right is he my dadda
Both swasan nods
Khushi then goes to sanskaar and aarav goes to swara
Khushi/aarav : dadda/mumma
Both swasan felt happiness listening to mamma dadda words though they listen to this words everyday but today there was something special for swara it was aarav she got a son and she now has a responsiblity towards her daughter and son and for sanskaar it was khushi because he always loved jhanvi and aarav equally but today he got to know that he have to share his love with his daughter too and he have to fill the space of father’s in khushi heart he never have to differentiate between trio of them
Aarav hugs swara

Aarav : mumma you are my mumma but you were swara aunty na how would you become my mumma
Swara : beta your dadda and i are going to marry so from today call me mumma and khushi is your sister ok
Aarrav got happy as he got his mumma and khushi as his sister he hugs swara
Swara felt immense happiness hugging aarav
Khushi : dadda but you are not my dadda because my dad has died mom tells me that he has gone to god and become a star
Sanskaar felt bad listening her words
Swara listen to her words and became teary eyes
Sanskaar : beta forget all that from today just remind only thing that i am your dadda ok your mamma and i will get marry so inshort i became your dadda na so dont think much and give hug to your dadda common
Khushi smiled and hugged him sanskaar also felt happy seeing her happy swara smiled how he handled khushi smartly all elders were adoring them
After the ceromony all guest went but gadodias and maheshwari’s were sitting
Anupurna dp shekhar and sharmishta were sitting with pandit jiand finalising the dates for marraige and all youngsters were sitting in lawn and trio kids were playing in the room

In lawn
Raglak were busy in their own world anjali and karan were busy in their silly fights swara was sitting and was in deep thoughts when pankhuri saw her and goes to her
Pankhuri : hii swara
Swara looked up and smiled seeing her pankhuri and swara were sitting little far from all so they cant hear anything
Pankhuri : i know we couldnt talk properly in all this but as you know my name is pankhuri i must tell you you are really preety
Swara : thanks bhabhi
Pankhuri : swara i know it maybe difficult for you to adjust in our house and for agreeing for the remarraige i can understand but trust me this family is just beautiful you know they have never ever made me felt my parents place because they have filled that space mom and dad ave loved me so much that no father in law and mother in law will love in this world you know today i will tell you about everyone start with dad he is so fun loving he is always cool down he never ever shouted on anyone and then mom she is really great mom she never ever treats ne like daughter in law she has always loved me like anjali and then sanskaar laksh anjali the trio considers me as their own sisters seriously swara i have no siblings in my life but this trio never let me feel like that
Swara was just listening carefully to her and adoring everyone

Pankhuri : you know sanskaar is angry and impatient but he obey all my oders you know he and i are of same age but he always consider me as his elder sis he cant see me upset and he hate tears in my eyes and laksh you should never ask about him he has grown but he is still kid i pity on ragini how she will be able to handle him
Swara laughed at her statement
Pankhuri : are seriously you know he me silly things and now i am free that ragini will be busy in him but i really treated him as my small brother and anjali she is sweet but sometimes her anger is like adi only both brother sister are same but anjali is very good matured girl she has understood her responsibility early in her life and my pati dev he is antic peice he will crack jokes everytime and when he is angry novody can mess with him but you know only for him i am alive because my parents died before my marraige but he wanted to marry me and so he did and he has filled my life with happiness
Swara smiled

Swara : i am so overwhelmed to listen to it bhabhi and bhabhi tell na about jhanvi and aarav
Pankhuri : oh they aarav is naughty guy but naughtier is jhanvi all because of sanskaar she is his laadli you know aarav always needs a mother and i am happy a girl like you is filling that space and i am know you will handle it and whenever you need anything trust me like your elder sister i will be there for you at any time
Swara : thanks bhabhi the way you have given description of the family i am damn sure khushi will be happy here she will get all the love from everyone
Pankhuri : and you will too get what you deserve
At that time adi comes
Adi : pankhuri jii aapki baate khatam nhi hui and by the way swara i am adi you can call me whatever you want
He lends his hand swara shakes it
Swara : howz adi bhai

Adi : well not bad and welcome to the craziest family
Swara smiled both pabkhuri and adi smiled seeing her happy
They trio goes back to lawn
Laksh : excuse me pankhuri bhabhi today i also got engaged so why anyone not talking with me
Adi : because mr. Laksh maheshwari you are busy with your fiancee so who will talk with you
Ragini blushes
Laksh : whatever and swara dii i mean swara bhabhi you will also join this family with ragini
Swara and sanskaar looks at eachother
Pankhuri : i am happy for that as i will get two small sisters swara and ragini
Saying this she hugged both
Adi : and you can give time to your husband too
Pankhuri : adi shut up whenever you start haa
All laughs seeing them
All elders call them they all came
Anupurna : beta pandit ji told that mahurat is only after 1 week after that there is date till 4 years if we have to do this marraige we have to do it after 1 week
All were shocked

Laksh : what 4 years
Adi chuckled pankhuri slightly beats him to be quiet
Sharmishta : so beta we have decided that marraige will happen after 1 week only
Shekhar : are youll statisfied with it
All nods
Dp : beta sanskaar we know that the desicion of yours and swara’s remarraige have taken by us but if you both want youll can talk seperately
Anu : swara and sanskaar plz go and talk alone
Pankhuri takes swara to sanskaar room and she goes from there sanskaar comes and stands there both were finding words to start the conversation
Sanskaar : actually see swara this marraige is for the family and our kids i am making somethings very clear to you that i will not be able to give you wife’s happiness and love which you deserve because i just cant give i promise you that i will treat aarav and khushi equally but i will not be able to love again
Sanskaar said all this in one go
Swara : sanskaar whatever you have told i was about to say this things to you from the day my husband died my only priority was my daughter i will also not be able to love you but i swear i will love aarav as my own son i will not let that day happen when some one will say he is my step son
Sanskaar smiled at her

Sanskaar : i want one more promise from you i cant hurt my parents so infront of them we will behave normally as husband and wife because they should not feel bad and your parents will also not lie it
Swara thought that how much he cared for his parents and for her too
Swara : i promise i will behave like your wife infront of all
Sanskaar lend his hand swara shakes it
Both were feeling someother feeling touching eachother swara can feel butterflies in her stomack sanskaar can feel little current in his body but both get departs and goes down and said that they are ready raglak were super happy swasan were not happy but they were staisfied with eachother
And the episode ends

Precap : not fully decided but maybe haldi and mahendi reception

So guys how was the chapter youll wanted swasan bonding so this was the start of their journey with small talk many things are to be unfold romance intense scenes are waiting just wait till then bye

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