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Swasan OS

Episode 27

Its been 4 days after swara’s operation….. though operation was successful but her wound wasnt healed yet it was as deep as before…
All members took care of her health..
But sanskaar he got so many responsibilities in his head first he has to take care of both aarav and khushi alone and then he cant neglect his office work too and lastly he has to see swara too daily…
His schedule was so tight first drop kids school then go to office and then at 8 pm he goes to swara and returns till 12…
And sharmishta and anu were always there for swara even pankhuri use to stay some nights with her..
Aarav khushi jhanvi too comes to meet swara..
While all dp and adi havent forgive sanskaar but they care about him too thats why adi took most the office work on himself….
In hospital only pankhuri and swara were there…
Swara : bhabhi i am noticing that many people dont talk with sanskaar is anything happened??

Pankhuri was speachless as what to tell her…
Pankhuri : woh nothing swara its nothing like that..
Swara : bhabhi plz say na what happened…
Pankhuri : actually swara papa and adi blamed sanskaar for your accident
She tells her everything what actually happened and how dp and adi were angry on him
Swara : oh my god!! This much happened and this sanskaar didnt told me anything bhabhi sanskaar isnt at fault bhabhi its not his fault how cant they blame him..
Pankhuri : i know but swara he too behaved so badly with you
Swara : bhabhi noo he never behaved badly with me its just his love he always loved me bhabhi i use to irritate him…. and whatever happened was just accident mothing else…
Pankhuri : but swara adi and papa are very angry on him… papa will forgive him but what about adi i didn’t saw this kinda behaviour of his in my life… he cuts me off when i discuss it…
Swara : bhabhi dont worry i will speak to bhai maybe he will listen to me…
Pankhuri : first you get cured soon acha am leaving now… and listen plz tell sanskaar to take care of himself he usually skips his dinner after meeting you..
Swara : let him come today he is gone and bhabhi give my love to aarav amd khushi…
Pankhuri : yeah ok will give bye take care…. will come tomorrow bye
Swara : bue bhabhi
Pankhuri makes her lye on bed and goes from there…
After one hour sanskaar enters room and swara was sitting waiting for him..
Sanskaar : so sorry swara actually some clients came so its been late am so sorry..
Swara : sanskaar first come here and sit…
Sanakaar does
Swara somehow takes her burnt hand and keeps on his hand
Swara : till when you gonna keep your pain with you first kavita and now ñ
You didnt told me that adi bhai and dad is angry on you.. why sanskaar why??
Sanskaar squesszes her hand
Sanskaar : swara its not like that i didnt want to stress you out… and they will forgive me..
Swara : sanskaar they are angry on you on no reason i was the one who irritate you.. you never harmed ne and that fire was just an accident sanskaar how can they blame you..

Sanskaar : i was at fault swara i left you to go despite knowingwithout you i am nothing.. i always taunted you for that reason that you have never done… i cant trust your love… i was blind to not see your love.. if iwould have stopped you thatt day today you havent gonna to this much pain because of me…
Swara : sanskaar bas how much tou will give pain to you… the thing which was written how can i change it let it happen i am just happy because you are with me annd now nothing matters to me..
She kissed him on cheeks
Sanskaar : well this was good
Swara : and i got to know you skip your meals how dare you to play with your health now from today you will eat with me ok
Sanskaar : swara woh…
Swara: bas no more excuses i will not let you play with your health if youwill not take care i will too wont take medicines…
Sanskaar : uff swara you naa acha ok i will eat with you promise
Swara : aww love you my hubby..

Some days went but swara was feeling something that how her life gonna be because she was not like previous swara her body wasnt previous…
Though operation was done but wounds not gonna heal soon it will take time..

When one day she was sure at her doubt..

Swara was laying on bed closing her eyes when she heard two nurses talking
Nurse 1 : yr you know yesterday i did her bandage her wounds are so deep i am scared what will happen when her husband will see it..
Nurse 2 : yeah if he leaves her…. because i dont think so her husband will accept her with this when he will see it he will leave her…
Nurse 1 : leave na why are we bothered we should do our jobs properly neither laksh sir will shout on us come…
They both leaves the room dont aware that two pair of ears have listened their talks and it was swara…

Tears made her own way from eyes
Though she trust sanskaar and she knew sanskaar isnt gonna leave her but she knews she was not like the same she was changed and sanskaar dont deserve her she just cant be a burden on him…

At that time sanskaar came to meet her
He entered her room swara saw him
Sanskaar looked at her sad face
Sanskaar : hey swara what happened why you looking so sad
Swara : sanskaar just sit
Sanskaar sits beside her she was still laying on bed

Swara : sanskaar how much you love me??
Sanskaar : what type of question is that
Swara : just answer me how much do you love me???
Sanskaar : well it cant be answered just beyond infinity and i love you that much i can do anything…
Swara : anything??
Sanskaar : yeah anything
Swara : then give me leave me sanskaar leave me…
Sanskaar : swara are ypu out of your senses what are you speaking rubbish
Swara : sanskaar plz leave me i cant live without you…
Sanskaar : and what haplened to you suddenly swara tell me dammit..
Swara : i am not capable of yours love sanskaar…..you have to leave me… the swara you love was something different and today’s swara is lying infront of you covered with bandages
Sanskaar : i am aware of yours condition and you are too aware of my love swara and if you are thinking that by seeing some your burn marks my love will be reduced it isnt possible…
Swara : sanskaar its real… how can you live with me .. am a burden to you except my face everything is burnt what is left…
Sanskaar : it will get heal swara… i am there na and dont ever say you are a burden to me understand
He gets teary eye and cubs her face
Sanskaar : today also you are the most beautiful woman for me in the world… your outer beauty is nothing infront of yours inner beauty swara… i have fallen for your braveness for your stubbornness for you love for your innocence…. swara time will heal all your wounds just trust me… i will be always there for you… always….
He kissed her forehead
Swara : sanskaar acha listen for one time just once remove my bandages and just see my body….
Sanskaar smiles
Sanskaar : swara my love isnt dependent on this test and you know that…. i will see your body but not for seeing how much you are burnt but for to cure your wounds…
You trust me right just hold my hand and i will never leave it…..
Swara : sanskaar what should i call myself… today am the most lucky girl to have a husband like you…
Sanskaar : nah you made me belief on what is love so today am just loving the perosn who is more than my life i just love you and wanted to pour all my love on you
Swara : how more will you pour this much only is enough for me
Sanskaar : its just small thing i have to show more my love….
He pecks her lips…
Sanskaar tries to change the topic
Sanskaar : well lets start with this may i have that much right to kiss you….
Swara was just happy to get a husband like this she was so happy she closed her eyes indicating a yes

Sanskaar smiled at her blushing and in no time capturerd her lips showing all his love while swara too reciprocated the kiss by gripping his arm…
While sanskaar kept his hand on both sides of bank to not give much load on her
The kiss which started softly turned into passionate needed one
Sanskaar licked her lips and demand for entrance swara in no time opened her mouth to make his tounge enter…
Both started exploring eachother’s tounge

After few minutes the broke it die to lack of oxygen
Both were panting

Sanskaar : well i must say you are indeed a beautiful kisser i wanted to see more shade of urs like this??
Swara’s cheeks turned crimpson red she hugged him with her one hand while sanskaar understood her blushing her to hugged her and kissed on her hair smilingly

Precap : swara returned maheshwari mansion….

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  1. Mariyajap

    Heart touching kaynat

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    Soooo cuteee
    Swara dont think like that
    U are beautiful inside out
    No need of outer beauty
    Sanskar loves u the way u are

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  3. Ya it’s good i too like that dialogue of” my love never changes after seeing ur wound ” from vivah movie it’s good .

  4. so sweet awesome amazing love it

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  5. Savanshi27

    This was Damn awsm… just fell in love with it… u Rocked dear… from start to end the story maintained it’s spell and I was just spellbound at d ecstasy of their love…. loved it to core…
    eagerly waiting for next…

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    Vivah movie dialogues were there……..really very nice

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    awesome…. love it… the way sanskar said those lines…..

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    superb dear…sanskaar is best husband..

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    aww…awesome. Loved it. Yayy…swara is getting discharged. swasan will get more time to spend with each other.

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  18. AWww dat wz so adorable……d way sanskar supported her…bt in real lyf it doesn’t hpns ….a prsn shd b loved due to inner beauty nt outer……although d wrld z advancing…bt d thnking z still d same ….thnx fo such a beautiful chappy dear….

    1. Kaynatk01

      well xavia agreed with u thats why we put these things in ff because we know that this things not gonna be real and sanskaar doesnt exist in real world

  19. Mica

    aahhh.. still so emotional Kay!
    i will pour my sadness by slapping those nurses…

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    Epi was awesome
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    U must be there in cvs
    There are just putting a stupidest track in the world
    Love u

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    Woooow awesome dear loved it ? ? ? ? ? sanskar love for swara awwweeeeee????seriously she is indeed lucky and swara love for him wooow cant describe

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  27. So cute….sry di again late comment but what to do now I have become addicted to my new account so but next time I wil not do this pakka

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