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Episode 26

Soon swara was shifted to general ward but she was still unconsiuess due to heavy dose of injections…
All were so happy…
Sanskaar thinks to himself
Sanskaar : thanks god for saving my swara… and i started to trust that you are there because without you it was impossible thank you god thanks so much….
He then goes to sharmishta and shekhar
Sanskaar : maa papa youll must be tired plz go home and take some rest
Shekhar : no beta we are fine
Sharmishta : yeah you are too tired na you go home and dp ji and anu youll also go home we will stay here with swara

Sanskaar : maa plz its not good for urs health am fine see plz go home with dad and mom karan is also there take some rest and come by evening…plz..
Sharmishta : we are so glad to have son in law like you… swara is so blessed to have you…. god bless you son…
Shekhhar and sharmishta blessed hima and leave from the room
Sanskaar then goes to ap and dp
Sanskaar : mom dad youll too go and take rest..
He was going to say more but dp cuts him
Dp : anu lets go will come by evening and laksh is also here so we did not need to take tension….
He left anu looked at sanskaar then she too left

Sanskaar was feeling bad and why not…but he cant help it…
All goes from there he somehow composes himself and sat beside swara smilingly…..

He holds her hand

Bg music plays

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi….
Kismat pe aayi na yaqeen…
Utar aayi jheel me jaise chaand utar ta hai kabhi….
Haule haule dheere se…

He thinks how they got married for their children..
No reason no hope till when this marraige will work…
But then friendship grows between them

He smiles at his thinking and squesszes her palm…

Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se taranum me tum…
Chooh ke mujhe guzri ho yu…
Dekhu tumhe ya mai suno tum ho sukoon tum ho junnooon…kyu pehle na aayi tum…

He regrets all his desicion of marrying kavita and all… he was wondering why swara didnt got him before she also didnt get to suffer and he too shouldnt have changed…but they were destined to remarry….

Mai toh yeh sochta tha ke yeh aaj kal…. upar wale ko fursat nahi…
Lekin tumhe banake woh meri nazar me chad gaya…
Ruthbe me woh aur badh gaya….

He smiles at his thought….
But then he remembers how swara gone to that building alone and then took that railing… he was angry on her that why everytime she use to do mahanta yr…

He was thinking and slept keeping his head on bed while holding her hand…..
He was so tired that sleep took over his thoughts….

After some time laksh and ragini cane to see them…
They were surprised+happy to see them…
Laksh was about to wake him up but ragini stops

Ragini : let him sleep… he is tired and see he is sleeping so peacefully….
Laksh : you are not angry onhim??
Ragini : laksh i know he did a mistake… but that miatake was not as much as big that he deserves so big punsihment… he loves dii and i can sense that when dii’s operation was going on… i have forgived him he is like karan bhai to me i respect him alot…
Laksh : aww my baccha has became so smart….
Ragini : waise you should learn from sanskaar bhai see how much he loves dii and you…
Laksh : acha bachu i dont love you… i love you more than you pagli..
He higs her sideways
Laksh : chalo lets not disturb them will go home..
Ragini : and dii??
Laksh : dont worry she will be unconsiuess till evening and doctors are there and moreover bhai is there so need to worry come…
Both left….

After few hours swara started getting consiuess….she slowly opened her eyes….

She found something strong on her hand she look beside and it was sanskaar who was sleeping hokding her hand peacefully…
She was so happy that finally she got him and now she is back to him…
She holds his hand tightly…

Sanskaar felt somemovement he opened his eyes and found swara staring him smilingly…
Swara : sanskaar….
She said
He was about to hold her but reality hits his head that he was angry…he gets up… shocking her….
He calls laksh
Sanskaar : hello laksh……swara is consiuess now….. yeah come soon…
He cuts the call…

He was ignoring her he looks at other way…
Swara : oh hello mr. Idiot i am here why are you looking at other way…
He ignores her and calls nurse
Nurse comes
Nurse : yes mr. Maheshwari
Sanskaar : she is consiuess ask her if she needs something….
Nurse : sure mr. Maheshwari
Nurse : mam how are you feeling do you need something to eat….
Swara : umm no… you can go…
Nurse : mam you sure…
Swara : cant you listen once i said i am ok…
She was pissed off and nurse goes from there confusingly…well sanskaar was slightly enjoying her swara because she was back to her old avtaar but still he was angry…
Swara : and you cant you listen i am saying to…

She started couging…. sanskaar got tensed he made her sit properly…
She was in hospital clothes with full bandage on her body leaving her face palms and legs…

He made her drink water…

Sanakaar : who said to talk to you this much and shout… now only your operation was done..
He was blaberring and she was staring him… he stops when he felt her gaze on him…
Both looked at eachother with so much love which they were missing from when… the feeling of being with eachother

But they were disturbed with a knock…
Sanskaar opened the door and it was the family…
They came to see her
Anu dp laksh ragini pankhuri adi jhanvi anjali karan sharmishta and shekhar

Swara smiled seeing them

Sharmishta hugged her lightly as they know that she is still not well

Sharmishta : beta how are you now…. and what was the need of doing all this…
Swara : maa am fine and forget everything…
All came and greeted her

Pankhuri : and haa swara you have to be fine soon… our home is incomplete without you…

Swara smiles
Adi : haa sisi come fast how will i handle your bhai alone till one month you have to come fast….
Pankhuri beats him slightly…
All laughs seeing them
Sanskaar was standing at corner smiling at them
Swara sees him and was founding something fishy

All goes from there meeting her..
But swara was searching aarav and khushi she became sad as they didnt came…
Sanskaar then gestures laksh to bring aarav and khushi..
Laksh bring them…
Swara was so happy to see them
They both comes to her…

Aarav : mumma what happened to you…
Khushi : mumma when will you come to home…
She cubs their faces with her one hand as other one is still weak…
Swara : am good my baccha’s and see doctor uncle told me to stay here for one month because i am having these bandages na….
Aarav : aww mumma doctor uncle is so bad… how will we stay without you for one month…
Swara : are dont worry champ this one month will go like this and i will return soon till then dont badi maa will make you ready for school and your papa…
She sees sanskaar who was staring her when she looks at him he looks other way
Swara : he will take care of you…. chalo now give me kissi
They both kissed her on cheeks
Khushi : mumma plz get well soon
Aarav : we miss you mumma so much
Swara gets teary eye

Swara : i too miss youll baccha i will come home soon…
Sanskaar comes to them
Sanskaar : acha aarav khushi now go with bade papa at home ok come tomorrow to meet mumma….
Khushi : papa you will bring us na…
Sanskaar : yeah i will being youll now come..
He takes them to adi

Sanskaar : bhaiya woh…
Adi : come princess champ we need to go…
He takes them
Sanskaar was standing there sadly at that he thought of swara that she is alone he ran to her room…

She was laying on bed….
Swara sees him and was trying to get up but still her wounds were not healed yet
Swara shouted : aah

Sanskaar listened her and goes to her and made her sit properly…

Swara : leave me… dont touch me…

Sanskaar : swara

Swara : what swara haa ek toh first you dont talk with me so why this caring when you dont care about me… you really dont care about me sanskaar….

Swara was sad and sanskaar gets teary eye

Sanskaar : its not like that swara i do care… but why you did this to you…. why you gone to that building… if you were angry on me you should have beat me but you left and gone to save that child alone… chalo you gone i came na… then what was the need of taking that railing on you???

Swara : so what you think i would let that railing fall on you… or on that child… sanskaar i love you and for you if i have to stake my life again i will do that.. and i dont care if my life…

Sanskaar sshh her by keeping his finger on her lips….

Sanskaar : bas quiet never ever do this what do you think without you i will be happpy… dumbo you have thought me to live again to love again… i love you more than anyone and without you how will i leave you… never ever do that stunts again promise me… you dont know swara what was i going through by seeing you fighting in that fire… my heart knows how i controlled it…. it isnt easy for me swara to see my life struggling from life and death…. it isnt easy swara it isnt easy…

He breaks down swara wipes his tears…

Swara : ssshhh bas now i am fine na i am with you and i promise i will never leave you….

Sanskaar hugged her… he forgot that she is having bandage in her body…

Swara got so much pain she cant control it but she wanted to enjoy his touch too…

She hugged him with trembling hands… sanskaar realised what he has done he broke the hug at that moment…

Sanskaar : omg shit swara am sorry…. god how can i do this i am so sorry swara i forgot… is it paining…

Swara : sanskaar its ok it was paining but now am ok your touch is so healing to me…
Sanskaar kissed her forehead..

Sanskaar : my pagal

He joined her forehead with his…
Both smiled…
At last they were together….

Precap : a small sa surprise……

Uff finished this part if youll dont like it say me… its fine and this episode is specially for shashi her birthday gift and rabia as she was asking for this episode… well this was small sa nhok jhok many are coming….till then bye

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